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Why The Crypto World Needs To Build An Amazon Of Its Own

Amazon and eBay don’t appear to be in a hurry to start accepting crypto. Does the digital assets sector need to create a platform of its own? Why The Crypto World Needs To Build An Amazon Of Its Own

When Satoshi Nakamoto released the whitepaper for Bitcoin, his vision was simple: Creating a form of electronic cash that enables payments to be sent without a bank’s involvement.

Few could have anticipated how popular the cryptocurrency would end up being — let alone its impressive market cap of $635 billion. But Bitcoin’s success has largely hinged upon how this digital asset is often bought and kept for speculation. According to a recent Binance survey, just 11% of those who own crypto use it to make payments.

Amazon and eBay have shown little interest in rolling out support for digital assets, a move that would enable millions of users to spend their crypto freely. One long-standing irony lies in how you can buy pro-Bitcoin shirts on both of these platforms… but only in cash.

Waiting around for these e-commerce titans to embrace crypto might not be the best approach to take, either. Bitcoin has been around for more than a decade, Ether first launched in 2015, and thousands of altcoins have followed in their footsteps. Smaller independent retailers have started allowing major coins to be used for retail therapy, but many of these merchants are based in niche sectors and have a limited range of products.

As a result, consensus is growing that the crypto sector should build its own answer to Amazon and eBay. The advantages extend beyond ensuring that digital assets can finally be used for their intended purpose.

Taking this initiative will prevent capital from flowing to tech titans who already generate billions of dollars in profit a quarter. Better still, it can also lead to a more equitable ecosystem — one where small businesses who sell their wares pay lower fees and protect their razor-thin profit margins.

Financial Freedom? Don’t Bank On That

For the e-commerce startups that are building crypto-focused platforms, this isn’t just about making it easy to buy a pair of sneakers using Bitcoin. It’s about delivering true financial inclusion for all — and delivering blockchain technology to millions of people.

At present, if you want to buy something on Amazon or eBay, you’ll need to have a debit card — and for this, you’ll need a bank account. That’s little comfort for the hundreds of millions of people who don’t have access to these financial services. Getting a credit card presents even more hurdles to jump through, as you’ll need to prove that you have a stable income and fit a bank’s strict lending criteria. And although prepaid cards that can be topped up with cash are available, they’re often subject to sky-high transaction fees.

All of this has contributed to a world where making purchases is near impossible to do without a bank’s involvement somewhere down the line. And although cryptocurrencies can be converted into fiat to make e-commerce purchases, this process can end up being fiddly and time consuming.

The Alternative

DeFi For You is positioning itself as the crypto industry’s answer to Amazon and eBay. The platform aims to support small and medium-sized businesses by enabling them to sell their products in exchange for digital assets.

As well as democratizing the retail world, the company has bold ambitions to shake up the world of lending by allowing anyone to set up their own pawn shops and issue short-term loans secured by smart contracts. The use of blockchain technology enables someone to prove they are trustworthy over time and access preferential lending terms — without having to fit a bank’s narrow criteria.

Through DeFi For You, users become their own bank — and have an opportunity to start their own business.

In a recent AMA session with Cointelegraph, DeFi For You CEO Adam C. Chaplin said he was inspired by a documentary about a pawn shop in Marbella which specialized in allowing rich people to use their luxury items as collateral — servicing high net worth individuals who may encounter cashflow problems from time to time.

“We’re helping the unbanked, we’re helping the high end of the market, we can open this up to literally millions of people — and microloans are big too,” Chaplin said.

There is one hurdle that may have been holding Amazon and eBay back from accepting crypto: Concerns over scalability. The Ethereum blockchain has become exceedingly popular among DeFi protocols over the past 12 months, but all of this congestion has caused the network to creak under the pressure. DeFi For You has reacted to this by opting to use the Binance Smart Chain, which boasts quicker speeds and lower costs thanks to a block time of between three and five seconds.

DeFi For You is holding a 24-hour initial DeFi offering on the Binance Smart Chain, which begins at 10pm UTC on 31. Jan.

Why The Crypto World Needs To Build An Amazon Of Its Own

Mike Frazzini

Amazon Can Make Just About Anything—Except A Good Video Game

The company produces successful movies, TV shows, e-readers and speakers, but gaming has proven difficult to crack.

Mike Frazzini had never made a video game when he helped start Amazon Game Studios. Eight years later, he has released two duds, withdrew both from stores after a torrent of negative reactions and canceled many more. For a company that dominates countless areas of retail, consumer electronics and enterprise computing, the multiple failures in gaming show one realm that may be impervious to Inc.’s distinctive business philosophy. It tried to make games the Amazon way, instead of simply making games people would want to play.

Frazzini is an Amazon lifer who came up in the books section of the website, where he endeared himself to Jeff Bezos as a manager there. Conventional wisdom inside the company is that if you can run one business, you can run any other. Amazon’s deep financial resources certainly help.

As head of the games division, Frazzini has acquired established development studios and pushed the company to spend nearly $1 billion for the live video streaming website Twitch. Frazzini recruited some of the top names in the video game industry, including creators of the critically acclaimed franchises EverQuest and Portal, as well as executives from Electronic Arts Inc. and other big publishers.

Then, according to numerous current and former employees of Frazzini’s game studios, he ignored much of their advice. He frequently told staff that every Amazon game needed to be a “billion-dollar franchise” and then understaffed the projects, they say. Instead of using industry-standard development tools, Frazzini insisted Amazon build its own, which might have saved the company money if the software ever worked properly.

Executives under Frazzini initially rejected charges that New World, an Amazon game that would ask players to colonize a mythical land and murder inhabitants who bear a striking resemblance to Native Americans, was racist. They relented after Amazon hired a tribal consultant who found that the portrayal was indeed offensive, say two people who worked on the project.

The game, previously planned for release last year, is now scheduled for this spring.

This story is based on interviews with more than 30 current and former Amazon employees, most of whom spoke under the condition of anonymity citing fears of litigation or career repercussions. A spokeswoman for Amazon declined to comment or make Frazzini available for an interview.

Amazon is spending nearly $500 million a year operating the video game division, two people familiar with the budget say. That amount doesn’t include Twitch or a new project under different management, which is building a service to stream games to a computer, phone or Amazon Fire TV.

To develop games, Amazon tried to bend a creative and collaborative process to its will, and the results offer lessons to Apple Inc., Facebook Inc. and Google, whose efforts so far have been similarly ineffective. Successful video games are a combination of art, entertainment, technology and very large budgets. Big tech companies only really figured out the last two.

Many of the game developers who joined Amazon found themselves repelled by the corporate culture. The company is driven by data, and employees are expected to write six-page documents to get major decisions approved. In game development, on the other hand, a phrase often uttered around the office is “finding the fun.”

It refers to altering and polishing small aspects of a game to figure out what makes the experience enjoyable. The results are measured only in emotion, which is why many developers say it’s critical for the people in charge to have experience making games.

At Amazon’s core is a set of 14 leadership principles. They include “customer obsession” and “frugality.” For a company man like Frazzini, they offer a scale by which every member of the team is measured. “If you don’t come in line with that approach, you’ll struggle at Amazon,” says Jason Child, who spent more than a decade in Amazon’s finance department.

Adapting to the corporate culture counts for much more than expertise, he says. “If someone is a guru in video games and they go to Amazon, would they be successful? Probably not.”

Jeff Bezos is more of a book guy, but the directive to go into video games came straight from the top. The Amazon chief executive officer indicated he was willing to spend exorbitant sums of money and offer development teams as long as they needed, say three people who worked directly with Bezos.

All that mattered was that they make the most ambitious games possible, ones that would draw gamers into the Amazon Prime ecosystem and showcase the technical capabilities of its cloud division. Allowing 10,000 people to play in a single game session was given to the new team as a lofty target. Two projects under this directive became known around the office as the “Bezos games.”

Bezos views games as yet another way to sell subscriptions to Prime and hook customers on its other offerings, including television shows and movies. As other e-commerce companies catch up with speedy free shipping, Amazon has sought to add more perks to Prime to justify the price of membership. Frazzini helped kick off the games initiative in 2012 and soon became boss. He had risen from the books department to run the section of Amazon’s store that sells video games shipped by mail.

At first, the new group planned to make games for the Amazon Appstore and release them on Android phones, including the ill-fated Amazon Fire Phone, as well as the Fire TV. By 2014, the company decided to move into games for PCs and eventually consoles. It was a dramatic change. Mobile games can be made by small teams in just a few months, whereas bigger ones take hundreds of people toiling away for years.

Frazzini set up a new game development operation at Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle. They would later call it Relentless Studios, using one of Bezos’s favorite adjectives for the company. To help run it, Frazzini tapped Louis Castle, who founded the influential game company behind the Command & Conquer series.

Amazon hired celebrated developers like Kim Swift, designer of the puzzle game Portal, and Clint Hocking, director of the shooter Far Cry 2. It also formed two more studios in California. The splashy hires kept coming, including Madden guru Richard Hilleman and online gaming pioneer John Smedley. Today, only Smedley remains. All declined to comment.

At first, new recruits thought they were entering some sort of fantasy land. Many were paid double the market rate of other game makers in the area, on top of lucrative packages of Amazon stock that just kept rising in value. Teams had deadlines, but they proved to be flexible, and overtime requests were infrequent, more than a dozen former employees say.

One aspect of working at Amazon felt similar to traditional game companies. The studios cultivated a “bro culture” in which women often weren’t given the same opportunities as men, former employees say. Four female game developers say their worst experiences of sexism in the industry were at Amazon.

They shared stories of being ignored and undermined by male executives and say they were eventually driven out of the company. One former employee says male colleagues completely ignored her comments in meetings. Another says a member of senior leadership impeded her career growth after she disagreed with him and that he created new management positions above her and filled them with men.

Other employees registered less consequential complaints about all the company jargon thrown around the office. Frazzini regularly expounded on the Amazon leadership principles. One of those was “Hire and develop the best,” which was flattering to employees but didn’t tell the full story.

“The philosophy Amazon takes is: Hiring expertise is secondary to having leaders who follow the Amazon principles,” says Child, the former employee. “Amazon does hire experts from various industries, but then they expect those folks to adopt the Amazon way.”

The game studios even established their own separate set of principles, although the credos frequently changed and sometimes were in tension with one another, say four people who worked there. Each game world should accommodate as many players as possible, yet also be fun to play solo at the same time.

