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Food Regulators To Share Oversight of Cell-Based Meat (#GotBitcoin)


Regulators’ decision raises prospects for cell meat coming to market. Two U.S. food regulators agreed to share oversight of meat grown from animal cells, moving the emerging technology closer to consumers’ dinner plates. The U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration will jointly oversee cell-culture meat technology,…

Trump, California Leaders Discussed Wildfire Prevention (#GotBitcoin)


President says forest management a top concern. President Trump arrived in California on Saturday to survey damage being caused by the deadliest and most destructive fires in the state’s history, with preventing future infernos set to be a focus of his meetings with state officials. “We talked about forest management,”…

Poll: Should Active Shooter Training Be Mandatory On or At:


Businesses, schools, synagogues, etc. are required to monitor social media to spot potential threats and must offer active-shooter awareness training to employees, management and staff in order to maintain active shooter insurance. Businesses and government depts. are buying coverage, also called “active-assailant” insurance, for legal costs and other expenses in…

Finra Arbitrators Let Thousands of Brokers Purge Infraction Records (#GotBitcoin?)


Brokers with scrubbed records are more likely to generate complaints, two academics found. Thousands of brokers have scrubbed their records clean of complaints by customers and employers, allowing them to hide information from potential investors, according to a new study. These brokers were more likely than other ones to receive…

Poll: The Cause of California’s Wildfires Is Mainly Due To:


A Californian start-up wants to save millions of acres of forest from fires by partnering with the US Forest Service and local businesses on an innovative social impact bond. Around 82 million acres of forest currently need restoration work, but the Forest Service only has enough funds to work on…

CIA Concludes Saudi Journalist Was Killed on Crown Prince’s Order (#GotBitcoin?)


U.S. assessment contradicts Saudi version of Khashoggi killing and may endanger President Trump’s efforts to protect ties with Prince Mohammed. The Central Intelligence Agency has concluded that the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was carried out under the orders of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, a close ally…

Facing Deadlier Fires, California Tries Something New: More Logging (#GotBitcoin?)


Environmentalists and the timber industry, after long butting heads, increasingly agree that cutting trees to thin forests is vital to reducing fire danger. Obscured amid the chaos of California’s latest wildfire outbreak is a striking sign of change that may help curtail future devastating infernos. After decades of butting heads,…

Fewer International Students Heading To The U.S. (#GotBitcoin?)


American colleges and universities face growing challenge amid rising competition from other countries, concerns about safety and immigration policies. U.S. enrollment of international students declined for the second year in a row, sending waves of unease across American colleges and universities, which see students from abroad as a buffer against…

‘I Was Hoping to Be Retired’: The Cost of Supporting Parents and Adult Children (#GotBitcoin?)


More Americans are being squeezed by the burden of caring for two generations—just when they thought they could kick back. ‘I Was Hoping to Be Retired’: The Cost of Supporting Parents and Adult Children When Barb Strickert married, she and her husband wrote down a one-year plan for their lives together.…

Criminal Charges For Trio In GoFundMe Scam For Homeless Man (#GotBitcoin?)


  Last year’s heartwarming story turns out to be a grift. The heartwarming story of a New Jersey couple whose GoFundMe campaign raised over $400,000 to lift a homeless veteran out of poverty was “completely made up … to make people feel bad,” prosecutors revealed Thursday, as all three were…

Anti-Semitic Incidents Fuel 17% Rise in Hate Crimes, FBI Says (#GotBitcoin?)


Crimes targeting Jews increased by 37% in 2017; anti-Muslim crimes fell by 11%. Hate crimes rose 17% in 2017, the FBI said Tuesday, a jump that was partly driven by a spike in anti-Semitic incidents. The number of hate-crime incidents targeting Jews increased 37%, to 938 in 2017. Anti-Muslim crimes…

After NRA Rebuke, Doctors Speak Louder On Gun Violence


Medical societies are calling for gun-control measures and other solutions to what they see as a public-health crisis. After NRA Rebuke, Doctors Speak Louder On Gun Violence U.S. doctors and medical societies are increasingly speaking out against firearm violence, calling for gun-control measures and other solutions to what they see…