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Mitt Romney Blasts ‘Deep Descent’ of Trump Presidency (#GotBitcoin?)


In op-ed piece, incoming Utah senator and former 2012 presidential candidate says president ‘has not risen to the mantle of office’. Mitt Romney Blasts ‘Deep Descent’ of Trump Presidency President-Elect Trump And Mitt Romney Dining In New York In November 2016, When Mr. Trump And His Transition Team Were In…

Rewards Credit Cards Gained A Fanatic Following—Now Banks Are Pulling Back (#GotBitcoin?)


Major perks like airfare and cash back were meant to lead to higher returns. But consumers figured out how to game the system. Rewards Credit Cards Gained A Fanatic Following—Now Banks Are Pulling Back Blake DiCioccio and her husband, Jason, flew around the world in business class in 2017, from…

Tech That Will Change Your Life in 2019 (#GotBitcoin?)


From delivery wagons and foldable phones to privacy crackdowns and corporate health tracking, the coming year will make good on some of the tech industry’s biggest promises. Tech That Will Change Your Life in 2019 (#GotBitcoin?) There aren’t many ways 2018 could have gone worse for the tech industry. It…

The Annunaki (Ancient Aliens) And The Creation of The “Black Headed” People


Fallen Angels and Nephilim The Annunaki came to earth for gold from the planet Nibiru. The Annunaki workers were overburdened and wanted Enki, one of the leaders, to make a slave race to mine the gold for them. People have questions as to exactly who were the fallen angels and…

The Dogon: An Ancient Tribe With Other-Worldly Knowledge (#GotBitcoin?)


In Mali, West Africa, lives a tribe of people called the Dogon. The Dogon are believed to be of Egyptian decent and their astronomical lore goes back thousands of years to 3200 BC. According to their traditions, the star Sirius has a companion star which is invisible to the human…

Looking For An Alternative To College? U.S. Studies German Apprenticeships (#GotBitcoin?)


Randall Woodfin, Center, Mayor Of Birmingham, Ala., Visited Bremen, Germany, To Learn About The German Apprenticeship System. ‘Too many people are checked out of even looking for a job,’ Birmingham, Ala., mayor Randall Woodfin said. ‘The apprenticeship track gives people hope’.Looking for an Alternative to College? U.S. Studies German Apprenticeships…

Catholic Church Used Bankruptcy For Sexual-Assault Cases


Catholic Dioceses And Related Entities Have Paid Out Nearly $4 Billion In Costs Linked To About 19,000 Sexual-Abuse Allegations, Including Bankruptcy Settlements. USA Gymnastics, Boy Scouts of America explore chapter 11 to handle victims’ claims. The Archdiocese of Portland was the first to do it. Three months later the Roman…

Are Your Frequent-Flier Miles About To Lose Value? (#GotBitcoin?)


Savvy travelers fear the rise of basic-economy and premium-economy seats could cause rewards and upgrades to cost more points. Are Your Frequent-Flier Miles About To Lose Value? (#GotBitcoin?) Brace yourself for what may turn out to be the next big devaluations of your frequent-flier miles. Delta is testing basic-economy awards—letting frequent…

With Migrants Stalled At U.S. Doorstep, Mexico Offers Fresh Start (#GotBitcoin?)


Alejandro Gurrola, Right, A Local Human-Resources Recruiter For The Company Sukaren, Speaks With Potential Employees At The Job Fair. The Mexican border city of Tijuana—an industrial hub with a tight labor market—has launched an effort to fill thousands of vacancies with Central American migrants and asylum seekers unable to enter…

Hemp And CBD Now Qualify For One Of The Most Lucrative — And Wasteful — Government Subsidies (#GotBitcoin?)


Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction. Who would have thought five or 10 years ago that the House and Senate agricultural committees would use a farm bill to amend the Controlled Substances Act and remove hemp — part of the cannabis family and a distant cousin to marijuana —…

Is It Really Five Stars? How To Spot Fake Amazon Reviews (#GotBitcoin?)

admin Amazon Has A Program Where Reviewers Get Free Products In Exchange For Legitimate Reviews. In Other Scenarios, Vendors Give Products Free To Buyers Who Rate Them Five Stars. Wsj's Joanna Stern Caught Up With A Professional Amazon Reviewer To Find Out How To Spot The Fakes. It’s on us…

Even A Booming Job Market Can’t Fill Retirement Shortfall For Older Workers (#GotBitcoin?)


Nearly eight million older Americans are out of work or stuck in low-quality jobs, denying them a crucial time to accumulate savings. Even A Booming Job Market Can’t Fill Retirement Shortfall For Older Workers For older Americans, the last few years of work can be a vital chance to patch…