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Find answers to some of the our most commonly asked questions.

1. Is there any information on

Answer #1. Yes! is a Southern California based company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of a full range of CCD camera equipment. Our products encompass the highest performance in B/W and Color ameras, monitors, and a variety of custom covert camera systems. Our wide assortment of equipment also features a rich selection of cameras, domes, and wireless systems. Through DPL-Surveillance-Equipment you can obtain all the products required to build a complete chain of surveillance that would best suit your needs. We are committed to excellence by researching the latest technological advances and continuously renewing and updating our product line.

2. What other options do I have other than purchasing your products?

Answer #2. You have the option of using several methods of ordering, View our Order Options Page for more information.

3. Is the product usable in my local market with different voltage (220V for example)?

Answer #3. Customers outside the United States can purchase our power adapters (or purchase them locally) that will change the voltage for each particular market.

4. What is the policy for international shipments?

Answer #4. Customers outside the United States are responsible for all shipping and handling charges. We can quote the shipping charge case by case or you can check with your local agencies regarding the rates. We will ship as per your instructions and will cooperate with you in any way we can. If sufficient shipping cost is not included with your payment, your order will be returned.

5. What is the typical range for a PORTABLE 2.4Ghz or 900 MHz LCD Receiver?

Answer #5. 300ft indoors vs 700ft line-of site.

6. Do you have high-powered transmitters, the type generally not available in the U.S.?

Answer #6. Yes, but they are not available to U.S. customers unless you are part of law enforcement or you have a Title III license. Otherwise, they are for export only.

7. Is there a device that will allow me to listen up to a 1/4 mile?

Answer #7. Our Shot Gun Microphone will allow you to listen up to this distance providing that there is complete silence.

8. Is there a way to order Books about surveillance equipment?

Answer #8. Yes, go to or go to any page and click on any link titled Surveillance and Security-Related Books.

9. To determine shipping costs, what approximate dimensions can I give to the shipping company?

Answer #9. The average carton size for one of our products (the AM/FM Clock Radio Hidden Camera) for instance is 12 x12 x12 and the weight would be 4- 5 lbs.

10. How can I obtain a catalog or free samples?

Answer #10. Unfortunately, in order to mainain the low prices on our website, we chose to provide complete product information soley online. If you have a specific enquiry don’t hesitate to contact us.

11. I have seen Video Transmitters priced from $100 to over $15,000. What are the differences?

Answer #11. For professional applications you want reliability, stability, a quality picture, and good sound. The cheap “Video Senders” you may have seen usually have poor picture quality, may not pass a color signal and will not stay tuned since they are not crystal controlled. They also use AM transmission for cost reasons. Just as FM radio sounds better than AM, FM Video has a 15 dB advantage in signal reception over AM Video. It is also immune to interference from many more sources than AM. Even some of the wireless video systems selling for $2000-5000 use AM. Avoid all non-crystal controlled and all AM Video systems. The Professional video transmitters used by broadcasters for short range transmission cost up to $25,000 and are all FM. DPL-Surveillance-Equipment is using clever design and the latest highly integrated, technology to give you virtually this level of performance for a fraction of the price.

12. What frequencies should I use?

Answer #12. If you do not fit in an FCC regulated service such as broadcast, public utility, etc., or, you don’t want the hassle and expense of applying for a license, then you currently have two choices. Under FCC part 15, low powered video transmission is allowed between 902-928 MHz and 2.4-2.483 GHz. The 900 MHz band will yield better range than the 2.4 GHz band and has fewer dropouts due to multipath reception problems. The 2.4 GHz is now the standard band for Wireless computer networks (WLANs) and also Microwave ovens.

13. Do I need to worry if a Video Transmitter and Receiver are FCC approved?

Answer #13. Yes! You and /or your customer may be liable for severe penalties and fines if caught. NOTE: If you see a Video transmitter for sale that can be received by an ordinary TV set or tuner without its own receiver, it is not FCC approved.

14. What distance or range can I expect with a Video Transmission system?

Answer #14. Unfortunately it depends on a huge number of variables such as transmit power, antenna type, building construction, height above ground and surroundings. Inside, metal shelves, filing cabinets and other metallic objects may greatly reduce the range. INSIDE: You can expect a range of between 50 to 200 ft. inside a modern steel building, depending on the antenna type and location. You may have better results in brick, wood and other non-metallic buildings. The number of floors or walls the signal will penetrate is dependent on their composition and antenna type and placement. OUTSIDE: DPL-Surveillance-Equipment has tested its transmitter and found that in an urban area, about 1000 ft (328 m) is realistic. In a more rural setting, a one mile (1.6 km) range is reasonable. Our advice is purchase our system and see if it works for you. Call us at (800) 548-2939 Access Code 01 and we will assist you with the set-up assistance you may need.

15. Where I can go to discuss surveillance-related issues with other people?

Answer #15. Yes! feel free to go to Spys Spys and more Spys. (

16. Is there a place where I can go to post products for sale?

Answer #16. Yes! feel free to go to the Trade Board. (

If you have a question not covered in this FAQ, please Contact Us