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Wells Fargo, A Legal, Government-sanctioned Criminal Enterprise (#GotBitcoin?)

This Is Censorship By Wells Fargo. Obviously, they Didn’t Like It When I Posted Information About How Crooked They Are. Like The 17Billion Dollars In Fines And Penalties They Paid Out.

This is a personal accounting of what’s happening with me at Wells Fargo Criminal Enterprise And Banking… Wells Fargo, A Legal, Government-sanctioned Criminal Enterprise (#GotBitcoin?)

Executive Office: 866 218-1927

Case# 507-3741

Case Manager: Berto, Ramon, Kelly, Garret, Carlos, Ana, (Opened: 3-16-2019)

Personal Line of Credit: Opened 3-15-2019

It was supposed to have the ability to be used like an account that would allow automatic debiting (using and routing and account number), just like a checking or savings account.

However, after signing-up and going to my local branch to sign the paperwork, I was told that this product could not be used in the manner that I required.

Even though I spent an hour and 9 minutes (3-15-2019) on the phone with the rep. detailing and reviewing my requirements.

I was still told over the phone that it would indeed meet my requirements.

Now I’m finding out (3-28-2019) that no one at Wells Fargo Criminal Enterprise And Banking including Berto (Case Manager), Ramon, Kelly, Garret, Carlos and Ana, is able to address and/or resolve the

I have been persuaded to sign-up for something like the millions of people that we read about in the media including all of the other cases (up-selling of products, over-sold products such as car insurance, etc.) that have had accounts opened in their names without permission.

No one at Wells Fargo Criminal Enterprise And Banking (Berto, Ramon, Kelly, Garret, Carlos, Ana) or anyone else is taking responsibility or being held accountable for addressing this issue.

My call logs into Wells Fargo Criminal Enterprise And Banking with (Berto, Ramon, Kelly, Garret, Carlos, Ana) are both lengthy and detailed and there is absolutely no reason why the CFPB, the SEC. FINRA or any State regulators should not have ample reason to shut this sham and Ponzi-scheme down yesterday!!

This @WellsFargo fraudulent account scam destroyed my life and they got away with it.— Wells Fargo Fraud (@WFB_Fraud) June 19, 2017

Updated 4-6-2019

Subject: Re: Fee or service charge questions (KMM71910599V3148L0KM)From:Customer Service04/05/2019 06:19 AMContact UsDear Monty Henry:

Thank you for contacting Wells Fargo. My name is Aruna, and it’s my 
pleasure to assist you today. I am an Email Care Specialist and your 
concerns have been escalated to me for review. 

I received your email about case number 235229593. 

I forwarded this information to our Executive Office.

We’ll continue to work diligently to resolve this issue quickly.

Thank you for your business. We’re happy to have you as our customer.

Aruna S.
Wells Fargo


I was sold the wrong product and I just cancelled it. Also, the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau is looking into this. Please waive this 04/01/19 ANNUAL FEE FOR 04/19 THROUGH 03/20 $25.00

Monty b57d2217-5413-420e-b08f-3364c6852e86  

Updated 3-29-2019

Subject: Re: Account questions or requests (KMM71775871V66169L0KM) From: Customer Service 03/29/2019 09:55 AM Contact Us

Dear Monty Henry:

Thank you for contacting Wells Fargo. My name is Caroline, and it’s my 
pleasure to assist you today.

I received your email about your Personal Line of Credit account.

I appreciate the time you’ve taken to email us and bring this matter to 
our attention.

Because of the nature of the situation and the feedback you provided, 
I’ve forwarded your concerns to our Executive Office. Your case 
reference number is 235229593.

A representative from our Executive Office will contact you within two 
business days at phone number 818-298-3292.

If you’d prefer to speak with our Executive Office immediately, or if at
any time you’d like information regarding your case, you can call us at 
1-877-224-5356. We’re available Monday through Friday from 6:00 am to 
6:00 pm, Pacific Time.

Please provide the case number above when you call.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Thank you for your business. We’re happy to have you as our customer.

Caroline N.
Wells Fargo

More To follow.

Wells Fargo, A Legal, Government-sanctioned Criminal Enterprise (#GotBitcoin?)

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau:

Your complaint has been sent to the company.
We’ve sent your complaint to the company for a response.

We will let you know when the company responds. The response should include the steps they took, or will take, in response to your complaint.

You should receive a status update within the next 15 days.

Payday loan, title loan, or personal loan
ISSUE: Line of credit

The CFPB is an independent federal agency built to protect consumers. We write and enforce rules that keep banks and other financial companies operating fairly. We also educate and empower consumers, helping them make more informed choices to achieve their financial goals.

Updated 4-15-2019

To The CFPB:

I appreciate the monetary compensation ($525.00).

However, it would be nice if they also apologized and admitted that they led me to believe that the product met my requirements.

How many customers have actually accepted this type of treatment by the banks without going through what I went through (taking their case to the CFPB)?

Their transcript should clearly indicate how our 1hr. and 9 minute conversation should have been crystal as to what I expected vs what I finally received.

These banks typically are never actually held accountable for admitting exactly what they are doing and apologizing for deceiving customers.

Monty, Owner

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Monty H. & Carolyn A.

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