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Marketing 101: Not All Hispanics Are Alike


Click On Image To Enlarge  South Americans, Puerto Ricans and Cubans are settling among the existing U.S. population more readily than Mexicans, the nation's largest Hispanic group, a trend with implications for politics, the economy and other areas of daily life. Marketing 101: Not All Hispanics Are Alike In another finding…

DPL-Surveillance-Equipment Discusses Small Business Strategies


DPL-Surveillance-Equipment Discusses Small Business Strategies:   Insights For Starting and Running a Business. Experts In Areas Such as Security, Surveillance, Management And Finance. DPL-Surveillance-Equipment Discusses Small Business Strategies Listen: Where small businesses are finding a boost right now; using Twitter to help find a job candidate you may not have found elsewhere;…

Device Literally Tracks Employees As They Move Throughout The Office


A few years ago when Bank of America Corp. wanted to study whether face time mattered among its call-center teams, the big bank asked about 90 workers to wear badges for a few weeks with tiny sensors to record their movements and the tone of their conversations. Device Literally Tracks Employees As They…

The NRA’s 2nd Amendment Rights vs The Patriot Act


You Have To Be An Absolute Idiot To Think That The 2nd Amendment Is Still Applicable The NRA's 2nd Amendment Rights vs The Patriot Act:  (1). The NRA has become a lobbying tool of the gun manufacturers. Unlike other lobbying groups, however, it also has overwhelming support from naive gun…

Citizen Surveillance Is Playing A Major Role In Terrorist And Other Criminal Investigations


As surveillance technology has spread from security cameras to smartphones in every pocket, it has sparked privacy concerns. At the same time, the technology has proved helpful to criminal investigations–including the one focused on the Boston Marathon explosions. Citizen Surveillance Is Playing A Major Role In Terrorist And Other Criminal Investigations…

Squeezing The Most Out of Your Digital Video Recording System


Squeezing The Most Out of Your Digital Video Recording System Most companies are not getting all they can out of their DVRs (DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDING SYSTEMS). This is either because they are using outdated technology, they haven't been told how to use all of the features their systems possess or…

What is BitCoin and How Does It Work?


"As A Geek,  I Embrace Bitcoin Because Of Its Elegance.  As A Libertarian, I Like Bitcoin For Its Privacy And Decentralization. As A Merchant I Embrace Bitcoin For Its Freedom.  I Am Free To Sell Products That Other Monopolized Payment Systems Do Not Allow.  As A Consumer I Love That…

Dwolla: A New and Revolutionary Way to Pay and Be Paid!


A New and Revolutionary Way to Pay and Be Paid! Say Good-By To Paypal and Credit Card Companies!  Dwolla, a startup in the online payments markets, announced three new services Friday that it hopes will accelerate both merchant and consumer acceptance of Dwolla transactions, one of the big barriers that…

Bionic Eyes Seen As The Perfect Spy Tool


It's very exciting and it's very cool! The technology tested to date lets the wearer primarily see in black and white. It is most useful for seeing sharp contrasts, such as the painted white line of a crosswalk on a dark road. But scientists hope that they can improve the…

President Barack Obama’s Response To My Letter Concerning America’s Lack of Focus on Alternative Energy Sources


Please see Barack Obama's response to my letter sent to him concerning America's efforts to diversify away from the reliance on fossil-fuels and instead focusing more on alternative energy sources : Dear Monty: Thank you for writing. I appreciate hearing from you, and I share the vision of millions of Americans…

Donate Now To Help Fund A Much Better World For All Of Us!


A Number of the Individuals Mentioned Below Are Working On Remarkable Projects That Could Very-Well Change The World, The Way We Live and Work! Donate Now To Help Fund A Much Better World For All Of Us! I Am Now And Will Be Working With More And More Of Them To…

Should Health Insurance Be Like Car Insurance?


Why healthcare providers should be rewarding healthy customers!  The health insurance issue is going to come front and center in the next few days, once everyone stops twittering about Iran and notices that the Senate is really hunkering down to attempt to overhaul how health insurance works in this country.…