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We Have A Life-Time Warranty /
Guarantee On All Products. (Includes Parts And Labor)

Equipment Rental Program

We now offer the same hi-quality, professional grade equipment that we sell on an approved rental basis. (This is unheard of in our business!)

We rent top of the line video surveillance equipment to parents, guardians and employers wishing to monitor the interaction between their caregivers, children and employees. We use absolutely undetectable cameras and recorders as seen through out our website. After the rental you keep any recorded video or audio tapes which can be played on your own VCR or recorder. As we will not be held responsible for inferior (or lack of) recordings (audio or video) customers are advised to test the recording capability and functionality of all rental equipment prior to “live” set-up. Customer relieves DPL-Surveillance-Equipment of all claims as a result of purchasing our products and using our services.

We have a life-time warranty / guarantee on all products. (Includes parts and labor).

Styles, Description and Specs. Subject to Change Without Notice.

For Nationwide customers we ship you all the equipment, detailed instructions and provide you with a toll free 24 hour tech support line. All our systems are plug and play.

* The rental period is priced for a (7) day period. This is the minimum period available.

* The first rental day begins on the date the product is received by the purchaser. (Verifiable thru the shipping company signature confirmation)

* The rental period ends on the date the purchaser begins shipment of the product back to us. (Verifiable thru the tracking number)

Delivery Exceptions: Customers will be allowed only (2) delivery exceptions or attempts before we will start the rental period.

Shipping Quotations: All Shipping Charges Are Estimates (examples include charges provided during chat sessions, telephone conversations, etc.) Only Unless The Order Is Processed Via Our Shopping Cart.

Products ordered on a Friday scheduled for “Overnight or Next Day” will be delivered the following Monday Unless Saturday delivery is specifically requested.
Saturday Delivery Premium of Up-To $25 Will Apply. 

Although We May Include Batteries For Rental Products We Are Not Responsible For The Performance Of Included Batteries As they May or May Not Be Fresh As of The Time A Customer Recieved The Product. Customer Are Encouraged To Provide Their Own Batteries.

Customers are responsible for all missing items. Parts not returned will be billed accordingly. 

We reserve the right to continue charging a rental fee until ALL parts and accessories are returned with each rental product.

Note: Opened Software (CD’s Included) Can Not Be Returned.

* A 25% rental fee will be charged (based on the retail value of the equipment) for each additional day product is held beyond initial rental period. (Please call us within 24 hours if an extension is required)

* Order cancellations are subject to a 25% cancellation fee.

* We do not make adjustments for early returns. If you order rental products for mutiple weeks you will be charged for mutiple weeks. No exceptions granted!.

* Violation of any of the stated terms and conditions will result in a charge for the full retail price of the equipment plus the rental fee.

* Alternate Rental Periods are available at terms and prices agreed to by us. Early rental returns will be treated as if the equipment were held for the entire rental period originally requested.

In the case of daily rentals: Such minimum terms and conditions will apply: All commitments given to DPL-Surveillance-Equipment.Com (verbal or written) to set aside such rentals will cause the customer to pay for the same regardless if the equipment is used or not. No exceptions granted!

Any product disassembled, modified or changed in any way voids our warranty and thus violates our return policy.

A security deposit is required which covers the full price of the equipment. This is adjusted after the equipment is returned. Rental fees will be deducted from this deposit and the balance refunded within approx. 7-10 business days when equipment is returned in good working (minus the costs associated with repairing any damages) order.

We reserve the right to recharge the customer’s credit card in the event that a customer initiates a chargeback while our refund of the collateral
is working it’s way through to the customer’s bank. We recommend that all customers waiting for collateral reimbursement contact us prior to initiating a chargeback or copy request. Once we process the refund of the deposit it is up to the bank to actually place the funds back into the accounts of the customers within a timely manner (approx. 7-10 business days).

No Refunds Are Offered On Rentals 

We repair or replace defective equipment at our cost and we’ll send the new or repaired unit out to the customer asap or we’ll provide a free week of rental to the customer in the future (subject to availability). Loaners are provided subject to availability. Simply stating that “It doesn’t work for me” is not a valid reason for returning our products. 