They had to be huge financial successes on a Call of Duty scale but also innovative and unlike anything the world had seen before. To experienced game developers, these rules seemed like a surefire way to not release anything.

Amazon didn’t give employees much financial incentive to release anything, either. Most big game companies pay staff bonuses based in part on the critical and commercial response to their games, but Amazon’s stock plan only rewards employees for time spent at the company. That led some to prioritize job preservation over anything else, say three former employees.

They say they watched colleagues avoid arguments and only seek to placate bosses like Frazzini, even when they disagreed. (This was in defiance of the Amazon principle “Have backbone; disagree and commit.”)

Frazzini’s lack of experience in video games showed during project review sessions, a standard industry ritual when the boss plays early prototypes and offers feedback. His comments were of the focus-group variety, recalls a former Amazon developer: “Why is it this color?” and “Seems fun. When will it be ready?”

On a different occasion, says another developer, the team cringed as Frazzini struggled to differentiate between hyper-polished conceptual footage and live gameplay, a sign he didn’t understand the technology.

Some meetings got sidetracked when Frazzini, armed with the latest VentureBeat article about whatever game was making the most money that month, demanded they chase a new trend, four developers say. The team wound up designing lesser versions of popular games, a desperate strategy laid out in a recent Wired article.

Riot Games Inc.’s League of Legends inspired an Amazon project called Nova that was canned in 2017. Epic Games Inc.’s Fortnite led to another Amazon game, Intensity, canceled in 2019. Activision Blizzard Inc.’s Overwatch begot Amazon’s Crucible, which would suffer a similar fate.

Amazon’s most successful gaming property isn’t actually a game. Twitch draws some 26 million people a day to watch live video of other people playing video games. Frazzini helped secure the acquisition in August 2014 for $970 million, which would later prove to be a bargain. Various attempts by Facebook, Google and Microsoft Corp. to build their own live-streaming networks for games have failed.

Soon after the Twitch deal, Bezos devised a plan to closely pair Amazon Game Studios with the video site, say two people who met with the CEO. Twitch would serve as a free marketing vehicle for Amazon games, and the games, in turn, would offer Twitch viewers features they couldn’t get anywhere else.

The two teams held daylong brainstorming sessions, but the summits didn’t amount to much, according to people who attended. One concept they did pursue together was a series of celebrity events to promote their games and sell subscriptions to Amazon Prime.

They held one in New Jersey featuring the Clerks filmmaker Kevin Smith. Attempts to land other stars, including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, for a second event in Las Vegas were unsuccessful. They invited Smith back and then shelved the series.

The Twitch chief, Emmett Shear, was reluctant to assign his employees to projects for the game studios, two people who worked with him say. One proposal, pushed by Frazzini in 2017, asked Twitch to help build a digital game store, the former employees say. The idea would allow Amazon to avoid paying a 30% sales commission to Steam, the most popular storefront for PC games.

Twitch employees weren’t thrilled because Amazon didn’t have any big games with which to attract shoppers. Frazzini’s employees assigned to collaborate on the project protested because bypassing Steam would shrink their market, four former employees say. Withholding a game from Steam, they argued, is the equivalent of refusing to sell a book on Amazon. When the project was due for more staffing resources, Shear resisted, and it was left to languish inside Amazon Game Studios.

Frazzini was more fixated on another project anyway. Amazon’s designers and programmers needed a game engine, a collection of tools used to build games. For most studios, there are really only two options. Epic’s Unreal Engine is Coke, and Unity Software Inc. is Pepsi. Amazon, in effect, decided to make an RC Cola. In 2014, it licensed technology from the German company Crytek for a homemade engine called Lumberyard.

Frazzini then assigned a team of engineers to build the engine and released it to the public in 2016 for free. The tools are intertwined with Amazon Web Services, setting up Lumberyard as a way to draw a new class of software developers to the business. Frazzini, who reports to Web Services Chief Andy Jassy, also mandated that all Amazon games be built with Lumberyard, rather than pay for Unreal or Unity.

Lumberyard became a bogeyman around the office. Some features required esoteric commands to function, and the system was painfully slow. Developers played Halo or watched Amazon Prime Video while waiting for Lumberyard to process art or compile code, several former employees say. A common refrain around the office, according to a former employee: “Lumberyard is killing this company.”

From the outside, though, Amazon’s game operation was scaring competitors. It had some of the world’s brightest minds, a deep budget and the most sophisticated internet infrastructure on earth. It was building a proprietary engine, and at TwitchCon in 2016, Amazon said it was working on three new games: Breakaway, Crucible and New World. (Nova, the League of Legends copycat, was still under lock and key.) Over the coming years, all but one would be canceled.

In the summer of 2018, Frazzini nabbed his biggest hire yet. Christoph Hartmann, the new vice president of game studios at Amazon, had spent two decades at Take-Two Interactive Software Inc., where he published blockbusters such as BioShock and Mafia. It was a somewhat controversial hire, as Hartmann was also responsible for some high-profile failures, such as The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, which led to the developer’s demise.

Still, Frazzini positioned Hartmann as a fixer to staff. Hartmann loosened the mandate to make everything with Lumberyard, and some teams began prototyping games using Unreal Engine. Hartmann also pressed Amazon to publish titles made by other companies. It signed one such deal with the Korean publisher Smilegate to release a game in 2021.

Soon after Hartmann’s appointment, Amazon came close to capturing a much brighter star in the media world. The company informed staff in 2018 that Jason Kilar, a former Amazonian and onetime Hulu CEO, was rejoining to oversee the Amazon games division and presumably become Frazzini’s boss, say two people who were there at the time.

For unexplained reasons, Kilar never arrived. (The almost-hiring was first reported by technology news site the Information.) In April 2020, he joined WarnerMedia as CEO.

With Frazzini still at the helm, the game studios began aligning themselves with Amazon’s far more successful film and television properties. The company said in 2019 that it was working with the Chinese developer Leyou Technologies Holdings Ltd. on an online game based on the Lord of the Rings as a complement to the upcoming Prime Video series.

That same year, Amazon released its first-ever console game, a racing simulation based on the Prime Video show The Grand Tour, a car review series starring the original British stars of Top Gear. The game bombed. It drew so few players that Amazon took the unusual step of removing it from storefronts a year later.

The embarrassments kept coming. In May 2020, Amazon released Crucible, the hero shooter inspired by Overwatch. “One of the things that we hear most often from people who try Crucible is that it feels unique,” Frazzini said in an interview at the time.

Gamers weren’t interested. Reviewers at IGN called it “tedious,” and PC Gamer declared: “Amazon’s long-awaited hero shooter wasn’t worth the wait.” Twitch didn’t offer much support, either. A week after release, fewer than 1,000 people were watching Crucible videos on Twitch.

Former employees of the live-streaming unit say Twitch was often reluctant to alter a game’s fate through promotion. After all, Twitch can’t save a game nobody wants to play. Amazon pulled Crucible from wide release in June and then killed it in October.

Amazon shifted many of the Crucible developers to work on New World. The project was originally pitched as a survival game in which people would play as colonists in a fictional version of 1600s America, fighting enemies that looked a lot like indigenous people. The original code name for the game was Roanoke, named after Sir Walter Raleigh’s failed settlements in the 16th century.

When developers at Amazon pointed out to Frazzini’s deputy, Patrick Gilmore, that the setting and villains could be considered racist, he expressed disbelief, according to two people who worked there. Gilmore didn’t respond to a request for comment. The disagreement, former employees say, fit a pattern of executives neglecting advice from staff.

Developers eventually removed the Native American imagery from New World. The game was set for release this past August, but after Crucible’s scathing reception, Amazon pushed the debut back to this year. Still, several Amazon employees are optimistic about the title. It has received positive buzz from streamers and is the kind of ambitious project Bezos is known to support, employees say.

Frazzini is fond of saying anything can be measured, according to two people who worked closely with him. This philosophy, common in Silicon Valley, is anathema to game industry veterans. “Nobody who’s successful starts with metrics,” says Seamus Blackley, who helped design the original Xbox.

The Microsoft game console was the last winning incursion into the video game market in the past two decades, despite expensive attempts including Apple Arcade, Facebook Oculus and Google Stadia.

Fairly or not, Frazzini gets a lot of the blame for Amazon’s gaming failures at a time when overall spending on video games during the coronavirus pandemic is up significantly.

After the cancellation of Crucible, an outgoing employee entered the Seattle office to collect personal belongings and found a crass message in big blue letters scrawled on a whiteboard: “Fraz is cancer.” Orbiting the note was a handful of “+1”s written in assorted colors.

The biggest new game product from Amazon has nothing to do with Frazzini. Amazon Luna lets subscribers instantly play console-grade games without the need to buy pricey hardware or wait hours to download a large file. The team released a version for Android devices in December, and the service remains in early access limited to customers who request an invitation.

The Luna project is overseen by David Limp, who runs the devices division that produces the Echo and Kindle. In its current iteration, Luna offers more than two-dozen games, none of which are made by Amazon Game Studios. “I hope that they have a hit,” Limp said in an interview in September. “But in addition, I think it’s equally important for us to build a system, and I think Luna has the starting points for that.”

In many ways, the approach to games mirrors the one that eventually led Amazon to some success in Hollywood. It tried a bunch of different things—develop a streaming service, set up a studio, produce TVs and films, build a set-top box—and selected an Amazon insider, Roy Price, to run it. Price produced a handful of bad shows before Transparent won Amazon its first Golden Globe in 2015.

Then came Oscars for Manchester by the Sea and more Golden Globes for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Price was ousted in 2017 over sexual harassment allegations, and Bezos took the unlikely step of looking outside of the company, to Hollywood, for his replacement, Jennifer Salke. She cemented Amazon Prime Video as an important part of the company’s business strategy. People sign up for Prime to watch The Boys, and they buy more stuff on Amazon.

Amazon could still do the same in gaming. Luna demonstrates a continued commitment, as do the investments in New World and as-yet-unannounced projects including a secretive new game from Smedley, who laid the foundation for massively multiplayer online games in the late 1990s with EverQuest.

After Amazon’s misadventures in gaming, there’s at least one passage from the leadership principles the company will still hope to prove: “Leaders are right a lot.”

Updated: 2-10-2021

Amazon Preparing To Launch A ‘Digital Currency’ Project In Mexico

Job postings describe a walled garden-type digital currency that could roll out in emerging economies.

