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With Migrants Stalled At U.S. Doorstep, Mexico Offers Fresh Start (#GotBitcoin?)


Alejandro Gurrola, Right, A Local Human-Resources Recruiter For The Company Sukaren, Speaks With Potential Employees At The Job Fair. The Mexican border city of Tijuana—an industrial hub with a tight labor market—has launched an effort to fill thousands of vacancies with Central American migrants and asylum seekers unable to enter…

Hemp And CBD Now Qualify For One Of The Most Lucrative — And Wasteful — Government Subsidies (#GotBitcoin?)


Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction. Who would have thought five or 10 years ago that the House and Senate agricultural committees would use a farm bill to amend the Controlled Substances Act and remove hemp — part of the cannabis family and a distant cousin to marijuana —…

U.S. Charges China Intelligence Officers Over Hacking (#GotBitcoin?)


CyberSecurity Newsflash!: (Youtube) U.S. officials also accused China of violating a 2015 pact under which both nations vowed to not engage in state-sponsored hacking for economic gain. U.S. Charges China Intelligence Officers Over Hacking The U.S. Justice Department unsealed criminal charges Thursday against two Chinese nationals allegedly tied to a…

Is It Really Five Stars? How To Spot Fake Amazon Reviews (#GotBitcoin?)

admin Amazon Has A Program Where Reviewers Get Free Products In Exchange For Legitimate Reviews. In Other Scenarios, Vendors Give Products Free To Buyers Who Rate Them Five Stars. Wsj's Joanna Stern Caught Up With A Professional Amazon Reviewer To Find Out How To Spot The Fakes. It’s on us…

Even A Booming Job Market Can’t Fill Retirement Shortfall For Older Workers (#GotBitcoin?)


Nearly eight million older Americans are out of work or stuck in low-quality jobs, denying them a crucial time to accumulate savings. Even A Booming Job Market Can’t Fill Retirement Shortfall For Older Workers For older Americans, the last few years of work can be a vital chance to patch…

Everyone Loathes Robocalls. Some People Try to Get Even (#GotBitcoin?)


James Haefele Uses An Air Horn Against Scam Callers. With phone spam on the rise, a plucky band is fighting back with practical jokes, air horns and inane conversations about spaghetti. Everyone Loathes Robocalls. Some People Try to Get Even When he gets a robocall, Robert B. Eckhardt doesn’t necessarily…

How LeBron James Became Stephen Curry (#GotBitcoin?)


Lebron James Is Taking Four Pull-Up Threes Per Game This Season And Making 40% Of Them. He’s shooting more 3-pointers, longer 3-pointers and trickier 3-pointers. The best player in the NBA has adapted to basketball’s evolution. How LeBron James Became Stephen Curry In the summer of 2015, not long after…

Consumer Slump Will Hit Online Retailers Too (#GotBitcoin?)


An unexpected profit warning in Europe suggests internet stores may be less resilient than expected in consumer downturns. Consumer Slump Will Hit Online Retailers Too Online retailers haven’t so far been properly tested by a consumer-spending downturn. Early signs from Europe suggest they won’t be as resilient as tech bulls…

Major Banks Suspected Of Collusion In Bond-Rigging Probe (#GotBitcoin?)


The Frankfurt Headquarters Of Deutsche Bank, Which Says It Doesn’t Expect A Fine From The European Commission. Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, Credit Suisse, Crédit Agricole and another global bank could face fines of up to 10% of their annual world-wide revenue if found guilty. Major Banks Suspected Of Collusion…

Ad Agency CEO Calls On Marketers To Take Collective Stand Against Facebook (#GotBitcoin?)


Facebook Has Faced Criticism Recently Over Issues Like Its Handling Of User Data And The Spread Of Misinformation On Its Platform. Mat Baxter, CEO of IPG media agency Initiative, said he would advise clients not to spend their ad dollars on Facebook. Ad Agency CEO Calls On Marketers To Take…

U.S. Cities Look To Shed Ratings While Taking On More Debt (#GotBitcoin?)


Hoboken, N.J., Turned To S&P Global To Rate $70 Million In Bonds For Road And Park Work This Year. Officials Decided To Use Just One Rating. U.S. cities and counties are using fewer ratings to assess the risks of the bonds they sell, providing investors with just one opinion on…

Mourinho Fired From Manchester United As Premier League Heavyweights Struggle (#GotBitcoin?)


In his two full seasons at the club, Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United finished sixth and then a distant second to Manchester City. Mourinho was appointed to restore United back to the top of the Premier League, but he leaves with his reputation tarnished. Mourinho Fired From Manchester United as Premier…