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California Firefighter Advocate Hits Back At Trump’s Threat To Withhold Funding Amid Devastating Fires (#GotBitcoin?)


Trump says "billions of dollars are given each year, with so many lives lost, all because of gross mismanagement of the forests. Remedy now, or no more Fed payments!"  California Firefighter Advocate Hits Back At Trump's Threat To Withhold Funding Amid Devastating Fires President Donald Trump threatened Saturday to withhold federal…

Cybersecurity Firm Ranks Safety of Top Crypto Exchanges (#GotBitcoin?)


Prominent cybersecurity firm Group-IB has graded the security of top crypto exchanges.  Cybersecurity Firm Ranks Safety of Top Crypto Exchanges According to research conducted by the Moscow-based firm in partnership with crypto asset insurance platform CryptoIns, the Kraken platform is the safest crypto exchange. In contrast, OKEx — the now-second crypto…

Could Organic Pesticides Be The Next Gold-Rush For Entrepreneurs? (#GotBitcoin?)


Hunt for Beneficial Microbes Comes Amid Regulatory Scrutiny of Man-Made Chemical Insecticides On his way to a conference in Orlando, Fla., Brian Vande Berg pulled his rental sedan over every 10 minutes to hike along beaches and marshes and occasionally stoop down to pack dirt into small, plastic vials. His…

Wall Street Fines Rose in 2018, Boosted By Foreign Bribery Cases (#GotBitcoin?)


The Securities and Exchange Commission levied nearly $4 billion in fines related to almost 500 enforcement actions. Wall Street Fines Rose in 2018, Boosted By Foreign Bribery Cases Wall Street’s main regulator levied nearly $4 billion in fines related to almost 500 enforcement actions, rebounding from a year earlier when its…

Consumer’s Appetite For Organic, Antibiotic / Hormone-Free Food Outstrips Supply (#GotBitcoin?)


Nature’s Path buys cropland, while Chipotle provides financing for farmers Last year, executives at organic cereal maker Nature’s Path Foods Inc. grew so frustrated with organic-grain shortfalls that they took a radical step: They bought a farm. U.S. retail sales of organic food more than tripled to $32.3 billion over…

Scientists Say Mysterious ‘Oumuamua’ Object Could Be An Alien Spacecraft (#GotBitcoin?)


Harvard researchers raise the possibility that it's a probe sent by extraterrestrials.  Scientists Say Mysterious 'Oumuamua' Object Could Be An Alien Spacecraft Maybe it's an alien spacecraft. Scientists have been puzzling over Oumuamua ever since the mysterious space object was observed tumbling past the sun in late 2017. Given its…

Three Steps To Take If You’re Behind In Retirement Savings (#GotBitcoin?)


Too many savers are “chasing” their retirement dreams in the wrong way. A recent Allianz Life study found that nearly half of individuals between the ages of 45 and 65 surveyed consider themselves to be retirement chasers. These are defined as people who are saving for retirement--but have either fallen…

US. Can Learn From China’s Spot-The-Spy Program (GotBitcoin?)


BEIJING—In Xi Jinping’s campaign to galvanize China around threats to national security, the latest focus has turned to spies. In recent weeks, the country has dramatically amped up a call for vigilance even from its youngest citizens, with games such as “Spot the Spy” being played in schools. Around the…

Would Someone Please Buy US Treasury Bonds? (#GotBitcoin?)


The erosion of demand in emerging Asian markets reflects their maturation into more stable economies. Asian investors are proving less and less eager to buy U.S. government bonds, even as the Treasury Department prepares to sell $1.3 trillion of new debt in the new fiscal year. Foreigners increased their holdings…

Definite Signs of An Imminent Recession (#GotBitcoin?)


Facing iPhone Troubles, Apple Tries to Change the Story The company plans to stop reporting unit sales as it pushes its services business. When Steve Jobs took a swipe at Inc.’s Kindle in 2009, he pointed to the online retailer’s decision not to report unit sales of its reading…

China Outspends US When It Comes To Building The World’s Infrastructure (#GotBitcoin?)


Beijing is constructing parallel financial and commercial networks across Central and Eastern Europe to challenge the global order. Europe is distracted by internal discord over immigration and its tense relationship with Russia and the U.S. Seeking to fill the void, China is taking advantage of a historic opportunity to wedge…

The New Retirement Plan: Save Almost Everything, Spend Virtually Nothing (#GotBitcoin?)


A group of younger workers, devotees of the FIRE movement, are seeking ways to duck mistakes made by prior generations. Sylvia Hall wants to retire at age 40. Her dream has a price: brown bananas. The 38-year-old Seattle lawyer is on a strict budget as she tries to hit her…