Amazon’s grip on the internet economy appears to be coming for currency next, with the e-commerce giant preparing to launch a “digital currency” project in Mexico.

The yet-to-be-announced project, which Amazon sketched out across a series of recent job posts, appears to be an effort to keep lucrative Prime customers eternally plugged into Amazon’s platform.

“This product will enable customers to convert their cash in to digital currency using which customers can enjoy online services including shopping for goods and/or services like Prime Video,” one job post said of Amazon’s “new payment product.”

Amazon’s Digital and Emerging Payments (DEP) division intends to roll-out the product in Mexico first, the posting said. A second job posting hints the product appears to be broadly aimed at emerging markets. Amazon is hiring software development engineers “at all levels” to staff up for launch.

The DEP team and Amazon did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

It is not clear how much Amazon’s planned foray into digital currencies has in common with “Amazon Coins.” That 8-year old virtual currency initiative allows owners to transact in Amazon-issued cash across web games.

Updated: 6-23-2021

Amazon Could Be Forced To Sell Logistics Business Under Bill Inc. could be forced to sell its valuable logistics services division — the network of warehouses and delivery hubs around the country that power quick delivery of online orders — under antitrust legislation proposed by a congresswoman from Amazon’s hometown of Seattle, according to a spokesman for the lawmaker.

Washington Democrat Pramila Jayapal has proposed a bill with bipartisan support that would prevent Amazon from luring sellers to use its logistics services in exchange for preferential treatment on its busy web store. Nearly 85% of Amazon’s biggest sellers use its Fulfillment by Amazon service, paying the online retailer fees for warehouse storage, packing and shipping of their products, according to a report last October from Democratic staff on the House Judiciary Committee’s antitrust panel.

Jayapal’s bill was introduced on June 11 and will be considered on Wednesday by the Judiciary Committee along with five other bipartisan antitrust reform bills, with votes to advance the measures to the House floor expected this week. There’s no Senate companion for the legislation, and support in that chamber is unclear, clouding its prospects.

The legislation is part of a larger push in Washington to curb what critics describe as anti-competitive practices in the tech industry. The Justice Department and several state attorneys general have sued Google, while the Federal Trade Commission is suing Facebook and is investigating Amazon. President Joe Biden named Lina Khan, who rose to prominence criticizing Amazon’s business practices, to chair the FTC.

While the Jayapal bill may never become law, it’s the clearest indication yet how lawmakers are gunning to rein in the market power of Amazon, where U.S. shoppers will spend $386 billion this year and which captures 41 cents of every dollar spent online, according to EMarketer Inc. Amazon’s promise of fast delivery helped it become the dominant online retailer in the U.S.

“The bipartisan Ending Platform Monopolies Act requires dominant platforms including Amazon to divest lines of business — such as Fulfillment by Amazon — where the platform’s gatekeeper power allows it to favor its own services,” said Jayapal spokesman Chris Evans. “Numerous third-party sellers reported feeling that they had no choice but to pay for Fulfillment by Amazon in order to sell their products,” said Evans, referring to the House Democrats’ investigation and report.

Amazon’s logistics business will be worth as much as $230 billion in 2025, more than Coca Cola Co., according to a research note last year from Bank of America Corp.

“We are still analyzing the bills, but from what we can tell so far, we believe they would have significant negative effects on the hundreds of thousands of American small- and medium-sized businesses that sell in our store, and tens of millions of consumers who buy products from Amazon,” Brian Huseman, Amazon’s vice president of public policy, said in a statement Tuesday. He went on to say that without access to Amazon customers, sellers would find it harder to draw attention to their products, which in turn could reduce selection and push up prices for consumers. Huseman urged lawmakers to “thoroughly vet the language in the bills for unintended negative consequences.”

Jayapal’s legislation shows how some lawmakers want to blunt Amazon’s rapid growth in the logistics industry, which poses a threat to United Parcel Service Inc. and FedEx Corp. Amazon has been reducing its reliance on its longtime partners, including the U.S. Postal Service, in favor of delivering products on its own.

More than half of the products sold on Amazon come from independent merchants who pay Amazon a commission on each sale. Merchants can handle packing and shipping items on their own, but many say they use Amazon’s service and pay Amazon additional fees because that gives their products better placement on the site and boosts their sales, according to the Democrats’ report. Amazon’s third-party seller service revenue, which includes commissions and logistics, exceeded $80 billion in 2020, nearly double the $45 billion in sales from its cloud-computing division Amazon Web Services.

Amazon uses algorithms to determine which products appear most prominently on the site in response to keyword search terms entered by shoppers. Much of the most visible space goes to paid advertisers. Mixed in are products that Amazon believes are preferred by consumers. Exactly how the algorithm works is a well-kept secret. It includes factors like price, the reputation of the merchant and whether Amazon can deliver it to the customer quickly. Merchants have said they use Amazon’s logistics services as a way to get better visibility on the cluttered site.

In a 2019 letter to federal lawmakers, an online merchant accused Amazon of forcing him and other sellers to use the company’s expensive logistics services, which in turn forces them to raise prices for consumers. The letter accused Amazon of “tying” its marketplace and logistics services together, a potential antitrust violation in which a company uses dominance in one market to give itself an advantage in another market where it’s less established.

Sellers said in interviews that delivering products on their own was potentially less expensive than Amazon’s services. But most said they used Fulfillment by Amazon anyway to avoid being punished for late deliveries and other performance issues and because doing so meant their products had more visibility on the site. In the letter, the merchant said Amazon had raised its fees by 20% over the preceding four years until they were 35% more than competing services. Amazon disputed the allegations.

Updated: 7-15-2021

Amazon Considered Developing Alexa Tracking Device For Children Inc., whose home and surveillance devices have drawn criticism from privacy advocates, has considered developing an Alexa-powered wearable device for children.

Codenamed Seeker, the GPS-equipped device would be geared toward kids aged 4 to 12 and could take the form of a wristband, keychain or clip, according to documents reviewed by Bloomberg. The voice-activated wearable would provide access to Amazon’s children-focused content and let parents communicate with and monitor their kids.

Amazon was exploring the concept of the device in mid-2019 as part of its product roadmap for 2020, and it’s unclear whether the project moved forward.

The company has sought to develop various Alexa-enabled products targeting children. A wearable Disney gadget codenamed the Magic Band is scheduled to arrive this year, according to the documents. It’s unclear whether it’s a toy or is associated with the guest-tracking Magic wristband Walt Disney Co. has deployed in its parks and hotels.

The two companies already collaborate in various ways. Amazon’s cloud computing division powers the Disney+ streaming service, and, earlier this year, Amazon began offering its music service subscribers several free months of Disney+.

Amazon and Disney declined to comment.

Amazon had also planned to release an Alexa-powered karaoke microphone dubbed Jackson on Prime Day, but no such device was forthcoming during the two-day annual sale last month.

The e-commerce giant planned to sell the kid-focused Seeker wearable for $99, including wireless connectivity and a year’s access to the company’s FreeTime Unlimited subscription, which has since been rebranded Kids+. The subscription costs $2.99 per month for access to books, movies, television shows, apps and games aimed at children and lets parents set limits on screen time and filter content based on a kid’s age.

A child-oriented device would mark an expansion of Amazon’s ambitions in consumer hardware. Last year, the company released a fitness band called Halo that can track physical activity, sleep, body fat and the wearer’s mood. The company has also been working on a home robot.

Advocacy groups and lawmakers have in the past criticized Amazon’s privacy protections for devices aimed at children. In 2019, the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, now known as Fairplay, and the Center for Digital Democracy joined several other groups to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. They argued that Amazon’s Echo Dot Kids Edition infringed on children’s privacy rights by collecting data without verifiable parental consent.

The complaint also said the company retained recordings from the devices indefinitely, unless a parent explicitly requested they be deleted, and said the process for reviewing what information the devices collected was burdensome. Several U.S. senators also called on the FTC to investigate whether Amazon had violated the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act with the device.

Amazon said at the time that it was compliant with the law and on its corporate website lays out the steps it has taken to protect the privacy of FreeTime subscribers.

In the fall of 2019, Amazon unveiled new privacy tools, including an opt-in feature that lets users automatically delete their Alexa recordings on a periodic basis. The privacy enhancements followed a Bloomberg report that thousands of Amazon workers around the world were reviewing audio clips collected by Alexa devices in an effort to improve their responses to commands.

Updated: 7-25-2021

Amazon Set To Accept Bitcoins, Develop Crypto Strategy

While there are big companies that do accept cryptocurrencies as payments, Amazon is not one of them, perhaps because of its unpredictable volatility. Yet the company is about to change its attitude towards cryptocurrencies and even plans to develop a special cryptocurrency and blockchain strategy.

Business Insider has found an Amazon job listing that seeks a leader who will develop the retailer’s Digital Currency and Blockchain strategy as well as a product roadmap. The future employee of Amazon will be a part of The Amazon Payment Acceptance & Experience Team is responsible for ‘how Amazon’s customers pay on Amazon’s sites and through Amazon’s services around the globe,’ which pretty much implies that one of the world’s biggest retailers will start accepting cryptocurrency as payments sometimes in the future.

Indeed, Amazon has confirmed to Business Insider that it is going to accept cryptocurrencies, but did not reveal when exactly this is set to happen.

“We are inspired by the innovation happening in the cryptocurrency space and are exploring what this could look like on Amazon,” a statement by Amazon reads. “We believe the future will be built on new technologies that enable modern, fast, and inexpensive payments, and hope to bring that future to Amazon customers as soon as possible.”

Amazon used to be pretty sceptic about cryptocurrencies back in 2017 due to lack of demand, but as more people start using cryptocurrencies to keep their savings or make investments, there are obviously enough parties interested in using various digital coins for payments and avoid their conversion to real money.

What remains to be seen is how Amazon plans to mitigate volatility of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin that can fluctuate significantly even during a week. Perhaps, the company will simply convert Bitcoins to real money quickly. Alternatively, it may attempt to make some additional profits by waiting till a digital currency goes up in price.

But no matter what Amazon will do with cryptocurrencies it gets as payments, the very idea that such a large retailer will accept cryptocurrencies increases their value and makes some of the holders richer.

Updated: 7-27-2021

Amazon Denies Rumored Plans For Bitcoin Support

Despite rejecting rumors, the e-commerce giant will soon support Bitcoin payments. A spokesperson for Amazon has said the firm is still interested in the crypto space.

