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Limiting Or Avoiding Exposure To Dirty Electricity (Protect Yourself And Your Family)

Buy or Rent One Of Our Meters And Filter Out Electromagnetic Pollution As Necessary With One Of Our Filters. Limiting Or Avoiding Exposure To Dirty Electricity (Protect Yourself And Your Family)

Do you suffer from symptoms of electrical sensitivity such as headaches, tiredness, poor short term memory, fatigue, depression, nausea, rashes, irritability, or even chronic fatigue syndrome? High-frequency EMF pollution that is carried in wiring has been shown to be the source of electrical sensitivity symptoms for some people. This high-frequency EMF pollution is produced by common household items such as electric motors (found in hair-dryers, blenders, can openers, etc), loose wires, fluorescent lights, transformers, and especially dimmer switches.

Limiting Or Avoiding Exposure To Dirty Electricity (Protect Yourself And Your Family)

Our “Dirty Electricity Filters” consists of 1-20 EMF high frequency suppressors which are simply plugged into ordinary electric outlets, distributed throughout the home or office. These suppressors will measurably reduce the high frequency EMF pollution in your environment. A number of people have reported immediate relief from electrical sensitivity symptoms with the use of these filters.

Limiting Or Avoiding Exposure To Dirty Electricity (Protect Yourself And Your Family)

Dirty Electricity Filters

The suppressors do not use electricity (but they could reduce your utility bill), nor will they interfere with any computers, TV’s or other appliances. Installation is simple and enables you to avoid expensive electrician service calls. These filters are portable, so you can move them from one site to another. This is NOT a bio-energetic device. Our special electronic circuitry simply drains the high-frequency pollution out of the wiring system.

Electricity has been a lifesaver for modern civilization and we would be lost without it; but, research has brought to light the existence of different kinds of electricity, namely clean and dirty. Clean electricity is safe electricity. Clean electricity has a smooth sine wave that goes up and down 60 times a second.

Dirty electricity is electromagnetic pollution called transients and harmonics – operating in the 4 to 100 kilohertz frequency range – which contaminate the electrical supply.

This source of contamination can be brought into your home through ground and plumbing currents.

Two experts in this field of study, Dr. Magda Havas, an associate professor and researcher at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario and Dr. Samuel Milham, MD, MPH, researcher, author of Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization, and recipient of the Ramazzini prize, are big proponents of the existence of dirty electricity.

Limiting Or Avoiding Exposure To Dirty Electricity (Protect Yourself And Your Family)

Researchers And Their Findings:

Dr. Magda Havas Has Studied Dirty Electricity Since 2003.

Some Of Her Findings When Dirty Electricity Is Removed:

• Improvement In The Symptoms Associated With MS

• Diabetic’s Blood Sugars Stabilized

• Decreased Breast Cancer Risk

• Body’s Efficient Use Of Calcium Restored

• Appropriate Melatonin Distribution Returned, Improving Sleep Patterns

Dr. Milham’s findings led him to contact higher-ups in the military and the government, with no response. This prompted him to author his book.

Dr. Milham’s work found correlations between communities using little or no electricity and those using dirty electricity. The communities exposed to dirty electricity had a much higher incidence of many chronic diseases and other health afflictions.

How Does This Happen?

The body is an electrical being. Every cell, tissue, and organ transmits information through tiny electrical currents which are disturbed by these high frequency fields, setting the body up for disease.

When Suffering From Exposure To Dirty Electricity The Symptoms Are Wide Ranging And Diverse. These Symptoms May Manifest Through:

• The Skin

• Sleep Disturbances

• Muscle And Joint Pain

• Physical And Mental Exhaustion

• Migraines

• Light Headedness

• Nausea

• Loss Of Cognitive Function

• Irritability

• Anxiety

• Muscle Spasms

• Numbness And Tingling

• Pain In The Lower Extremities

• High Temperature

The Creation of Dirty Electricity

An example of how dirty electricity is created stems from how cell phone towers utilize energy. The towers operate on direct current. However, the electrical current supplied to the tower is in the form of an alternating current; therefore, the supply needs to be changed or converted. This is accomplished using an inverter. Inverters interrupt the alternating current and are a source of dirty electricity. This dirty electricity is put back into the power supply lines, which in turn, can enter a building through their electrical wiring.

Dirty Electricity Also Affects Electronic Equipment.

