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The New Retirement Plan: Save Almost Everything, Spend Virtually Nothing (#GotBitcoin?)


A group of younger workers, devotees of the FIRE movement, are seeking ways to duck mistakes made by prior generations. Sylvia Hall wants to retire at age 40. Her dream has a price: brown bananas. The 38-year-old Seattle lawyer is on a strict budget as she tries to hit her…

These Companies Are Succeeding Despite Amazon Or A Slowing Economy (#GotBitcoin?)


For starters, CEO Michelle Gass says she doesn’t think of the company as a department store.  These Companies Are Succeeding Despite Amazon Or A Slowing Economy How Kohl’s Is Succeeding Where Other Chains Haven’t Department stores, once the go-to destination for the shopping needs of the entire family, have been under…

Health Law (ACA) Faces Its Toughest Stress Test Yet (#GotBitcoin?)


Recent and pending GOP efforts to chip away at Affordable Care Act cause new uncertainty as open enrollment begins. The Affordable Care Act’s sixth open-enrollment season begins Thursday, marking a test of the health law’s stability following a series of Republican efforts to roll it back. The sign-up runs through…

NRA Loses Midterm Muscle After Cash Crunch From Big Bet On Trump (#GotBitcoin?)


 The National Rifle Association, facing a cash crunch after pouring money into Donald Trump’s presidential bid, cut spending for the midterm elections that threaten the Republican hold on Congress. NRA Loses Midterm Muscle After Cash Crunch From Big Bet On Trump. After devoting record sums to help elect President Trump…

The Man Who Bet It All On Bitcoin, And Still Believes (#GotBitcoin?)


Join us as we take a journey with a man who bet all he owned on a decentralized cryptocurrency future. The Man Who Bet It All On Bitcoin, And Still Believes In 2017, bitcoin seemed almost unstoppable as investors and consumers poured money into the cryptocurrency. For one Dutch businessman and…

DirectPath Rewards Patients For Finding A Cheaper Procedure (#GotBitcoin?)


When Kathy Stilp had her annual mammogram last year, she chose one of the lower-cost options in her area — and was cut an $80 check for her efforts. Stilp normally would have no incentive to do so. As screenings intended to help detect breast cancer, mammograms are preventative procedures,…

On Hold for 45 Minutes? It Might Be Your Secret Customer Score (#GotBitcoin?)


Retailers, wireless carriers and others crunch data to determine what shoppers are worth for the long term—and how well to treat them. Two people call customer service at the same time to complain about the same thing. One waits a few seconds before a representative gets on the line. The…

What Will Banks Do With Cash Freed Up by Rule Changes? No One Knows (#GotBitcoin?)


Fed proposal to ease short-term cash requirements for big banks heads into uncertain territory. Regulators plan to pare back requirements that banks keep billions of dollars of cash on hand to pay short-term bills. No one knows for sure what will happen next. The liquidity coverage ratio rule was invented…

China Supersizes Detention Camps In Xinjiang Despite International Criticism (#GotBitcoin?)


Satellite Imagery Shows Footprint Of 28 Internment Centers Has Increased Significantly Since 2016: Report. China Supersizes Detention Camps In Xinjiang Despite International Criticism  Chinese authorities aggressively expanded the scale of internment camps in Xinjiang this year, according to a new study, even as China’s program of mass detentions of Muslims in…

Americans Find Consequences Of Having Been Arrested (Charges Dropped or Not) Can Last a Lifetime (#GotBitcoin?)


America Has A Rap Sheet Even If Charges Were Dropped, A Lingering Arrest Record Can Ruin Chances of A Job Over the past 20 years, authorities have made more than a quarter of a billion arrests, the Federal Bureau of Investigation estimates. As a result, the FBI currently has 77.7…

U.S. Market-Manipulation Cases Reach Record (#GotBitcoin?)


CFTC and Justice Department target spoofing and other illegal tactics, helped by data-sharing deal with key exchange. U.S. Market-Manipulation Cases Reach Record (#GotBitcoin?) Federal regulators have ramped up their pursuit of traders who use a bluffing tactic known as spoofing to manipulate market prices, enforcement officials said, leading to a…

U.S. Charges Chinese Agents In Hacking Scheme, More Cases Expected (#GotBitcoin?)


Prosecutors targeting hacking group previously linked to Beijing. Federal prosecutors unsealed charges against 10 Chinese intelligence officers and other individuals Tuesday, accusing them of engaging in a persistent campaign to hack into U.S. aviation companies in Arizona, Massachusetts, Oregon and elsewhere.  U.S. Charges Chinese Agents In Hacking Scheme, More Cases Expected …