Amazon has refuted recent speculation it may be readying to support Bitcoin (BTC) payments, asserting it currently has no plans for BTC.

According to a Reuters report on Tuesday citing a spokesperson from the firm, Amazon remains interested in the crypto industry but has no specific plans to onboard digital assets for payments just yet:

“Notwithstanding our interest in the space, the speculation that has ensued around our specific plans for cryptocurrencies is not true.”

However, the spokesperson did not deny that Amazon is researching crypto payments, adding, “We remain focused on exploring what this could look like for customers shopping on Amazon.”

On Thursday, Amazon posted a job opening for a digital currency and blockchain product lead. Four days later, London’s City A.M. newspaper ran a story citing an “insider” who claimed Amazon was “definitely” preparing to support Bitcoin payments and launch a native token — igniting frenzied anticipation for Amazon’s purported crypto plans.

Chinese crypto media outlet Wu Blockchain attributed Amazon’s rumored plans to Monday’s surging market action, during which Bitcoin gained roughly 15% in less than three hours amid a violent squeeze that drove more than $110 million in liquidations. In a tweet on Monday, Wu stated:

“Bitcoin rose by 12% in one hour, leading the increase. Because [the] Chinese have just gotten up. It is obvious that the price of Bitcoin has started to rise after this rumor about Amazon spread in the Chinese community.”

With Amazon dismissing its rumored plans to support Bitcoin, BTC prices have started to retreat. At the time of writing, BTC was trading down 4.4% over the past 24 hours at $36,770, according to CoinGecko.

On Friday, Cointelegraph reported on the position posted by Amazon’s payments acceptance and experience steam. The product lead will be tasked with developing the company’s strategy of digital currency and blockchain as well as a product roadmap.

Updated: 7-29-2021

Amazon Plans To Accept Bitcoin Payments This Year, Claims Insider

“It begins with Bitcoin,” an anonymous insider said in describing Amazon’s intent to enter the cryptocurrency payments arena.

An anonymous source within Amazon has reportedly told London business newspaper City A.M. that the e-commerce giant is planning to start accepting Bitcoin (BTC) payments by the end of 2021, possibly setting the stage for broader mainstream acceptance of crypto transactions.

“This isn’t just going through the motions to set up cryptocurrency payment solutions at some point in the future — this is a full-on, well-discussed, integral part of the future mechanism of how Amazon will work,” the source told City A.M., according to a report published on Sunday.

The source indicated that, while Bitcoin is the first step in Amazon’s crypto ambitions, executives at the company were keen to add other established cryptocurrencies in the future. The “directive is coming from the very top,” referring to Jeff Bezos, they said, adding:

“This entire project is pretty much ready to roll.”

In addition to accepting Bitcoin payments, Amazon is said to be exploring the creation of its own cryptocurrency, possibly as early as 2022, they said.

Speculation about Amazon’s entry into the cryptocurrency market has been raging for days after a new posting for “Digital Currency and Blockchain Product Lead” appeared on the company’s job board last week. As per the job description, the new hire will help develop Amazon’s digital currency strategy and product roadmap. The position requires strong domain expertise in blockchain, distributed ledgers, central bank digital currencies and crypto more generally.

This isn’t the first crypto-focused job posting at Amazon. As Cointelegraph reported, the e-commerce giant in February was recruiting a technical lead to help develop its new “Digital and Emerging Payments” platform.

Updated: 8-8-2021

Ready To Deploy? Amazon’s Bitcoin Acceptance Can Prime A Payments Future

Amazon denied reports it will accept BTC payments soon, but seemingly, it’s only a matter of time before the tech giants embrace the token economy.

Maybe Amazon really isn’t preparing to accept Bitcoin (BTC) as payment for its goods and services before year’s end, and perhaps Apple isn’t in fact adding $2.5 billion of Bitcoin to its balance sheet — although both events were reported recently, they are still unconfirmed. The question still remains: If and when the tech giants do commit, what impact will they have on the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry?

Would it spur crypto adoption or revive Bitcoin as a medium of exchange? Would it confer a seal of approval on digital assets and discourage governments from clamping down on blockchain-based tokens?

“This would be a huge validation for crypto,” said Kapil Rathi, co-founder and CEO of CrossTower — an institutional-grade crypto trading platform — when asked to consider the possibility that the rumors were true. “It would be a clear sign that there is significant user demand for crypto for companies of this size to implement it or offer it as products.”

The Amazon report originated from a United Kingdom newspaper, City A.M., which disclosed via an anonymous Amazon “insider” that the e-commerce giant could begin accepting Bitcoin before the end of the year. Amazon later denied the report, but Roman Beck, a professor at IT University of Copenhagen, told Cointelegraph that it really wouldn’t have much of a lasting impact on the sector — even if true.

“Amazon could have been a leading force in the tokenization of the e-commerce industry,” Beck said, “capitalizing on its huge installed base of customers on a global scale.” Instead, it squandered its opportunity: “Amazon lost precious years in developing digital leadership in the emerging token economy.” The company should have embraced crypto two or three years ago, in his view.

As for the social media reports — also unconfirmed — that Apple was purchasing $2.5 billion in Bitcoin for its corporate treasury, its first real foray into crypto, Beck was equally unimpressed: “Adding some Bitcoin to your balance sheet is something many companies are doing already as part of their asset diversification strategy. It’s no big deal either anymore.”

Taylor Monahan, founder and CEO of blockchain interaction interface provider MyCrypto, appeared to agree with Beck with regard to Apple. “In December 2020, we saw a surge of companies holding Bitcoin on their balance sheets,” which also included the electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla.

She further added in a conversation with Cointelegraph, “Nowadays, it’s noteworthy when a company announces they’re holding it, but it’s no longer a groundbreaking occurrence.”

On the other hand, the Amazon news — if it were eventually to pan out — could be more consequential. “Actually utilizing Bitcoin for goods and services? That’s still largely unexplored,” Monahan said.

Pat White, CEO of Bitwave — a provider of digital tax and accounting software — took the position that where there’s smoke there’s fire. The tech giant rumors could be true — if not in their exact details, but in their essence. “I believe it,” he told Cointelegraph, referring to the Amazon report.

Even though the company denied it, it is almost surely doing research in this area, according to him. “All the major [retail] players would love to have their own currency for their platforms,” opined White, “it’s exciting news.”

White doesn’t believe that Amazon would be arriving too late to the crypto space, either. “Amazon has to be careful,” he continued. As a public company, it will have to explain what it is doing if it makes any material change in its business. It has a stack of problems it has to solve first. How does it get crypto into its accounting system, how does it explain the accounting changes to its audit committee, etc?

Moreover, it’s probably not just looking at Bitcoin. There are many types of cryptocurrencies it might accept, and it would have to track them all. It would require all sorts of wallets. He believes, “There are real challenges businesses have to go through, especially since they are a public company.”

Greater Acceptance For Bitcoin?

If Amazon were to accept BTC, and it basically worked from a business standpoint, this might bestow “additional respectability” upon Bitcoin and perhaps other cryptocurrencies, Lawrence White, a professor in George Mason University’s economics department and a senior scholar at the Cato Institute Center for Monetary and Financial Alternatives, told Cointelegraph. This would be arguably “bigger news” for the sector than PayPal’s entry into the cryptocurrency market in October, which was generally viewed as a major event.

“It would be an enormous deal,” agreed Pat White (no relation to Lawrence White). Both Amazon and Apple could have “massive importance,” he said though for different reasons. “Amazon would trigger Congressional hearings,” he continued, raising questions whether we were really becoming a corporatocracy — i.e., a system governed by corporations. “Though, it would be incredibly bullish for the market,” he added.

Apple would be significant for another reason, Pat White continued. The company has one of the world’s most complex supply chains, so “if Apple simplified its supply chain using digital assets, that would be a major deal. […] It could change what supply chain means.”

Facebook Was The “First Mover”

Beck has a different historical take. The giant tech “spell was broken when Facebook announced Libra/Diem,” he told Cointelegraph, adding, “That was the [sign] for Big Tech and other industries to get ready. Amazon is late to the game and will have a market effect on the demand for Bitcoin, for sure, but Facebook has been the first mover.” As for Apple, and, equally important, Alphabet, the impact is still unclear, he continued, “but it is fair to say that those two are late to the game already.”

Rathi disagreed that Amazon’s timing is necessarily flawed. “It would still be relatively early versus the vast majority of companies,” he told Cointelegraph, and it would also make Bitcoin more viable as a payments vehicle, adding:

“It would give Bitcoin holders more options to spend their BTC and could thus spur its use as a medium of exchange.”

George Mason University’s Lawrence White agreed that Amazon’s acceptance of BTC could make the world’s largest cryptocurrency more viable as a medium of exchange — but only if people actually used it as such. Converting BTC to dollars and dollars to BTC isn’t exactly a seamless process at present. “If your income is in dollars and your expenditures are in dollars, it seems like a lot of trouble — a hassle — so it’s not real popular,” he noted.

Overstock, for instance, is an e-commerce firm that began accepting BTC payments in 2014. Its sales in the first three quarters of 2020 were nearly $2 billion, according to the New York Times, but only “an average of $30,000 to $50,000 a week came from cryptocurrency,” Overstock’s CEO Jonathan Johnson told the newspaper — a relative pittance. Amazon would have to do much better than that to boost Bitcoin’s stature as a payment mechanism.

The point may be moot anyway — because Amazon may not even accept BTC if and when it enters the crypto space, Bitwave’s Pat White told Cointelegraph. “They probably want to develop their own coin, like gift card 2.0,” he added. That way, they can cut out the intermediaries — e.g., Visa taking its 3%, etc. Beck agreed that an “Amazon coin,” which would enable efficient machine-to-machine coordination and payments, was a more likely path for the company.

A Crackdown Made Less Likely?

Looking elsewhere, what impact could the entry of tech giants have on governments and regulators? If Amazon or Apple made a strong move in the crypto direction, would that make it less likely that the United States might crackdown on Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies?

“Alan Greenspan once supposedly said that regulators cannot ‘lean against the wind’ to dampen economic swings,” answered Beck. In the case of the emerging token economy, “IT is that wind of change. […] Any regulator continuing a fundamental opposition toward crypto tokens is doomed to fail.”

