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California State Board of Equalization vs LLC


  This is just another example of how this government will do anything and say anything to ruin small and medium size businesses. The visit as mentioned above actually never took place. When I called the Board of Equalization as mentioned in the graphic all I got was voice mail.…

A Debt-Collection Machine That’s Chewing Up Small Businesses Across America (#GotBitcoin?)


Look out, the stranger on the phone warned. They’re coming for you. The caller had Janelle Duncan’s attention. Perpetually peppy at 53, with sparkly jewelry and a glittery manicure, Duncan was running a struggling Florida real estate agency with her husband, Doug. She began each day in prayer, a vanilla…

Life Sentence for British Student Draws Criticism For U.A.E. (#GotBitcoin?)


The U.K. Foreign Office said the verdict wasn’t what it expected from a friend and trusted partner. The United Arab Emirates sentenced a British academic it accuses of spying to life imprisonment, a decision that has drawn condemnation from Western academics and politicians against a Gulf nation that wants to…

Venmo And Amazon Hit By Breaches And Fraudsters (#GotBitcoin?)


A spike in fraudulent activity earlier this year led to higher losses than the payments company had expected. Venmo was hit by a wave of payments fraud earlier this year that helped push losses higher than the company previously expected and prompted it to shut down some user features to…

Why The Home May Be The Assisted-Living Facility of The Future (#GotBitcoin?)


Most older Americans want to stay in their homes for as long as they possibly can. Put in negative terms, almost all of us want to avoid moving into senior housing, at least until we have no other choice. But most also agree that assistance may become necessary as our…

Retreat of Smaller Lenders Adds to Pressure on Housing (#GotBitcoin?)


Many nonbank lenders are dependent on refinancings, which are shrinking rapidly. Some are selling themselves, shutting down or laying off workers. Small and midsize U.S. mortgage firms are trimming staff, putting themselves up for sale and closing up shop at a clip not seen in years, a sign of the…

Frackers Fret As Trump Tweets For Lower Oil Prices (GotBitcoin?)


President’s call for prices to go lower concerns some in U.S. oil patch, who worry companies would have to curb drilling. President Trump’s comments calling for oil prices to keep falling have some American shale drillers seething. The U.S. is pumping all-time-record levels of oil. But a sharp decline in…

Downfall of Sears, Toys ‘R’ Including Jobs Slashed At Ikea Gives Lift to Retail’s Survivors (#GotBitcoin?)


As millions of Americans flock to stores on Thanksgiving evening and Black Friday, some will be making fewer stops after the drumbeat of retail closings this year. Gone are hundreds of Toys “R” Us, Sears and Bon-Ton department stores. Thousands of stores have closed this year, but that’s good news…

With Central Banks Out of Ammo, Governments Urged to Ready Stimulus for Next Downturn (#GotBitcoin?)


OECD warns that countries need to prepare plans for a synchronized spending boost to fight a slowdown, but trade tensions could make that difficult. Governments around the world must prepare spending plans they can roll out quickly and in concert should the global economy slow sharply, given that central banks…

Carolyn’s Natural Organic Handmade Soap. Lather Is Medicine


Not all soaps are made the same. There are some that are good for you and some that may do more harm than good. Soap entrepreneur and cancer survivor Carolyn Aranda can attest to this. Lather Is The Best Medicine Since being diagnosed with stage 1 uterine cancer about 30…

Downfall of Sears, Toys ‘R’ Us Gives Lift to Retail’s Survivors (#GotBitcoin?)


Gone are hundreds of Toys “R” Us, Sears and Bon-Ton department stores. Downfall of Sears, Toys ‘R’ Us Gives Lift to Retail’s Survivors Thousands of stores have closed this year, but that’s good news for other chains chasing Black Friday shoppers.  As millions of Americans flock to stores on Thanksgiving evening…

Understanding The Gut Microbiome


The Gut Microbiota There are 10-100 trillion microbes that reside in our gastrointestinal tract, representing thousands of species. The gut microbiota is a control center for multiple aspects of our biology including our immune status, metabolism, and neurobiology. Many of the metabolic activities and developmental signals that the microbiota deploys…