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Car Makers Ignore Trumps Advice To Lower Fuel-Efficiency Standards (#GotBitcoin?)


Impasse between White House, California has auto makers scrambling for an alternative. Car Makers Ignore Trumps Advice To Lower Fuel-Efficiency Standards (#GotBitcoin?) Major car makers are caught in the crossfire between the Trump administration and California over U.S. tailpipe-emissions rules, leading them down different paths in how to respond to…

Fires Destroy Amazon Rain Forest, Blanketing Brazilian Cities In Smog (#GotBitcoin?)


Criticism of President Jair Bolsonaro’s environmental policies widens; darkness descends two hours early in São Paulo. Fires Destroy Amazon Rain Forest, Blanketing Brazilian Cities In Smog (#GotBitcoin?) Leonardo DiCaprio's new environmental foundation, Earth Alliance, has made an initial pledge of $5 million to help fight the raging fires devastating the Amazon rainforest. The…

Poll: Could Private Security And/or Private Investigators Replace Police Officers?


Citizens Cannot Turn The Police Away If They Are Unhappy With Their Services Security Expert Says, “Confidence In Local Police Depts. Reaches A 20yr. Low” Ronald Reagan famously stated, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” But should we…

Poll: If You’re A Stockowner Or Crypto-Currency Holder. What Will You Do When The Recession Comes?


What Will Bitcoin Do In A Recession? The answer to this question depends on the type of recession as well as the conditions that caused it, as Dan McArdle of Messari pointed out. The two largest depressions in US history were deflationary, and a light-to-moderate recession is likely if history is telling.…

Poll: What City or State Should Monty, Carolyn & La-Z-Bonz Move To And Why?


These Are The Top 10 States That People Are Moving To Business Insider Has Compiled A List Of The 10 Us States Where The Most Americans Moved To Between 2016 And 2017. Many Of The States That Top The List Are Favorites For Retirees And Have Bustling Economies. [yop_poll id=14]…

Poll: What Are You (Men/Women) Doing To Avoid The Toxins/Poisons In Commercial Beauty Products?


The Environmental Working Group (EWG)  Parabens are a class of chemicals widely used as preservatives by cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Parabens are effective preservatives in many types of formulas. These compounds, and their salts, are used primarily for their bactericidal and fungicidal properties. They can be found in shampoos, commercial…

Poll: April Is Financial Literacy Month. How Financially Literate Are You?


In recognition of Financial Literacy Month in April, CNBC’s Invest in You: Ready. Set. Grow., a financial wellness initiative in partnership with Acorns, will offer a variety of actionable personal finance content aimed at helping empower people to develop savings strategies. CNBC is also unveiling its Financial Wellness Advisory Council, bringing…

Poll: If Samsung Integrates Bitcoin Wallet Into Galaxy S10, Bullish For Bitcoin?


According to Gregory Blake, who released several screenshots of a suspected Galaxy S10 prototype, the new model of the South Korean mobile phone manufacturing giant has an integrated feature called “Samsung Blockchain KeyStore” that enables users to have full control over their private keys and crypto funds. Poll: If Samsung…

Poll: Should The Postal Services (Post Office) Be Privatized And If So What Services Should It Offer?


Government report suggests raising revenue by letting companies make direct deliveries, for a fee.Should The Postal Services (Post Office) Be Privatized And If So What Services Should It Offer? Looking for ways to raise Postal Service revenue, the Trump administration has proposed a fundamental change to your mailbox: selling access…



Rioters In Paris Stand-Up Against Government Over-Reach In example of over-reach, government to increase the price of fuel by about 30 cents per gallon. Gas already costs about $7.06 per gallon in France. Grass-roots movement ‘gilets jaunes’ led violent protests in the heart of Paris, pressuring him to back down…

Poll: Should We or Shouldn’t We Use Private Fire Departments


Private Firefighters Date Back To The 1790’S Kim Kardashian went on Instragram to thank firefighters for saving her Hidden Hills estate and told Ellen DeGeneres in an interview that she hired a private crew to protect her property. When the Woolsey fire swept into the exclusive neighborhood of Bell Canyon,…

Poll: We Should Get Rid of The Federal Reserve And Central Banks Because:


The Creature From Jekyll Island This Video Explains Why The U.S. Financial System is Corrupt and How It Came To Be That Way “Let Me Issue And Control A Nation’s Money And I Care Not Who Writes The Laws.” Mayer Amschel Rothschild, “If The American People Ever Allow Private Banks…