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Surveillance & Counter Surveillance

What You Can Learn From The Best Hackers And Spies (#GotBitcoin?)


When my nanny sends me a photo of my 18-month-old son busy at play, my immediate thought: He’s a genius. When a hacker sent me a photo of my son, after breaking into the baby monitor on my Wi-Fi network, my thought: I’m an idiot. To be fair, I gave…

Marie Van Brittan Brown: Home Security System Inventor (#GotBitcoin?)


Marie Van Brittan Brown and her husband, Albert, created an early closed-circuit television system to be used for home monitoring.  That security system was the forerunner of all advanced home security technology in use today. Marie Van Brittan Brown: Home Security System Inventor  How Marie Van Brittan Brown Became an…

How To Use Spy Cameras To Boost Business (#GotBitcoin?)


New technologies let store owners use spy or covert camera systems as business-boosting tools and also for sharpening their marketing efforts. How To Use Spy Cameras To Boost Business These newer cameras can track things like where customers linger in a shop and how the layout of the store blocks the flow…

Undercover Surveillance From A Party For The One-Percent Wall Street Secret Society! (#GotBitcoin?)


One-Percent Jokes And Plutocrats In Drag Recently, our nation’s financial chieftains have been feeling a little unloved. Venture capitalists are comparing the persecution of the rich to the plight of Jews at Kristallnacht, Wall Street titans are saying that they’re sick of being beaten up, and this week, a billionaire investor, Wilbur…

A Smart Border Wall VS Trump’s Third-Century “Dumb” Wall (#GotBitcoin?)


We have the technology to improve border security, and it would be much cheaper than a physical wall. Plus, it could be operational within a year. A Smart Border Wall VS Trump's Third-Century "Dumb" Wall We have driverless vehicles, we can use facial recognition software as payment for goods, and…

A New Kind of Lender Secretly Tracks Your Car To Make Sure You Pay Up (#GotBitcoin?)


China’s online peer-to-peer lending industry sprouts a business built around auto ownership. In China, a new type of internet loan comes with a catch: lenders can track your car’s whereabouts and can seize it if you fail to make payments. The country’s large online peer-to-peer lending industry, which matches investors…

To Fight This Generation of Hackers, Companies Take A Cue From Spies (#GotBitcoin?)


Threat-intelligence services give companies a clearer view of the dangers they’re facing. To Fight This Generation of Hackers, Companies Take A Cue From Spies After years of being caught flat-footed by hackers, companies are turning to cybersecurity defenses called threat intelligence to fend off a new generation of criminals and spies…

Here Comes ‘Smart Dust,’ The Tiny Computers That Pull Power From The Air (#GotBitcoin?)


The idea of a perpetual machine—one that, once set in motion, never stops—is preposterous. The energy it needs must come from somewhere. But a twist on the idea, where energy is sponged from the environment to power ultra-efficient devices, isn’t a fantasy. Some people even call it perpetual computing. Here Comes…

Spy Gadgets For Grow Facilities / Weed Dispensaries (#GotBitcoin?)


Now legal in several states, medical marijuana dispensaries represent a rapidly expanding industry. Spy Gadgets For Grow Facilities / Weed Dispensaries Depending on the location and size of the facility, some medical marijuana dispensaries include a small retail storefront whereas others are large in size and maintain cannabis growing operations. Medical…

Cameras For Cows (#GotBitcoin?)


Facial-recognition technology is helping farmers track cows on dairy farms—and give them insight into the animals’ behavior. Cameras For Cows The same software used to catch jaywalkers in China and verify travelers boarding airplanes can identify cows using their faces and the patterns of their hides. From there, it can monitor…



As home security becomes more prevalent, its use by home sellers to record touring buyers raises questions. HOME SELLERS NOW USE SPYCAMS TO GATHER INTEL ON PROSPECTIVE BUYERS Jill Comfort, a Phoenix-area Realtor, had a good feeling about the cream-colored stucco house she planned to show her client, a young man…

More Schools Are Buying ‘Active-Shooter’ Insurance Policies (#GotBitcoin?)


Districts are buying the coverage, also called “active-assailant” insurance, for legal costs and other expenses in the event of a shooting. More Schools Are Buying ‘Active-Shooter’ Insurance Policies School administrators consider the likelihood of a shooting real enough that some districts are buying active-shooter insurance. The coverage, also called “active-assailant” insurance,…