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Cell phones are here to stay. Today practically everybody carries a cell phone.
The have become an important part of our everyday lives for both personal and business use.


However they have brought about many problems. Some are annoying but others are far more serious. See below as we attempt to categorize the problems and present our solution for these problems.




Our mission is to be the leading provider of cellular phone detection capabilities to both business and government institutions around the world. We are striving to bring a national debate to the growing proliferation of cellphone use in our society today. Using our state of the art products we are hoping to provide individuals and businesses the tools to detect and prevent the use of cellphones in sensitive areas.


This product was created in reaction to the growing use of cellphones around the world, and how that use was beginning to interfere with our daily lives. When businesses tried to find solutions to problems involving cellphones, they found a huge shortcoming in products and services. Hence, our solution was created to supply this need. To date we have sold thousands of products to a very wide audience of businesses and government institutions.


Many of these include, prisons, casinos, embassies, classrooms and testing facilities, oil rigs, conferences, golf clubhouses, computer-rooms, data centers, hospitals, and restaurants, to name just a small few of the vast capabilities of our product.


* General Annoyance (Restaurants, Movie Theatres, Churches, Trains etc.)

* Invasion of Privacy (Camera phones in locker rooms, Private functions etc.)

* Cheating (Phones in exam halls and schools, candidates texting answers etc.)
* Corporate Security (Cell phones in Board Meetings)

* Corporate Theft (Camera phones used for theft of intellectual property rights)

* Illegal activity (Coordinating robberies, control of gangs from prisons etc.)

* Hospitals (Unauthorized use of phones could cause medical equipment to malfunction)

* National Security (Cell phones eaves dropping in Embassies, and unauthorized use in government buildings)

* Detonation of Bombs and Explosives (Cell phones remotely used setoff bombs designed to kill civilians and military personnel) 


This is a feature rich product that also detects the newer phones: 4S, 3G, 4G LTE, CDMA, CDMA2000, GSM, Bluetooth, Zigbee and Wi-Fi etc with provisions made for emerging protocols and standards. Legally detect all cell phones, smart phones, mobile and Wifi devices.


* Works out of the box with the ability to customize via the intuitive web interface.

* Multiple alerting options (voice alert, LED alert, remote alerting).

* Active Monitoring Technology™ (Microprocessor controlled logic with advanced detection control).

* Includes multiple power options (Battery, USB Interface, A/C adapter, and Power over Ethernet (POE)).

* Benefit from the Cell Phone Detector Professional’s ability to detect all cell phones, smart phones, wi-fi and other Mobile communication devices in real time.

* The unit can be deployed as a portable device or in can be structurally installed throughout your facility.

* The Cell Phone Detector Professional is easy to install and runs out of the box. You can also customize your installation and configuration settings via a simple and intuitive web based menu system that also includes a basic setup wizard.


Multiple alerting options to best suit your environment:


The versatility of the Cell Phone Detector Professional allows you to choose from many alerting options including local audio alert, local visual alert, external alerting and supports an option to send alerts to our feature rich central management software. The intuitive configuration design allows you to mix and match the settings that best suit your environment




Active Monitoring Technology:


* High performance and robust design with enhanced security.

* At the core of our Active Monitoring Technology™ design the Cell Phone Detector Professional is controlled by a high performance microprocessor ensuring fast switching logic and fewer false positives.

* Security is paramount with encrypted messaging between the Cell Phone Detector Professional and the optional management and reporting software.

* The Cell Phone Detector Professional includes an internal rechargeable battery that keeps the power running and features such as a tamper proof cover switch to ensure maximum protection and availability at all times.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. Are your products legal in all countries?

A. Yes, the unit operates as a detector, it does not listen or interfere with the mobile signals in any way.

Q. Does This Product Reveal Cell Phone Numbers?

A. No.

Q. Does This Product Record Actual Phone Conversations?

A. No.

Q. What type of information is provided by the monitoring software?

A. The monitoring software only provides frequencies, decibel levels and the particular “zone” the cell phone(s) was reporting from.

Q. Once I find out that there are cell phones operating in a specific area. How do I hone in on that specific phone or phones?

A. We suggest you use the PRO-DTECH II FREQUENCY DETECTOR or our PRO-DTECH III FREQUENCY DETECTOR (This unit is smaller and easier to hide on your person). With either of these products you can check people for cell phones discreetly using vibration mode.

Q. How difficult is it to get the Cell Phone Detector (Pro) unit setup and working?

A. The Cell Phone Detector (Pro) is shipped with all the instructions needed to get it operational. The instructions are clear and not very technical, and the unit could be up and running in about five minutes out of the box.

Q. Approximately how may square feet can (1) one unit cover ?

A. (1) One unit can cover 100ft in four directions (100ft.left,right, front and rear). So, 200ft. x 200ft = 40,000 square ft. So, allowing for signal degradation for walls, ceillings and floors should allow for approx. 25,000 square feet.

