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Soviet Scalar Electromagnetic Directed Energy Weapons? Part 2

Sadly, the bureaucratic smugness of orthodox Western scientists has materially assisted the Soviet deception process. Soviet Scalar Electromagnetic Directed Energy Weapons? Part 2

Lt. Col Thomas E . Bearden

Most Western managerial scientists -particularly in weapons development activities – have continued to view the Soviets as ignorant peasants, still trying to clean the mud off their boots. This view is of course, Totally untrue and unwarranted.


Soviet Scalar Electromagnetic Directed Energy Weapons? Part 1


Soviet Strategic Scalar EM Arsenal Contains Over 100 Monstrous Superweapons Capable of:

* Generating Exothermic Explosions
* Endothermic Explosions
* Engineering The Weather
* Locating And Destroying Underwater Submarines
* Detecting And Destroying Ballistic Missiles Shortly After Launch
* Detecting And Destroying Long Range Strategic Bombers As Soon As They Are Airborne, Etc. 

It takes only a few examples to refute this attitude. In nonlinear mathematics, engineering and science, the Soviets have led their Western counterparts since the beginning. The electromagnetic pulse (EMP) effect of a nuclear explosion appeared in the ordinary Soviet scientific literature before Western scientists were even aware that the effect existed. The Soviets continue to lead the world in explosive welding, titanium welding and forming, etc. While the Soviet scientists exhibit little inclination to build good washing machines, they certainly do produce state of the art technology– and beyond– in any area in which they focus their main efforts. (We do lead the Soviets in some areas such as computer hardware, computer software, miniaturization, etc.)

Once before, a modern nation, the United States, developed a mighty weapon in secrecy and used it to force a powerful foe, Japan, to its knees. The mindbending atomic blows to Hiroshima, and Nagasaki, showed once and for all that in the modern age technological surprise can prove instantly disastrous. Yet in our scientific arrogance, we have assumed that it could never happen to us, and that the “secret weapon” scenario will never be repeated. On the contrary, it HAS happened again, someone else has done it, and it has happened to us.

It has also become fashionable in the West to believe that all the laws of physics are already discovered. We assume we know all of them. While we have been pridefully crowing this tune, the Soviets have been steadily making new laws in secret, as well as new ways to circumvent the old laws. Our defense is strategic, we rely on our offense. Our huge nuclear arsenal.. If this offense were nullified or destroyed by Soviet secret weapons, we would be powerless to prevent our own destruction and Soviet domination of our world.

We have been viewing ourselves as indestructible, confident in the strength of our defense. Yet literally our defense has been stripped from us. Indeed Soviet energetics weapons are now capable of destroying our defense, our homeland, our armed forces in the field, and our population, quickly and efficiently. We have a new gap of monumental proportions: not a missile gap, not a submarine or bomber gap, and not even a particle beam or laser gap. We have a “Scalar Electromagnetics or Electrogravitation” gap.

He that has ears, let him hear.

Here Is The Secret To Antigravity:

The “electrical charge” of a charged particle– such as one of the charged particles of an atom or one of the protons of its nucleus– represents a difference in flux intensity (potential) between the local particle and its ambient vacuum. Its the continual bleed-off of gravitational charge as electrical charge. If that bleed off is reversed or stopped, a drastic effect on the gravitational charge ensues. The 5-potential and the 5-charge have become 4-G-potential and 4-d-charge respectively. Thus “charging ” an object with its scalar EM pattern charges it gravitationally. Now the only “bleed off channel” is through the 4-G force field. Further, in a nucleus the nucleons continually go back and forth between proton and neutron, so the electrical charge is “spread” throughout the nucleus and shared by all the nucleons.

Further, each element (actually each isotope) has its own unique “ensemble pattern” of Fourier 

expansion scalar frequencies, amplitudes, ect. This pattern can, of course, be reproduced artificially and transmitted by modified EM transmitters). There is, however, a sort of “master key ” scalar EM (EG) pattern for nucleons (protons and neutrons which are changing back and forth into each other by exchange of virtual charge currents).

If one reverses the charge by inverting this pattern, and then “charges up a mass with the inverted charge,” to the external observer the charging mass just gets lighter and lighter, and its inertia gets less and less. Eventually it seems (to him) to acquire negative mass and negative inertia, and just accelerate away from the earth. The object falls upward instead of falling downwards.

There are also some weird time effects; that object can be moving slower through time than the laboratory observer, or even be moving backwards through time in respect to the laboratory observer. (Don’t believe everything they taught you in relativity; none of those guys ever had engineered a single general relativistic situation. and nothing they teach in GR (general relativity) is based on direct experiment. Most of what they teach has already experimentally proven to be in error.

This is the concept for a scalar EG detector for a scalar EG waves. This is the Bendini scalar wave detector, adapted from an original concept by Dea and Faretto.

The idea is quite simple: install a very powerful bar magnet inside a grounded Faraday cage. Then install an open-ended coil longitudally above the magnet so that a line through the longitudal axis of the magnet passes through the longitudal axis of the coil above it. The open end of the coil does not touch the magnet.

Connect the other end of the coil to a variable tuning capacitor, so that the coil and the capacitor form a tunable, series-L-C-oscillatory circuit. The output of the capacitor is connected to a transistorized preamplifier inside the cage. A tuning shaft for the capacitor is very carefully placed through a small hole in the shield to allow tuning from outside.

The output of the preamp passes through a small hole in the shield, through a shielded cable, to an adjacent oscilloscope. The cable shield is also grounded t o a reference ground potential.

