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Spy Gadgets For Grow Facilities / Weed Dispensaries (#GotBitcoin?)

Now legal in several states, medical marijuana dispensaries represent a rapidly expanding industry. Spy Gadgets For Grow Facilities / Weed Dispensaries

Depending on the location and size of the facility, some medical marijuana dispensaries include a small retail storefront whereas others are large in size and maintain cannabis growing operations.

Medical marijuana dispensaries must meet state regulations in order to conduct business.

Strictly enforced state regulations vary for each state but all have thing in common: all states permitting dispensaries require that the facility manager have a functioning video surveillance system monitoring the dispensary at all times.

Security Threats

Loss Prevention: Every dispensary manager knows the importance of protecting his or her assets, which is why it’s critical to invest in retail loss prevention measures.

Security cameras strategically placed at all entrances and exits help to prevent robbery and catch detailed imagery in case an unauthorized person breaks into the building.

To increase cash or point-of-sale security, cameras should be installed in areas where cash is being handled.

Finally, to reduce inventory shrinkage, the main sales floor as well as stock area should be monitored by HD security cameras in case an employee or customer shoplifts.


Grow facilities / medical marijuana dispensaries should also take into consideration that competitors would love to find out as much about your operations as possible.

We have law-enforcement grade bug detectors, cameras finders and cell phone detectors to help you keep your trade secrets from falling into the wrong hands.

Employee Theft: Dishonest employees are not afraid to take directly from the cash register, and dispensary managers can’t always be right there to make certain that all sales for the day have been added up correctly.

An easy way to reduce employee theft is by strategically placing surveillance cameras above the cash register.

Employees performing cash transactions will think twice when there’s a camera directly above them.

Another fraudulent activity to be aware of is “sweethearting,” which occurs when the employee gives unauthorized discounts to friends or family.

Security cameras facing the display monitor can catch instances of sweethearting to prevent it from becoming a problem.

Cameras should also monitor grow operations, the cash safe or other restricted areas of the site that contain raw cash, and the retail space to ensure employees are not attempting to steal plants or product.

Operations Monitoring

Grow Monitoring: In addition to reducing security threats, video surveillance systems allow dispensary or grow facility operators to monitor their crops and growing process, ensuring that every marijuana plant is harvested efficiently and meets the highest standards of quality. Depending where cameras are placed, dispensary managers can gain keen insight into the daily operations of their facility by viewing live and recorded footage.

The cultivation of marijuana seeds requires detailed attention. Reviewing video footage of growing operations ensures only the best practices are used in the process. Video enables facility managers to pinpoint unnecessary or poor growing practices. Eliminating these processes from happening in the future will help prevent low-quality marijuana products and edibles from reaching the consumer.

Remote Check-in:

Thanks to the power of IP surveillance systems, dispensary managers can easily check up on their facility, employees, and level of customer service from a smartphone or tablet, giving them the freedom to be offsite without losing sight of their business. Many sophisticated mobile monitoring apps are available today, and give users the ability to monitor multiple cameras at once and review previously recorded footage. The advantage of mobile monitoring is that dispensary manages can view their facility from just about anywhere.

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