The Client pays for shipping both ways, but the shipping time is not included when calculating the rental period. We require return shipping to be via UPS or Fed. Ex. Ground inside the US or UPS AIR (or equivalent) outside the US . We also recommend that the customer email a tracking# to verify reciept of the shipment.

Multiple Item Orders: The shipping cost for multiple items ordered will be based on the actual cost of shipping as determined by the shipping company: Fed. Ex., UPS or U.S.P.S.

This cost will be added to the rental charges when the product is returned after the rental period.

When Returning Rentals:

Please send the product and accessories to: LLC
Attn: Monty Henry
530 Calle La Roda Unit# 210
Camarillo, California 93010-2758 USA

Also, when you send the unit back put “No Signature Required” on the shipping label.

Please email the tracking# when done.

*** All rentals must be returned with the printed parts lists and all items as mentioned on the parts lists.

We reserve the right to discard and/or destroy unauthorized items (returns) received at any unauthorized address.

Under No Circumstances Does DPL Surveillance Equipment© Allow Customers To Charge Shipping or Packaging Costs To Our Account (Fed. Ex., UPS, USPS and/or DHL). Unauthorized Charges Will Be Disputed and Reversed. Criminal Charges Will Be Pursued If Necessary. 

Most orders received before 2pm EST will be shipped the same day. Orders received after 2pm will be shipped the following business day. If you require an exception to this policy please contact us first and we’ll determine whether or not we can accommodate your request.

Once a Client has rented a system, 50% of the rental fee may be applied towards purchase of a new system. Once rentals are returned they can not be converted back into a purchase.

When rental fees exceed the retail price of the item:

(1) You may either purchase the item and pay the amount in excess of the retail price


(2) Simply pay the rental fees if you do not want to purchase the item.

However, under no circumstances will customers simply accumulate rental fees that exceed the retail price of the item while still retaining the option to purchase the item with the intention of avoiding the rental fees over and above the retail price of the item. We retain the right to charge said customer’s credit card for the amount necessary to recover all rental fees at any time after which the rental fees exceed the retail price of the item. Notice may or may not be given prior to fee recovery.

Clients must contact us within 24 hrs. of receiving equipment if assistance is needed to set-up or operate equipment. Failure to do so will result in our inability to issue a credit or refund. We reserve the right to repair or replace any rental item prior to issuing a credit or refund.

Under no circumstances will a purchase be converted into a rental.

Cancellations: Once Products Are Shipped We Can Not Cancel The Order(s).

Backorders: All backorders will be shipped regular ground unless the customer prepays in advance.

Where the information in the videos (including images) and information on the website conflict the website (including but not limited to specs., descriptions,etc.) takes precedence.

Reservations: Customers may reserve a rental for up to ten (10) days by either calling us (818) 344-3742 or using the website and specifying the same by making a note in the “special instructions/comments” section. We’ll acknowledge the reservation by confirmation email or phone call.

In regards to Walk-Through Metal Detectors: 

During the rental period client assumes complete responsibility for the equipment in case of fire, theft, damage, etc and Will Be Charged the Full Cost of Repairs or Replacement.

If client cancels this agreement within 72 hours of commencement of rental period then we shall be entitled to a cancellation fee equal to 100% of the rental amount. (End of Walk-Through Metal Detectors agreement).

Upon our approval and your own needs we can even have the equipment in your hands in 24 to 48 hours!

Restricted and Title III equipment requires a formal request from the Chief of Police on department letterhead. We reserve the right to decide who is, and is not, approved for rental privileges.

Call us (or email us at at
(818) 344-3742 or fax us at (775) 249-9320 if you have any questions.

Hold Harmless Clause:

DPL-Surveillance-Equipment is not responsible for personal or professional injury or damages resulting from the use of our equipment.

By Patronizing Our Website, Calling Over the Telephone, Emailing, Faxing ,Instant Messaging (or Any Other Means of Communication) Your Order You Are Agreeing to Be Bound By Our (Above-Mentioned) Terms and Conditions.

We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service To Anyone.