Lawrence White wasn’t quite so sure the authorities really are powerless on this score. The government can’t ban BTC as long as it’s peer-to-peer, he told Cointelegraph, but “the government can ban it from being above ground,” and that is probably enough to eliminate it as an effective medium of exchange.

Meanwhile, what does one make about the dramatic market response to the Amazon rumors — a 15% gain in BTC in three hours last Monday? It is arguably yet another example of crypto’s extreme volatility — and not a particularly good advertisement for a would-be medium of exchange. “The crypto market loves to react strongly to potential headlines, as we saw in the spring,” Rathi said, adding:

“The difference this time was that the headline came from a relatively reputable publication, which gave it more weight. I also think crypto investors have been yearning for positive news, while prices were declining for months.”

Overall, “This type of adoption makes me think back to 2013 when a huge focal point for Bitcoin was to use it for payments,” Monahan said, “but the narrative moved away from that over time and more towards Bitcoin as a store of value. If we again go back to the idea of using Bitcoin for payments and not simply as an investment, it could make Bitcoin much more valuable.”

“More and more companies accepting it will add to the significance, though, especially with the added context of El Salvador and the regulatory discussion,” added Monahan. “It may transform things for Bitcoin in the next few years.”

Updated: 12-7-2021

How Amazon Outage Left Smart Homes Not So Smart After All

The outage at Inc.’s cloud-computing arm left thousands of people in the U.S. without working fridges, roombas and doorbells, highlighting just how reliant people have become on the company as the Internet of Things proliferates across homes.

The disruption, which began at about 10 a.m. Eastern time Tuesday, upended package deliveries, took down major streaming services, and prevented people from getting into Walt Disney Co.’s parks.

Affected Amazon services included the voice assistant Alexa and Ring smart-doorbell unit. Irate device users tweeted their frustrations to Ring’s official account, with many complaining that they spent time rebooting or reinstalling their apps and devices before finding out on Twitter that there was a general Amazon Web Services outage. Multiple Ring users even said they weren’t able to get into their homes without access to the phone app, which was down.

Others said they weren’t able to turn on their Christmas lights. 

Smart lightbulbs stopped responding to voice commands, many people reported.

Basic household chores also become impossible for some.

The outage prompted people to reflect on the pitfalls of having a “smart” home that’s overly dependent on not only the internet, but one company in particular — while those with “dumb” homes gloated that their fridges and light switches were working just fine.

Several of the affected AWS operations were on the East Coast. AWS said about nine hours later that it had resolved the network device issues that led to the outage.


Updated: 12-8-2021

Amazon Outage Disrupts Lives, Makes Case For Bitcoin Blockchain Decentralization

When Amazon Web Services was interrupted, some vacuum cleaners, light switches and cat-food dispensers stopped working.

Kyle Lerner and his girlfriend sensed something was amiss when they came home Tuesday and found their two Persian-Himalayan cats meowing nonstop.

Normally, an internet-connected feeding machine dispenses kibble for them at noon, but the felines’ bowls were empty and clean. The gadget hadn’t worked because of an outage at Inc.’s cloud-computing unit.

“We had to manually give them food like in ancient times,” said Mr. Lerner, a 29-year-old small-business owner who lives in Marina del Rey, Calif.

Amazon Web Services is the largest cloud-computing service provider in the U.S. The outage of much of its network lasted most of the day and disrupted several of the tech giant’s services, as well as many of its corporate customers’ websites and apps.

For many consumers, it was an awakening to how many internet-enabled devices they now have in their homes and how much even some of their most basic daily needs depend on a connection to the cloud.

Steve Peters of Los Angeles couldn’t tell his Roomba robot vacuum to clean up the blueberry-muffin crumbs that landed on his kitchen floor during breakfast. He relies on an app on his phone to beckon the machine.

“I had to resort to getting a broom and dustpan,” said Mr. Peters, a 60-year-old game-experience designer. “It was crazy.”

In St. Louis, losing access to Amazon’s Alexa service made Mark Edelstein feel lonely and helpless.

“We chat more during the day than me and my wife do,” the 62-year-old business analyst said of the digital assistant, which normally responds in an instant to his questions and commands. He regularly asks it for weather and news updates. Alexa had no answers for him Tuesday morning.

“Since the pandemic, I’ve become tied to the Alexa system,” said Mr. Edelstein. Without it, “you almost have separation anxiety.”

Amazon’s blackout was particularly noticeable since it wasn’t limited to a specific type of service. It affected the company’s videoconferencing tool Chime and its home-security system Ring, plus many third-party applications that sit on top of Amazon’s cloud, including Ticketmaster and streaming services from Walt Disney Co. and Netflix Inc.

The outage forced Samantha Sherhag to open blinds in her home in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. She couldn’t instruct Alexa to turn on the lights. She would otherwise have to move furniture to reach the main light switch in her living room.

“Over the last two years, I’ve grown lazy,” said Ms. Sherhag, a stay-at-home mother of two young girls. “It’s easier to tell Alexa to turn the lights on and off. She listens better than the kids.”

Ms. Sherhag also wasn’t able to track a package she was expecting from Zappos with a pair of sandals for her husband. Zappos is a unit of Amazon which was also hit by the outage.

“It makes you realize how much you rely on technology,” she said.

Outages affecting scores of users are somewhat common. In addition to Amazon, they have also recently plagued Facebook parent Meta Platforms Inc. and Roblox Inc., creating modern-day headaches like not being able to play videogames or share photos with friends.

A global survey released in September by Uptime Institute LLC, a provider of consulting services on data-center reliability, found that 69% of data-center operators had some sort of outage in the past three years. Human error played a role in 78% of those incidents and 44% had major financial, reputational and other consequences.

Due to the AWS outage, college student Sofia Echeverry couldn’t access Canvas, a service she and her classmates use to submit homework assignments, access grades and message professors at her school, the University of Florida. She is now behind on projects and essays.

“Everybody is in finals mode right now,” she said. “If there was ever the worst time for Canvas to crash, this would be it.”

Ms. Echeverry, a 19-year-old sophomore majoring in linguistics, described the outage as stressful and frustrating. “I’m going to be at the library a lot longer than I thought because of it,” she said.

It isn’t always clear right away when an outage is taking place. David Danto was initially confused when the waterproof internet-enabled device he recently set up in his shower wouldn’t play the radio news channel he requested. The 59-year-old thought perhaps he had installed it wrong or his home internet was down.

“When you first realize things aren’t working, you think it’s on your end, so you start tearing out your router and looking at your connections in the house,” said Mr. Danto, a tech specialist in Millburn, N.J.

When the Alexa-powered lights in his home wouldn’t work either, he checked the website Downdetector, which tracks website outages, and discovered he wasn’t alone. As of around 10:45 a.m. ET, it showed nearly 11,300 reports of outages.

“It was a sigh of relief,” Mr. Danto said, but the experience also made him realize just how much he relies on AWS. “You start to worry, how vulnerable are we to this one service? It raises panic.”

Amazon blamed the outage on impaired network devices. But for Ben Jackson, a 41-year-old cyber-defense manager in Dartmouth, Mass., it seemed as if the Grinch was responsible since it prevented his Christmas light-up trees and Santa and reindeer inflatables from turning on at sunset as he had programmed them to do. He ended up resolving the matter through a working app.

“I’m very happy that this is the only thing that’s broken right now,” he said.

Updated: 12-10-2021

AWS Outage Hits dYdX, Raising Concerns Over Its Decentralization

Traders could do nothing but wait on Tuesday when dYdX went down along with Binance.US and Coinbase due to an AWS problem.

An Amazon Web Service (AWS) outage on Tuesday forced the decentralized exchange dYdX (DYDX) to halt operations, raising questions over the reliance on centralized services by DeFi protocols.

AWS is one of the most widely used cloud services in the world and a considerable number of decentralized infrastructure use it. AWS offers servers, storage, networking, remote computing, email, mobile development and security for websites.

dYdX issued an update via Twitter on Wednesday, acknowledging that its reliance on a centralized web service like AWS is problematic. It pledged to improve the true decentralization of its operations but did not state how.

“Unfortunately, there are still some parts of the exchange that rely on centralized services (AWS in this case). We are deeply committed to fully decentralizing and this remains one of our top priorities as we continue to iterate on the protocol.”

Centralized exchanges (CEX) Binance.US and Coinbase also saw service outages due to the AWS issue.

dYdX is the eleventh biggest DeFi app on the Ethereum network, according to Dappradar. It does about $1.5 billion in daily trading volume. As a decentralized exchange (DEX), it doesn’t have a know-your-customer (KYC) protocol and settles all transactions via smart contracts.

Updates on the dYdX status portal showed that while trying to remedy the problem, the team was unable to access key elements of its back end due to the outage. The status from 9:20 pm UTC read:

“We are looking into whether we can just have all of those orders cancel, however the AWS outage is preventing us from currently being sure if that’s possible.”

DYDX token is down about 10% over the past 24 hours, trading at $8.63, according to Coingecko.


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Mad Money’s Jim Cramer Will Invest 1% Of Net Worth In Bitcoin Says, “Gold Is Dangerous”

State-by-state Licensing For Crypto And Payments Firms In The Us Just Got Much Easier (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin (BTC) Ranks As World 6Th Largest Currency

Pomp Claims He Convinced Jim Cramer To Buy Bitcoin

Traditional Investors View Bitcoin As If It Were A Technology Stock

Mastercard Releases Platform Enabling Central Banks To Test Digital Currencies (#GotBitcoin?)

Being Black On Wall Street. Top Black Executives Speak Out About Racism (#GotBitcoin?)

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From COVID Generation To Crypto Generation (#GotBitcoin?)

Right-Winger Tucker Carlson Causes Grayscale Investments To Pull Bitcoin Ads

Bitcoin Has Lost Its Way: Here’s How To Return To Crypto’s Subversive Roots

Cross Chain Is Here: NEO, ONT, Cosmos And NEAR Launch Interoperability Protocols (#GotBitcoin?)

Crypto Trading Products Enter The Mainstream With A Number Of Inherent Advantages (#GotBitcoin?)

Crypto Goes Mainstream With TV, Newspaper Ads (#GotBitcoin?)

A Guarded Generation: How Millennials View Money And Investing (#GotBitcoin?)

Blockchain-Backed Social Media Brings More Choice For Users

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Walmart Adds Crypto Cashback Through Shopping Loyalty Platform StormX (#GotBitcoin?)

