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How To Use Spy Cameras To Boost Business (#GotBitcoin?)

New technologies let store owners use spy or covert camera systems as business-boosting tools and also for sharpening their marketing efforts. How To Use Spy Cameras To Boost Business

These newer cameras can track things like where customers linger in a shop and how the layout of the store blocks the flow of traffic, as well as the demographics of visitors. Owners can then review the video footage or pictures to figure out if the store needs to be reorganized or workers hours need to be moved around. They can also use the systems to tap into cameras remotely and keep an eye on their businesses or homes-based operations while they’re away.

Spy-camera footage can be analyzed to show things like customer traffic or how people navigate your store.

Using What’s There

The idea behind these systems isn’t new. But the choices offered now—such as our Cloud-Based Hidden Cameras are far more affordable for small businesses with the option to buy, rent or even layaway. The big savings: Instead of using specialized monitoring equipment with monthly payments going to a third-party monitoring company, these new offerings are cloud-based and work with your existing broadband Internet and computer(s).

“I had about 15 cameras installed, and a DVR, but I never really used them,” says Ivor Braddock, owner of a coffee shop and restaurant in San Francisco. “They were just there really for insurance purposes in case something were to happen.”

Today, Mr. Braddock uses our covert solutions to monitor his businesses remotely with his smart phone, laptop or iPad. He watches where customers are going and what they’re buying to get a sense of purchase patterns, and he checks on how many customers he has at various points in the day to see if he needs to rearrange workers hours.

He also used our spy cameras to cut his customers average wait time in half. “We have a line for about three hours each day at lunchtime,” Mr. Braddock says. “So, we looked at how fast the line was moving and if there was a good flow to it.”

Scrutinizing the video showed him he should move some tables and chairs out of the way, as well as shift a case of grab-and-go items to a more convenient spot. It also made him realize he should switch items around based on the time of day—featuring orange juice more prominently in the morning and Diet Coke in the afternoon.

Mr. Braddock adds that he now has one day off a week, a luxury he’s never allowed himself, because he can keep an eye on things from afar.

You may ask, how else can I use this new technology? Our spy cameras can also collect identity-specific data, such as approx. height, weight, etc. just in case a crime is committed in the course of normal business operations or after-hours. Our law enforcement customers also have the option to add audio to their remote-monitoring (spy) video camera solutions.

A bar might need to prove or disprove that a drunken customer had to be expelled from the premises for acting unruly. Or an owner might need to provide that a female or male worker was making a sexually-oriented gestures or remarks while on company time.

These products seem to lend themselves to a whole host of possibilities as our customers are telling us each and everyday!

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