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FAQ Page

Find Answers To Some Of The Our Most Commonly Asked Questions.

1. Is there any information on

Answer #1. Yes! is a Southern California based company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of a full range of CCD camera equipment. Our products encompass the highest performance in B/W and Color cameras, monitors, and a variety of custom covert camera systems. Our wide assortment of equipment also features a rich selection of cameras, domes, and wireless systems. Through DPL-Surveillance-Equipment you can obtain all the products required to build a complete chain of surveillance that would best suit your needs. We are committed to excellence by researching the latest technological advances and continuously renewing and updating our product line.

2. What Other Options Do I Have Other Than Purchasing Your Products?

Answer #2. You have the option of using our convenient layaway or rental programs. You can also buy or “used” items as well.

3. Is The Product Usable In My Local Market With Different Voltage (220V For Example)?

Answer #3. Customers outside the United States can either purchase power converters locally that will change the voltage for each particular market. All of our “custom-made” products can be made suitable for your local power requirements. Please specify at the time of ordering.

4. What Is The Policy For International Shipments?

Answer #4. Customers outside the United States are responsible for all shipping and handling charges. We will quote the shipping charges on a case-by-case basis.
International Customers – Please Allow 4-5 Days for Delivery.
International Orders Will Be Contacted Regarding Actual Shipping Costs.
The Rental Program Is Not Currently Available To International Customers.

5. Do You Accept Bitcoin?

Answer #5. Yes, we accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum.

6. Do You Have Any Cloud-Based Spy Cameras That Are AC Powered And/Or Battery-Powered?

Answer #6. Yes, we have both. Click here for AC powered or here for battery-powered units, more information or to place your order.

7. Do You Have Life -Time Guarantees And Warranties On Your Products ?

Answer #7. Yes, see our return policy for more information.

8. Is There A Way I Can Learn More About Surveillance And Surveillance Equipment?

Answer #8. Yes, go to Product Demonstration Videos.

9. Where Can I Learn More About "Targeted And Electronically Harassed Individuals"?
10. Where Can I Find Your "Used or Items On Sale"?

Answer #10. Click here for our Used Items.

11. Where Can I Find "Hidden Devices For Automobiles"?

Answer #11. Click here for “Hidden Devices For Automobiles“.

12. Where Can I Learn More About Cyber-Security?

Answer #12. Click here to learn more about Cyber-Security

13. Where Can I Go To Learn More About Bitcoin?

Answer #13. Click here to learn more about Bitcoin And Crypto-Currency

14. Where Can I learn More About Surveillance & Counter Surveillance?

Answer #14. Click here to learn more about Surveillance & Counter Surveillance.

15. Where I Can Go To Discuss Surveillance-Related Issues With Other People?

Answer #15. Yes! feel free to go to Surveillance & Counter Surveillance and comment or respond to the comments of others.

16. Is There A Place Where I Can Go To Purchase Products For Sale?

Answer #16. Yes! for example, when viewing any of our products look for the “red” tag next to each product. Click here to see some of our Detection Devices that are on sale.

If You Have A Question Not Covered In This FAQ, Please Contact Us.