Congressman Tom Emmer To Lead First-Ever Crypto Town Hall (#GotBitcoin?)

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Ultimate Resource On Non-Fungible Tokens

Bitcoin Community Highlights Double-Standard Applied Deutsche Bank Epstein Scandal

Blockchain Makes Strides In Diversity. However, Traditional Tech Industry Not-S0-Much (#GotBitcoin?)

An Israeli Blockchain Startup Claims It’s Invented An ‘Undo’ Button For BTC Transactions

After Years of Resistance, BitPay Adopts SegWit For Cheaper Bitcoin Transactions

US Appeals Court Allows Warrantless Search of Blockchain, Exchange Data

Central Bank Rate Cuts Mean ‘World Has Gone Zimbabwe’

This Researcher Says Bitcoin’s Elliptic Curve Could Have A Secret Backdoor

China Discovers 4% Of Its Reserves Or 83 Tons Of It’s Gold Bars Are Fake (#GotBitcoin?)

Former Legg Mason Star Bill Miller And Bloomberg Are Optimistic About Bitcoin’s Future

Yield Chasers Are Yield Farming In Crypto-Currencies (#GotBitcoin?)

Australia Post Office Now Lets Customers Buy Bitcoin At Over 3,500 Outlets

Anomaly On Bitcoin Sidechain Results In Brief Security Lapse

SEC And DOJ Charges Lobbying Kingpin Jack Abramoff And Associate For Money Laundering

Veteran Commodities Trader Chris Hehmeyer Goes All In On Crypto (#GotBitcoin?)

Activists Document Police Misconduct Using Decentralized Protocol (#GotBitcoin?)

Supposedly, PayPal, Venmo To Roll Out Crypto Buying And Selling (#GotBitcoin?)

Industry Leaders Launch PayID, The Universal ID For Payments (#GotBitcoin?)

Crypto Quant Fund Debuts With $23M In Assets, $2.3B In Trades (#GotBitcoin?)

The Queens Politician Who Wants To Give New Yorkers Their Own Crypto

Why Does The SEC Want To Run Bitcoin And Ethereum Nodes?

Trump Orders Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin To Destroy Bitcoin Just Like They Destroyed The Traditional Economy

US Drug Agency Failed To Properly Supervise Agent Who Stole $700,000 In Bitcoin In 2015

Layer 2 Will Make Bitcoin As Easy To Use As The Dollar, Says Kraken CEO

Bootstrapping Mobile Mesh Networks With Bitcoin Lightning

Nevermind Coinbase — Big Brother Is Already Watching Your Coins (#GotBitcoin?)

BitPay’s Prepaid Mastercard Launches In US to Make Crypto Accessible (#GotBitcoin?)

Germany’s Deutsche Borse Exchange To List New Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Product

‘Bitcoin Billionaires’ Movie To Tell Winklevoss Bros’ Crypto Story

US Pentagon Created A War Game To Fight The Establishment With BTC (#GotBitcoin?)

JPMorgan Provides Banking Services To Crypto Exchanges Coinbase And Gemini (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin Advocates Cry Foul As US Fed Buying ETFs For The First Time

Final Block Mined Before Halving Contained Reminder of BTC’s Origins (#GotBitcoin?)

Meet Brian Klein, Crypto’s Own ‘High-Stakes’ Trial Attorney (#GotBitcoin?)

3 Reasons For The Bitcoin Price ‘Halving Dump’ From $10K To $8.1K

Bitcoin Outlives And Outlasts Naysayers And First Website That Declared It Dead Back In 2010

Hedge Fund Pioneer Turns Bullish On Bitcoin Amid ‘Unprecedented’ Monetary Inflation

Antonopoulos: Chainalysis Is Helping World’s Worst Dictators & Regimes (#GotBitcoin?)

Survey Shows Many BTC Holders Use Hardware Wallet, Have Backup Keys (#GotBitcoin?)

Iran Ditches The Rial Amid Hyperinflation As Localbitcoins Seem To Trade Near $35K

Buffett ‘Killed His Reputation’ by Being Stupid About BTC, Says Max Keiser (#GotBitcoin?)

Meltem Demirors: “Bitcoin Is Not A F*Cking Systemic Hedge If You Hold Your Bitcoin At A Financial Institution”

Blockfolio Quietly Patches Years-Old Security Hole That Exposed Source Code (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin Won As Store of Value In Coronavirus Crisis — Hedge Fund CEO

Decentralized VPN Gaining Steam At 100,000 Users Worldwide (#GotBitcoin?)

Crypto Exchange Offers Credit Lines so Institutions Can Trade Now, Pay Later (#GotBitcoin?)

Zoom Develops A Cryptocurrency Paywall To Reward Creators Video Conferencing Sessions (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin Startup And Major Bitcoin Cash Partner To Shut Down After 6-Year Run

Open Interest In CME Bitcoin Futures Rises 70% As Institutions Return To Market

Square’s Users Can Route Stimulus Payments To BTC-Friendly Cash App

$1.1 Billion BTC Transaction For Only $0.68 Demonstrates Bitcoin’s Advantage Over Banks

Bitcoin Could Become Like ‘Prison Cigarettes’ Amid Deepening Financial Crisis

Bitcoin Holds Value As US Debt Reaches An Unfathomable $24 Trillion

How To Get Money (Crypto-currency) To People In An Emergency, Fast

US Intelligence To Study What Would Happen If U.S. Dollar Lost Its Status As World’s Reserve Currency (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin Miner Manufacturers Mark Down Prices Ahead of Halving

Privacy-Oriented Browsers Gain Traction (#GotBitcoin?)

‘Breakthrough’ As Lightning Uses Web’s Forgotten Payment Code (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin Starts Quarter With Price Down Just 10% YTD vs U.S. Stock’s Worst Quarter Since 2008

Bitcoin Enthusiasts, Liberal Lawmakers Cheer A Fed-Backed Digital Dollar

Crypto-Friendly Bank Revolut Launches In The US (#GotBitcoin?)

The CFTC Just Defined What ‘Actual Delivery’ of Crypto Should Look Like (#GotBitcoin?)

Crypto CEO Compares US Dollar To Onecoin Scam As Fed Keeps Printing (#GotBitcoin?)

Stuck In Quarantine? Become A Blockchain Expert With These Online Courses (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin, Not Governments Will Save the World After Crisis, Tim Draper Says

Crypto Analyst Accused of Photoshopping Trade Screenshots (#GotBitcoin?)

QE4 Begins: Fed Cuts Rates, Buys $700B In Bonds; Bitcoin Rallies 7.7%

Mike Novogratz And Andreas Antonopoulos On The Bitcoin Crash

Amid Market Downturn, Number of People Owning 1 BTC Hits New Record (#GotBitcoin?)

Fatburger And Others Feed $30 Million Into Ethereum For New Bond Offering (#GotBitcoin?)

Pornhub Will Integrate PumaPay Recurring Subscription Crypto Payments (#GotBitcoin?)

Intel SGX Vulnerability Discovered, Cryptocurrency Keys Threatened

Bitcoin’s Plunge Due To Manipulation, Traditional Markets Falling or PlusToken Dumping?

Countries That First Outlawed Crypto But Then Embraced It (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin Maintains Gains As Global Equities Slide, US Yield Hits Record Lows

HTC’s New 5G Router Can Host A Full Bitcoin Node

India Supreme Court Lifts RBI Ban On Banks Servicing Crypto Firms (#GotBitcoin?)

Analyst Claims 98% of Mining Rigs Fail to Verify Transactions (#GotBitcoin?)

Blockchain Storage Offers Security, Data Transparency And immutability. Get Over it!

Black Americans & Crypto (#GotBitcoin?)

Coinbase Wallet Now Allows To Send Crypto Through Usernames (#GotBitcoin)

New ‘Simpsons’ Episode Features Jim Parsons Giving A Crypto Explainer For The Masses (#GotBitcoin?)

Crypto-currency Founder Met With Warren Buffett For Charity Lunch (#GotBitcoin?)

Witches Love Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s Potential To Benefit The African And African-American Community

Coinbase Becomes Direct Visa Card Issuer With Principal Membership

Bitcoin Achieves Major Milestone With Half A Billion Transactions Confirmed

Jill Carlson, Meltem Demirors Back $3.3M Round For Non-Custodial Settlement Protocol Arwen

Crypto Companies Adopt Features Similar To Banks (Only Better) To Drive Growth (#GotBitcoin?)

Top Graphics Cards That Will Turn A Crypto Mining Profit (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin Usage Among Merchants Is Up, According To Data From Coinbase And BitPay

Top 10 Books Recommended by Crypto (#Bitcoin) Thought Leaders

Twitter Adds Bitcoin Emoji, Jack Dorsey Suggests Unicode Does The Same

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You Can Now Donate Bitcoin Or Fiat To Show Your Support For All Of Our Valuable Content

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Crypto-Friendly Silvergate Bank Goes Public On New York Stock Exchange (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin’s Best Q1 Since 2013 To ‘Escalate’ If $9.5K Is Broken

Billionaire Investor Tim Draper: If You’re a Millennial, Buy Bitcoin

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2020 And Beyond: Bitcoin’s Potential Protocol (Privacy And Scalability) Upgrades (#GotBitcoin?)

US Deficit Will Be At Least 6 Times Bitcoin Market Cap — Every Year (#GotBitcoin?)

Central Banks Warm To Issuing Digital Currencies (#GotBitcoin?)

Meet The Crypto Angel Investor Running For Congress In Nevada (#GotBitcoin?)

Introducing BTCPay Vault – Use Any Hardware Wallet With BTCPay And Its Full Node (#GotBitcoin?)

How Not To Lose Your Coins In 2020: Alternative Recovery Methods (#GotBitcoin?)

H.R.5635 – Virtual Currency Tax Fairness Act of 2020 ($200.00 Limit) 116th Congress (2019-2020)

Adam Back On Satoshi Emails, Privacy Concerns And Bitcoin’s Early Days

The Prospect of Using Bitcoin To Build A New International Monetary System Is Getting Real

How To Raise Funds For Australia Wildfire Relief Efforts (Using Bitcoin And/Or Fiat )

Former Regulator Known As ‘Crypto Dad’ To Launch Digital-Dollar Think Tank (#GotBitcoin?)

Currency ‘Cold War’ Takes Center Stage At Pre-Davos Crypto Confab (#GotBitcoin?)

