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VPN Tier List 2020 (Comparison Table)

Welcome to Our VPN Tier list website. This website will help you improve your online privacy, security, and anonymity. VPN Tier List 2020 (Comparison Table)

VPN Tier List 2020 (Comparison Table)


The IKEv2 VPN Protocol Compared To IKEv1, IPSec, OpenVPN, PPTP And Others

Decentralized VPN Gaining Steam At 100,000 Users Worldwide (#GotBitcoin?)


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TIER 1 (God Tier): TorGuard VPN (4.91), AirVPN (4.0)

TIER 2 (Strong Tier): ExpressVPN (3.83), Windscribe (3.75), VyprVPN (3.70),  iBVPN (3.62), VPNArea (3.62), PureVPN (3.58), CactusVPN (3.58), VPN.AC(3.54), VPN Unlimited (3.50), FrootVPN (3.50),  iVPN (3.50), MullvadVPN (3.33), VPNCity (3.29), IPVanish (3.25), ZoogVPN (3.20), PrivateVPN (3.16), HotSpot Shield VPN (3.16), Perfect Privacy VPN(3.12), UltraVPN (3.12), FastestVPN (3.08), VeePN (3.0), Ivacy VPN (3.0)

TIER 3 (Below Average Tier): Avast SecureLine VPN (2.91), SaferVPN(2.91), Private Internet Access (2.91), F-Secure FreedomVPN (2.83), Astrill VPN (2.79), TunnelBear VPN (2.75), oVPN (2.75), NordVPN (2.75), SlickVPN (2.66), Norton Secure VPN (2.58), Unlocator VPN (2.33), Zenmate VPN (2.29), VPNGate (2.29), HideMyAss VPN (2.29), Cyberghost (2.16), Surfshark VPN (2.08), TurboVPN (2.00)

TIER 4 (Weak Tier): Freedom IP VPN (1.87), Ghostery Midnight VPN (1.83), ProtonVPN (1.37), X-VPN (.85)

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