Q. Is it possible to extend the range with the optional External Antenna? The external antenna size is 210 × 180 × 45 mm.

A. Yes, you can extend the detection range by up to 150ft. with the optional External Antenna.

Q. Does the  CELL PHONE DETECTOR (PROFESSIONAL) detect cell phones that are not in use or transmitting?

A.  At some point the phone will perform what’s called an “auto-registration” or check-in and that’s when the Cell Phone Detector Professional will detect it. Older phones will do  ‘auto-registrations’ in (1-2 minute intervals) and newer smart phones will do  ‘auto-registrations’ within (20-30 second intervals).

Q. How can I identify whether or not there are multiple phones operating at once?

A. Individual phones should really have different decibals and frequency. This will show on the display of the Cell Phone Detector (Pro) or the computer screen when using the monitoring software.

Q. How is the Cell Phone Detector (Pro) powered?

A. The unit is powered with four C-type batteries. It also has the ability to be powered by the AC adapter/transformer.

Q. How long will the rechargeable batteries keep the Cell Phone Detector (Pro)powered?

A. The rechargeable batteries will last up to 6hrs.

Q. Do I need any tools to setup the Cell Phone Detector (Pro)?

A. It is recommended that you have a medium sized Philips screwdriver to open the cover and a small flat head screwdriver to make minor adjustments.

Q. What is the range of the Cell Phone Detector (Pro)?

A. The sensitivity of the Cell Phone Detector (Pro) can be adjusted from just a few feet up to about one hundred feet.

Q. Is the Cell Phone Detector (Pro) portable?

A. Yes, the unit is completely portable when using batteries for power.

Q. Will the Cell Phone Detector (Pro) interfere with any other devices?

A. No, as the unit is only a detection device it does not transmit any radio frequencies.

Q. Will the Cell Phone Detector (Pro) detect the wireless LAN in our office?

A. No the unit does not detect or interfere with wireless LAN.

Q. Are there any circumstances where the Cell Phone Detector (Pro) will not work?

A. The Cell Phone Detector (Pro) is designed to detect 90% cell phones using the current technologies in use today. However, with new and emerging technologies, we cannot guarantee that the unit will detect future technologies.

Q. Do you sell cell phone jammers?

A. Absolutely not, cell phone jammers interfere with the cellular signal and are totally illegal in most countries. In most cases illegal use of these items carry huge fines and sometimes prison.

Q. Will it detect the phones in my country?

A. Yes, the Cell Phone Detector (Pro) detects analog and most digital cell phones CDMA, TDMA, GSM and PCS/PCN 3g and 4g types. (some variants of CDMA on certain networks may not be detected)

Q. What countries do you ship to?

A. Currently we ship to the USA, Canada, European Union countries, Australia and New Zealand. We can ship to other countries with prior arrangements, please contact us directly to arrange this.

Q. What method of payment do you accept for Corporate/Government customers?
For corporate customers we accept all major credit cards including purchase orders. However we can provide you with a pro-forma invoice on special request. We can also arrange for Bank transfers including Western Union and Money Gram.

Please contact us to arrange any special payment requests.

Q. If I use a Credit Card to make payment, is it secure?

A. Yes, we process all our transactions through
All transactions, and information gathering, are completed on our banks secure server. When you are in secure mode, your computer and our server begin communicating, sending data back and forth in an encrypted format.


The encryption features of browser software are exceptionally powerful and ensure the security of this data as it is transmitted to our server. Your browser in secure mode will display a URL address beginning “https://” rather than the standard “http://”. The “s” stands for “secure.” In Netscape Navigator TM (versions 3.0 and earlier), the broken key symbol in the lower left corner of your browser window will become a solid key in secure mode.


If you are using Netscape Communicator 4.0TM or higher, look for the padlock in the same space: its open in standard mode and closed in secure mode. In Microsoft Internet Explorer TM, you will see a padlock symbol at the bottom of your browser window when the browser is in secure mode.


Q. Do you ever require private and sensitive information to order?

A. We do not request any information unless it is absolutely necessary to process your order or to track previous orders.

Q. Will the Cell Phone Detector (Pro) detect a cell phone that is in stand-by mode?

A. Yes. will not request information such as a social security number, Personal Identification Number(s) (PIN) from a bank or credit card, or a drivers license number.

What is the policy on privacy?

What is the return policy?


We never sell or share any sensitive personal information, period. We have many customers, government, security organizations and we totally understand why any information leak would be a concern.


Naturally our bank will have to process your credit card information, and the shipping company will need your delivery address to deliver your order.


OptionalExternal Antenna: Extend the range by up to 150ft. ($65.00)





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