Exposure In The Average Home Comes From:

• Cell Phone Chargers

• Computers

• Office Equipment

• Television Sets

• Dimmer Switches

• Wireless Technologies

• Energy Saving Devices

• Electrical Wiring In Walls

• Candescent Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Avoiding Exposure:

• Change All CFLs To Candescent Or Led Bulbs

• Keep A Good Distance Away From Wiring And Other Sources Of Dirty Electricity

• Limit The Use Of “Dirty Electricity Appliances”

• Replace Unsafe Electrical Devices With Safer Alternatives

• Buy or Rent One Of Our Meters And, Filter Out Electromagnetic Pollution As Necessary With One Of Our Filters.

Dirty electricity is everywhere. Undiagnosable illness can be a result of exposure to this source of electromagnetic pollution. Implementing these changes may eliminate symptoms, thus eliminating illness. Limiting or avoiding exposure to dirty electricity is beneficial for everyone, avoiding sickness in the first place.

A very interesting finding or discovery is that EMF risk from cell towers is not only from the radiation (RF) being emitted (i.e. the microwave radiation), but from the dirty electricity the operation of the tower puts onto the electrical system in the neighborhood, suggesting anyone who lives near a tower might be well advised to check the level of Dirty Electricity with one of our meters.

The recent proliferation of radio frequency radiation from cell phones and towers, terrestrial antennas, Wi-Fi and Wi-max systems, broadband internet over power lines, and personal electronic equipment and warns of the epidemic of disease and mortality that we may soon face because of these technologies. These technologies are creating the 2nd wave of illnesses from electromagnetic fields, the first being from electrification beginning in the early part of the 20th century.

Dirty Electricity And Electrical Pollution

“Dirty Electricity” and other electrical pollutants come from a number of sources. Harmful high frequency energy can be picked up and carried along into a home or building as it makes its way to you from the utility. It can come from your neighbors, whose polluted electrical current may find its way into your home’s electrical system through a shared transformer, or through your water pipes (plumbing current) caused by grounding and wiring problems, or through ground current as the electricity makes it’s way back to the substation via the ground.

Most of the dirty electricity is created by electrical devices in our own homes. Computers, TVs, florescent tube, CFL and low-voltage halogen lighting and virtually all of today’s energy-efficient electronic devices induce high levels of high frequency harmonics and electrical “noise” back onto circuits and then into a building’s electrical system creating an invisible, powerful, high frequency EMF called “dirty Electricity”. This happens when transformers and power supplies convert our AC current to the low voltage power used to run all of our electronics. In the process of saving energy these energy-efficient devices chop up the conventional AC 60Hz sine wave and create what are known as electrical “transients”.

Transients are pulses of high frequency electromagnetic energy that are much more dangerous then your home wiring’s extremely low 60Hz frequency. This dirty electricity actually radiates out from the wires in the form of a dangerous radio wave. High frequency transients can extend into radio frequencies above several megahertz and often in the microwave range of the electromagnetic spectrum.

These transients are micro-surges of powerful electromagnetic RF energy that can contain up to 2,500 times the energy of a conventional 60 Hz electrical system. This energy is then coupled to our bodies by the capacitance between our bodies and electrical devices and the electrical wires within the walls of our homes. This dirty electromagnetic energy is capable of penetrating the human body at a frequency of 1.7 Kilohertz — causing us a great deal of harm.

Ground Currents And Plumbing Current

Every time an electron leaves a power plant to create electricity for our homes, schools and offices it must return to create more electricity – fundamental law of physics. Today, the earth’s surface has a higher conductivity then the utility’s overburdened neutral return wire, so now it’s estimated that as much as 70 to 80% of returning current travels back along the earth’s surface in what’s known as the “skin-effect.”

Many homes today are now affected by plumbing current . The happens when some of the current that would normally return through the electrical service line is instead channeled into the grounding system, where it returns to the transformer by way of alternate paths, including water pipes, the public water main and neighboring residences.

Two laws of physics support the fact that returning electrical ground current takes the path of least resistance and will take any and all paths – including into your home. This EMF energy can be conducted into a home’s electrical system through water and gas pipes, phones lines, and other conductive objects instead of back to the substation through the neutral return wire as originally designed.

This contaminated electricity can then intermingle with a building’s 60 Hertz (Hz) electricity, polluting it it with undesirable high frequencies and in some cases higher voltages. We are capacitively coupled to this run-away electric energy by simply being in a building with contaminated electricity or in contact with common household fixtures like sinks, bathtubs and other conductive objects.

“Electromagnetic (EMF) pollution may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced in this century, all the more dangerous because it is invisible and insensible.” Limiting Or Avoiding Exposure,Limiting Or Avoiding Exposure,Limiting Or Avoiding Exposure,Limiting Or Avoiding Exposure

Andrew Weil, M.D.,


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