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Even The State Franchise Tax Board Is Trying To Scam Me

Another reason to get the rid of the IRS and other tax agencies and replace them with the blockchain. Even The State Franchise Tax Board Is Trying To Scam Me (#GotBlockchain)
They sent me a letter indicating that I owed them money even though as indicated on their own website that I don’t. The letter uses some very intimidating language stipulating what will happen if I didn’t pay.
Every year I pay them $800.00 and every year I get letters indicating that there’s some sort of problem and every year I refer to their own website which is where I go to make my LLC payments and then they also log as “Processed” my returns.
Even The State Franchise Tax Board Is Trying To Scam Me (#GotBlockchain)Even The State Franchise Tax Board Is Trying To Scam Me (#GotBlockchain) Even The State Franchise Tax Board Is Trying To Scam Me (#GotBlockchain)
However, whoever is sending out these threatening letters (see the toll free number (888) 634-0494) isn’t actually able to see your history of payments or “returns” that were processed by the FTB. They are only there to scare you into paying (twice, three times, etc.)
I actually terminated my relationship with them (FTB) for being incompetent and incapable of offering anything of real value to or for my company.
If you paid these idiots because you were intimidated by the letters even though you paid directly through their site or Official Payments:” then they owe you money and an apology!


This is all Bullshit!

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Even The State Franchise, Even The State Franchise


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