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You Can Now Receive Instant Notifications Whenever We Publish Or Update A Poll, Article, Video, Podcast Or Blog

By subscribing, you’ll instantly receive notifications whenever we publish or update a poll, article, video, podcast or blog.

In addition to the email notifications, we also utilize desktop web notifications to notify our users of polls, articles, videos, podcasts or blogs they may be interested in. When our media consumers comes to an article from these browser notifications they spend 10% more time engaging with the content than users who come from other sources.

“We’ve had a great experience working with They are very responsive to our needs as a company and they helped us out tremendously anytime we had technical issues or questions”.
Product Engineer

Since Google no longer allows websites to show popups, websites like ours have had a harder time building a list of email subscribers. Push notifications have become a perfect alternative.

Besides our newsletter subscribers, we wanted to have another source of ‘instant readers’ we could reach right after we published our latest content. We were also looking for additional ways to increase our overall website traffic while quickly informing our customers of any new information.

Just look for the “Red Bell” icon in the lower left-hand or right-hand corner of our website ( (sometimes we change things up a little) of either Safari, Firefox or Chrome Browser.

Just click on the “Bell” icon and subscribe. That’s it!

You’ll be the first to see our latest content or products. Instant notifications just like Facebook or Youtube.

The major difference being.. we don’t sell or market our customer’s information!

Some Of The Content We Publish Includes:

(1). Anti-Terrorists Technology
(2). Audio Podcast (Variety)
(3). Bitcoin And Crypto-Currency
(4). Cyber-Security
(5). Economics And Finance
(6). Health And Fitness
(7). Prevention and Detection of Electronic Harassment
(8). Surveillance & Counter Surveillance
(9). Polls (Variety)
(10). Miscellaneous Articles

In addition to all of that! We also regularly publish updates about our product lines as well.

As usual, we look forward to receiving your comments and feedback.

Monty & Carolyn, Owners LLC

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