The Theory Is As Follows:

Suppose a normal EM wave appears inside the cage, above the magnet or closely adjacent thereto. In that case a coupled oscillation appears in the field of the magnet, and this oscillation is coupled to the coil immediately above it. If the oscillation is within the bandwidth of the tuned series LC circuit, detection occurs. This is amplified by the preamp and passed to the oscilloscope, where it is displayed on the scope.

Note that the detector detects normal EM wave. Now our problem is: How do we get an EG wave to be detected? And how do we assure that we do not detect ordinary EM waves from the outside? Actually this is simple. Ordinary waves (except for quite low frequency) will be grounded out by the Faraday shield, and will not penetrate the cage. Thus these normal EM waves cannot enter the cage and appear above the magnet.

They will not be detected. Scalar EG waves, on the other hand, will enter the cage since they do not couple to conduction electrons in the metal of the cage. Above the pole of the magnet, spacetime is locally bent. After all, a pole is a magnetostatic scalar potential, which is a part of the conglomerate called “G-potential.”

The pole represents an increase (or decrease, depending on whether it is a north or a south pole) in the magnetostatic component of the local G-potential. This is a curvature of spacetime. An EG wave entering this region adds a varying component component of magnetostatic G-potential, which bleeds off in the coil as an ordinary EM wave.

Another way to view the detector is to model the EG wave as a longitudal wave, and an ordinary EM wave as a transverse wave. When the EG wave enters the curved spacetime region above the magnet, to the coil (the “observer” in this case!) the longitudal aspect of the EG wave appears to be rotating back and forth, so that an oscillating transverse component is present. This transverse component appears to the coil as an ordinary EM field, and so the LC circuit detects it if it is in the proper frequency band.

Yet another way to view the situation is to realize that an EG wave entering the magnet results in an oscillating component added to the magnetostatic scalar potential (pole strength) of t8e magnet. Accordingly, the magnet is a receiver for scalar waves, which are detected to “bleed-off” as an oscillation of the magnetic field strength of the magnet. Coupling of this oscillating magnetic field to the coil creates an oscillating current flow into the capacitor. This oscillates the voltage input to the preamp, which amplifies and feeds the signal to the oscilloscope for display.

It is important to remember that a magnetostatic potential and an electrostatic potential can be oscillated by a scalar EG wave. By placing a magnetic material inside a Faraday cage, the oscillation of the magnetostatic scalar potential (pole strength of the magnet) can be used as the EG detecting mechanism. By placing a chargeable material inside a Faraday cage, the oscillation of the electrostatic scalar potential can be detected. (Possible examples of the latter type detectors are given by Hodowanec, “Radio Electronics,” April 1986.)

Note also that one may detect waves at one reference level and not at another. Changing the bias on the zero-reference ground of the Bendini detector affects the detection. To look inside a normal EM carrier (such as the Soviet Woodpecker carrier)

and see what scalar signals are riding upon it, the carrier may be used to bias the reference ground of the Bendini detector. To produce a spectrum analyzer, simply use additional series resonant LC tuning circuits in parallel (put multiple taps on the coil, and wire each tap to a separate tuning capacitor of different capacitance). Again, varying the zero reference level is important, as is varying the strength of the magnet. Frank Golden

has also invented an excellent series of scalar wave detectors based on quite different proprietary principles.

The Bottom Line Is:

We can indeed rigorously detect and measure scalar EG waves. When one considers the large sums of money presently being spent to bury large aluminum cylinders etc. in an attempt to detect gravitational waves, one wonders why some funds could not be released to a few unorthodox researchers by the National Academy of Sciences to fund the proven creation and detection of electrogravitational waves (Continued).

I was awarded the Ph.D. for life experience and for life accomplishment (from Trinity College – Ed.), and I make no attempt to conceal it. I was awarded the Legion of Merit in Vietnam for similar reasons. If that makes it “bogus”, so be it. I was also listed in Who’s Who in Aviation and Aerospace, 1983, National Aeronautical Institute. I don’t know what others may have done, but to obtain the doctorate for experience, I first was required to prepare a formal Ph.D. thesis, as is normal, and do several months of additional work for it. As might be expected, my thesis advanced the first legitimate theory of COP>1.0 EM systems, freely extracting energy from the vacuum. It also contained the first formal correction to Aristotelian logic since Aristotle advanced it. My M.S. in nuclear engineering was awarded by Georgia Tech under full rigor, as was my B.S. in mathematics from what is today Northeast Louisiana University. Those are the credentials, and one can take it or leave it. 

One might point out that Heaviside — whose equations are studied in university as “Maxwell’s equations”, and who originated some powerful mathematical methods as well — never even attended university but was totally self-taught.

Today, a very great many people for more than a century have happily used Heaviside‘s work, not really caring whether he had a Ph.D. or not.

The real judge is what a fellow does and the worth or non-worth of it. My book, Energy from the Vacuum, speaks for itself. My years of work in scalar interferometry — trying desperately to get this nation to develop adequate defenses — has in fact now been verified, both experimentally and theoretically, and scalar interferometry was the basis for Secretary of Defense Cohen’s public statement in 1997 at a conference in Athens, Georgia — the first confirmation of those weapons by a high U.S. government official. We do have adequate defenses today, at least a little bit as a result of some of my own hard work in convincing the system. Unfortunately the energetics weapons have now spread to even more powerful quantum potential weapons and negative energy EMP, so my weapons efforts are still continuing in that respect. Defending this nation comes first; after that comes the rest.

I’m quite willing to let that be the final arbiter.
Best wishes,

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