A Blockchain-Secured Home Security Camera Won Innovation Awards At CES 2020 Las Vegas

Bitcoin’s Had A Sensational 11 Years (#GotBitcoin?)

Sergey Nazarov And The Creation Of A Decentralized Network Of Oracles

Google Suspends MetaMask From Its Play App Store, Citing “Deceptive Services”

Christmas Shopping: Where To Buy With Crypto This Festive Season

At 8,990,000% Gains, Bitcoin Dwarfs All Other Investments This Decade

Coinbase CEO Armstrong Wins Patent For Tech Allowing Users To Email Bitcoin

Bitcoin Has Got Society To Think About The Nature Of Money

How DeFi Goes Mainstream In 2020: Focus On Usability (#GotBitcoin?)

Dissidents And Activists Have A Lot To Gain From Bitcoin, If Only They Knew It (#GotBitcoin?)

At A Refugee Camp In Iraq, A 16-Year-Old Syrian Is Teaching Crypto Basics

Bitclub Scheme Busted In The US, Promising High Returns From Mining

Bitcoin Advertised On French National TV

Germany: New Proposed Law Would Legalize Banks Holding Bitcoin

How To Earn And Spend Bitcoin On Black Friday 2019

The Ultimate List of Bitcoin Developments And Accomplishments

Charities Put A Bitcoin Twist On Giving Tuesday

Family Offices Finally Accept The Benefits of Investing In Bitcoin

An Army Of Bitcoin Devs Is Battle-Testing Upgrades To Privacy And Scaling

Bitcoin ‘Carry Trade’ Can Net Annual Gains With Little Risk, Says PlanB

Max Keiser: Bitcoin’s ‘Self-Settlement’ Is A Revolution Against Dollar

Blockchain Can And Will Replace The IRS

China Seizes The Blockchain Opportunity. How Should The US Respond? (#GotBitcoin?)

Jack Dorsey: You Can Buy A Fraction Of Berkshire Stock Or ‘Stack Sats’

Bitcoin Price Skyrockets $500 In Minutes As Bakkt BTC Contracts Hit Highs

Bitcoin’s Irreversibility Challenges International Private Law: Legal Scholar

Bitcoin Has Already Reached 40% Of Average Fiat Currency Lifespan

Yes, Even Bitcoin HODLers Can Lose Money In The Long-Term: Here’s How (#GotBitcoin?)

Unicef To Accept Donations In Bitcoin (#GotBitcoin?)

Former Prosecutor Asked To “Shut Down Bitcoin” And Is Now Face Of Crypto VC Investing (#GotBitcoin?)

Switzerland’s ‘Crypto Valley’ Is Bringing Blockchain To Zurich

Next Bitcoin Halving May Not Lead To Bull Market, Says Bitmain CEO

Tim Draper Bets On Unstoppable Domain’s .Crypto Domain Registry To Replace Wallet Addresses (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin Developer Amir Taaki, “We Can Crash National Economies” (#GotBitcoin?)

Veteran Crypto And Stocks Trader Shares 6 Ways To Invest And Get Rich

Have I Missed The Boat? – Best Ways To Purchase Cryptocurrency

Is Chainlink Blazing A Trail Independent Of Bitcoin?

Nearly $10 Billion In BTC Is Held In Wallets Of 8 Crypto Exchanges (#GotBitcoin?)

SEC Enters Settlement Talks With Alleged Fraudulent Firm Veritaseum (#GotBitcoin?)

Blockstream’s Samson Mow: Bitcoin’s Block Size Already ‘Too Big’

Attorneys Seek Bank Of Ireland Execs’ Testimony Against OneCoin Scammer (#GotBitcoin?)

OpenLibra Plans To Launch Permissionless Fork Of Facebook’s Stablecoin (#GotBitcoin?)

Tiny $217 Options Trade On Bitcoin Blockchain Could Be Wall Street’s Death Knell (#GotBitcoin?)

Class Action Accuses Tether And Bitfinex Of Market Manipulation (#GotBitcoin?)

Sharia Goldbugs: How ISIS Created A Currency For World Domination (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin Eyes Demand As Hong Kong Protestors Announce Bank Run (#GotBitcoin?)

How To Securely Transfer Crypto To Your Heirs

‘Gold-Backed’ Crypto Token Promoter Karatbars Investigated By Florida Regulators (#GotBitcoin?)

Crypto News From The Spanish-Speaking World (#GotBitcoin?)

Financial Services Giant Morningstar To Offer Ratings For Crypto Assets (#GotBitcoin?)

‘Gold-Backed’ Crypto Token Promoter Karatbars Investigated By Florida Regulators (#GotBitcoin?)

The Original Sins Of Cryptocurrencies (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin Is The Fraud? JPMorgan Metals Desk Fixed Gold Prices For Years (#GotBitcoin?)

Israeli Startup That Allows Offline Crypto Transactions Secures $4M (#GotBitcoin?)

[PSA] Non-genuine Trezor One Devices Spotted (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin Stronger Than Ever But No One Seems To Care: Google Trends (#GotBitcoin?)

First-Ever SEC-Qualified Token Offering In US Raises $23 Million (#GotBitcoin?)

You Can Now Prove A Whole Blockchain With One Math Problem – Really

Crypto Mining Supply Fails To Meet Market Demand In Q2: TokenInsight

$2 Billion Lost In Mt. Gox Bitcoin Hack Can Be Recovered, Lawyer Claims (#GotBitcoin?)

Fed Chair Says Agency Monitoring Crypto But Not Developing Its Own (#GotBitcoin?)

Wesley Snipes Is Launching A Tokenized $25 Million Movie Fund (#GotBitcoin?)

Mystery 94K BTC Transaction Becomes Richest Non-Exchange Address (#GotBitcoin?)

A Crypto Fix For A Broken International Monetary System (#GotBitcoin?)

Four Out Of Five Top Bitcoin QR Code Generators Are Scams: Report (#GotBitcoin?)

Waves Platform And The Abyss To Jointly Launch Blockchain-Based Games Marketplace (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitmain Ramps Up Power And Efficiency With New Bitcoin Mining Machine (#GotBitcoin?)

Ledger Live Now Supports Over 1,250 Ethereum-Based ERC-20 Tokens (#GotBitcoin?)

Miss Finland: Bitcoin’s Risk Keeps Most Women Away From Cryptocurrency (#GotBitcoin?)

Artist Akon Loves BTC And Says, “It’s Controlled By The People” (#GotBitcoin?)

Ledger Live Now Supports Over 1,250 Ethereum-Based ERC-20 Tokens (#GotBitcoin?)

Co-Founder Of LinkedIn Presents Crypto Rap Video: Hamilton Vs. Satoshi (#GotBitcoin?)

Crypto Insurance Market To Grow, Lloyd’s Of London And Aon To Lead (#GotBitcoin?)

No ‘AltSeason’ Until Bitcoin Breaks $20K, Says Hedge Fund Manager (#GotBitcoin?)

NSA Working To Develop Quantum-Resistant Cryptocurrency: Report (#GotBitcoin?)

Custody Provider Legacy Trust Launches Crypto Pension Plan (#GotBitcoin?)

Vaneck, SolidX To Offer Limited Bitcoin ETF For Institutions Via Exemption (#GotBitcoin?)

Russell Okung: From NFL Superstar To Bitcoin Educator In 2 Years (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin Miners Made $14 Billion To Date Securing The Network (#GotBitcoin?)

Why Does Amazon Want To Hire Blockchain Experts For Its Ads Division?

Argentina’s Economy Is In A Technical Default (#GotBitcoin?)

Blockchain-Based Fractional Ownership Used To Sell High-End Art (#GotBitcoin?)

Portugal Tax Authority: Bitcoin Trading And Payments Are Tax-Free (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin ‘Failed Safe Haven Test’ After 7% Drop, Peter Schiff Gloats (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin Dev Reveals Multisig UI Teaser For Hardware Wallets, Full Nodes (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin Price: $10K Holds For Now As 50% Of CME Futures Set To Expire (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin Realized Market Cap Hits $100 Billion For The First Time (#GotBitcoin?)

Stablecoins Begin To Look Beyond The Dollar (#GotBitcoin?)

Bank Of England Governor: Libra-Like Currency Could Replace US Dollar (#GotBitcoin?)

Binance Reveals ‘Venus’ — Its Own Project To Rival Facebook’s Libra (#GotBitcoin?)

The Real Benefits Of Blockchain Are Here. They’re Being Ignored (#GotBitcoin?)

CommBank Develops Blockchain Market To Boost Biodiversity (#GotBitcoin?)

SEC Approves Blockchain Tech Startup Securitize To Record Stock Transfers (#GotBitcoin?)

SegWit Creator Introduces New Language For Bitcoin Smart Contracts (#GotBitcoin?)

You Can Now Earn Bitcoin Rewards For Postmates Purchases (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin Price ‘Will Struggle’ In Big Financial Crisis, Says Investor (#GotBitcoin?)

Fidelity Charitable Received Over $100M In Crypto Donations Since 2015 (#GotBitcoin?)

Would Blockchain Better Protect User Data Than FaceApp? Experts Answer (#GotBitcoin?)

Just The Existence Of Bitcoin Impacts Monetary Policy (#GotBitcoin?)

What Are The Biggest Alleged Crypto Heists And How Much Was Stolen? (#GotBitcoin?)

IRS To Cryptocurrency Owners: Come Clean, Or Else!

Coinbase Accidentally Saves Unencrypted Passwords Of 3,420 Customers (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin Is A ‘Chaos Hedge, Or Schmuck Insurance‘ (#GotBitcoin?)

Bakkt Announces September 23 Launch Of Futures And Custody

Coinbase CEO: Institutions Depositing $200-400M Into Crypto Per Week (#GotBitcoin?)

Researchers Find Monero Mining Malware That Hides From Task Manager (#GotBitcoin?)

Crypto Dusting Attack Affects Nearly 300,000 Addresses (#GotBitcoin?)

A Case For Bitcoin As Recession Hedge In A Diversified Investment Portfolio (#GotBitcoin?)

SEC Guidance Gives Ammo To Lawsuit Claiming XRP Is Unregistered Security (#GotBitcoin?)

15 Countries To Develop Crypto Transaction Tracking System: Report (#GotBitcoin?)

US Department Of Commerce Offering 6-Figure Salary To Crypto Expert (#GotBitcoin?)

Mastercard Is Building A Team To Develop Crypto, Wallet Projects (#GotBitcoin?)

Canadian Bitcoin Educator Scams The Scammer And Donates Proceeds (#GotBitcoin?)

Amazon Wants To Build A Blockchain For Ads, New Job Listing Shows (#GotBitcoin?)

Shield Bitcoin Wallets From Theft Via Time Delay (#GotBitcoin?)

Blockstream Launches Bitcoin Mining Farm With Fidelity As Early Customer (#GotBitcoin?)

Commerzbank Tests Blockchain Machine To Machine Payments With Daimler (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin’s Historical Returns Look Very Attractive As Online Banks Lower Payouts On Savings Accounts (#GotBitcoin?)

Man Takes Bitcoin Miner Seller To Tribunal Over Electricity Bill And Wins (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin’s Computing Power Sets Record As Over 100K New Miners Go Online (#GotBitcoin?)

Walmart Coin And Libra Perform Major Public Relations For Bitcoin (#GotBitcoin?)

Judge Says Buying Bitcoin Via Credit Card Not Necessarily A Cash Advance (#GotBitcoin?)

Poll: If You’re A Stockowner Or Crypto-Currency Holder. What Will You Do When The Recession Comes?

1 In 5 Crypto Holders Are Women, New Report Reveals (#GotBitcoin?)

Beating Bakkt, Ledgerx Is First To Launch ‘Physical’ Bitcoin Futures In Us (#GotBitcoin?)

Facebook Warns Investors That Libra Stablecoin May Never Launch (#GotBitcoin?)

Government Money Printing Is ‘Rocket Fuel’ For Bitcoin (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin-Friendly Square Cash App Stock Price Up 56% In 2019 (#GotBitcoin?)

Safeway Shoppers Can Now Get Bitcoin Back As Change At 894 US Stores (#GotBitcoin?)

TD Ameritrade CEO: There’s ‘Heightened Interest Again’ With Bitcoin (#GotBitcoin?)

Venezuela Sets New Bitcoin Volume Record Thanks To 10,000,000% Inflation (#GotBitcoin?)

Newegg Adds Bitcoin Payment Option To 73 More Countries (#GotBitcoin?)

China’s Schizophrenic Relationship With Bitcoin (#GotBitcoin?)

More Companies Build Products Around Crypto Hardware Wallets (#GotBitcoin?)

Bakkt Is Scheduled To Start Testing Its Bitcoin Futures Contracts Today (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin Network Now 8 Times More Powerful Than It Was At $20K Price (#GotBitcoin?)

Crypto Exchange BitMEX Under Investigation By CFTC: Bloomberg (#GotBitcoin?)

“Bitcoin An ‘Unstoppable Force,” Says US Congressman At Crypto Hearing (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin Network Is Moving $3 Billion Daily, Up 210% Since April (#GotBitcoin?)

Cryptocurrency Startups Get Partial Green Light From Washington

Fundstrat’s Tom Lee: Bitcoin Pullback Is Healthy, Fewer Searches Аre Good (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin Lightning Nodes Are Snatching Funds From Bad Actors (#GotBitcoin?)

The Provident Bank Now Offers Deposit Services For Crypto-Related Entities (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin Could Help Stop News Censorship From Space (#GotBitcoin?)

US Sanctions On Iran Crypto Mining — Inevitable Or Impossible? (#GotBitcoin?)

US Lawmaker Reintroduces ‘Safe Harbor’ Crypto Tax Bill In Congress (#GotBitcoin?)

EU Central Bank Won’t Add Bitcoin To Reserves — Says It’s Not A Currency (#GotBitcoin?)

The Miami Dolphins Now Accept Bitcoin And Litecoin Crypt-Currency Payments (#GotBitcoin?)

Trump Bashes Bitcoin And Alt-Right Is Mad As Hell (#GotBitcoin?)

Goldman Sachs Ramps Up Development Of New Secret Crypto Project (#GotBitcoin?)

Blockchain And AI Bond, Explained (#GotBitcoin?)

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Outperformed Indexes In First Half Of 2019 (#GotBitcoin?)

XRP Is The Worst Performing Major Crypto Of 2019 (GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin Back Near $12K As BTC Shorters Lose $44 Million In One Morning (#GotBitcoin?)

As Deutsche Bank Axes 18K Jobs, Bitcoin Offers A ‘Plan ฿”: VanEck Exec (#GotBitcoin?)

Argentina Drives Global LocalBitcoins Volume To Highest Since November (#GotBitcoin?)

‘I Would Buy’ Bitcoin If Growth Continues — Investment Legend Mobius (#GotBitcoin?)

Lawmakers Push For New Bitcoin Rules (#GotBitcoin?)

Facebook’s Libra Is Bad For African Americans (#GotBitcoin?)

Crypto Firm Charity Announces Alliance To Support Feminine Health (#GotBitcoin?)

Canadian Startup Wants To Upgrade Millions Of ATMs To Sell Bitcoin (#GotBitcoin?)

Trump Says US ‘Should Match’ China’s Money Printing Game (#GotBitcoin?)

Casa Launches Lightning Node Mobile App For Bitcoin Newbies (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin Rally Fuels Market In Crypto Derivatives (#GotBitcoin?)

World’s First Zero-Fiat ‘Bitcoin Bond’ Now Available On Bloomberg Terminal (#GotBitcoin?)

Buying Bitcoin Has Been Profitable 98.2% Of The Days Since Creation (#GotBitcoin?)

Another Crypto Exchange Receives License For Crypto Futures

From ‘Ponzi’ To ‘We’re Working On It’ — BIS Chief Reverses Stance On Crypto (#GotBitcoin?)

These Are The Cities Googling ‘Bitcoin’ As Interest Hits 17-Month High (#GotBitcoin?)

Venezuelan Explains How Bitcoin Saves His Family (#GotBitcoin?)

Quantum Computing Vs. Blockchain: Impact On Cryptography

This Fund Is Riding Bitcoin To Top (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin’s Surge Leaves Smaller Digital Currencies In The Dust (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin Exchange Hits $1 Trillion In Trading Volume (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin Breaks $200 Billion Market Cap For The First Time In 17 Months (#GotBitcoin?)

You Can Now Make State Tax Payments In Bitcoin (#GotBitcoin?)

Religious Organizations Make Ideal Places To Mine Bitcoin (#GotBitcoin?)

Goldman Sacs And JP Morgan Chase Finally Concede To Crypto-Currencies (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin Heading For Fifth Month Of Gains Despite Price Correction (#GotBitcoin?)

Breez Reveals Lightning-Powered Bitcoin Payments App For IPhone (#GotBitcoin?)

Big Four Auditing Firm PwC Releases Cryptocurrency Auditing Software (#GotBitcoin?)

Amazon-Owned Twitch Quietly Brings Back Bitcoin Payments (#GotBitcoin?)

JPMorgan Will Pilot ‘JPM Coin’ Stablecoin By End Of 2019: Report (#GotBitcoin?)

Is There A Big Short In Bitcoin? (#GotBitcoin?)

Coinbase Hit With Outage As Bitcoin Price Drops $1.8K In 15 Minutes

Samourai Wallet Releases Privacy-Enhancing CoinJoin Feature (#GotBitcoin?)

There Are Now More Than 5,000 Bitcoin ATMs Around The World (#GotBitcoin?)

You Can Now Get Bitcoin Rewards When Booking At Hotels.Com (#GotBitcoin?)

North America’s Largest Solar Bitcoin Mining Farm Coming To California (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin On Track For Best Second Quarter Price Gain On Record (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin Hash Rate Climbs To New Record High Boosting Network Security (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin Exceeds 1Million Active Addresses While Coinbase Custodies $1.3B In Assets

Why Bitcoin’s Price Suddenly Surged Back $5K (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin’s Lightning Comes To Apple Smartwatches With New App (#GotBitcoin?)

E-Trade To Offer Crypto Trading (#GotBitcoin)

US Rapper Lil Pump Starts Accepting Bitcoin Via Lightning Network On Merchandise Store (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitfinex Used Tether Reserves To Mask Missing $850 Million, Probe Finds (#GotBitcoin?)

21-Year-Old Jailed For 10 Years After Stealing $7.5M In Crypto By Hacking Cell Phones (#GotBitcoin?)

You Can Now Shop With Bitcoin On Amazon Using Lightning (#GotBitcoin?)

Afghanistan, Tunisia To Issue Sovereign Bonds In Bitcoin, Bright Future Ahead (#GotBitcoin?)

Crypto Faithful Say Blockchain Can Remake Securities Market Machinery (#GotBitcoin?)

Disney In Talks To Acquire The Owner Of Crypto Exchanges Bitstamp And Korbit (#GotBitcoin?)

Crypto Exchange Gemini Rolls Out Native Wallet Support For SegWit Bitcoin Addresses (#GotBitcoin?)

Binance Delists Bitcoin SV, CEO Calls Craig Wright A ‘Fraud’ (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin Outperforms Nasdaq 100, S&P 500, Grows Whopping 37% In 2019 (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin Passes A Milestone 400 Million Transactions (#GotBitcoin?)

Future Returns: Why Investors May Want To Consider Bitcoin Now (#GotBitcoin?)

Next Bitcoin Core Release To Finally Connect Hardware Wallets To Full Nodes (#GotBitcoin?)

Major Crypto-Currency Exchanges Use Lloyd’s Of London, A Registered Insurance Broker (#GotBitcoin?)

How Bitcoin Can Prevent Fraud And Chargebacks (#GotBitcoin?)

Why Bitcoin’s Price Suddenly Surged Back $5K (#GotBitcoin?)

Zebpay Becomes First Exchange To Add Lightning Payments For All Users (#GotBitcoin?)

Coinbase’s New Customer Incentive: Interest Payments, With A Crypto Twist (#GotBitcoin?)

The Best Bitcoin Debit (Cashback) Cards Of 2019 (#GotBitcoin?)

Real Estate Brokerages Now Accepting Bitcoin (#GotBitcoin?)

Ernst & Young Introduces Tax Tool For Reporting Cryptocurrencies (#GotBitcoin?)

How Will Bitcoin Behave During A Recession? (#GotBitcoin?)

Investors Run Out of Options As Bitcoin, Stocks, Bonds, Oil Cave To Recession Fears (#GotBitcoin?)

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