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The Psy-Lamp is a color-changing ambient device that can respond to your conscious or subconscious mind. Inside the lamp is a quantum measurement device called a random event generator, or REG.


The Psy-Lamp is a product of a research organization exploring the connection between the mind and the physical world. Our goal is to make consciousness-related research and technology more accessible to the public.




The REG or random event generator inside the lamp controls the relative mixtures of an internal LED’s primary colors: red, green, and blue. The mixtures result in the many vibrant and dynamic colors produced by the lamp. Each lamp is constructed of blown glass and is sandblasted to achieve a semi-opaque surface that gently disperses light. The lamp’s high-quality construction makes it a great gift item, and a beautiful addition to any living area or workspace.



Mind Over Matter – Mental Influence:


Random Event Generators:


The Psy-Lamp random event generator (REG) is a device that converts quantum-level physical phenomena into a digital output. Prevailing theories in quantum mechanicscontend that these outputs are intrinsically random and follow a predictable statistical distribution.


However, some scientists have found exceptions. Researchers have found that the human mind is capable of influencing the output of such an REG to alter its statistical distribution. The mechanism by which this occurs is unknown, and is not based on known physical effects such as electromagnetic fields. The researchers’ conclusion was that a subtle yet direct connection exists between the mind and the physical world.


The Psy-Lamp was developed in collaboration with scientists. A built-in REG controls the color changing system, leaving the lamp open to the mind’s influence.


Using The Psy-Lamp:


Basic Modes:


There are two basic “modes” or styles for using the lamp: an intentional mode, in which you attempt to influence the color activity of the lamp directly, and a background mode, in which you leave the lamp to run in a room while other activity is taking place, periodically noticing the lamp’s behavior. These two modes are simply different contexts in which you can use the lamp.


These two basic modes lend themselves to many different applications. For example, you might challenge your friends turn the lamp a specific color, or bring it to meetings or brainstorming sessions and observe how it behaves in those environments. Or let it run while you are meditating, or engaged in some creative activity, reflecting upon how its colors are changing.


Intentional Mode:


Research papers exploring the influence of consciousness on random physical systems are available for anyone to read and consider. Anecdotally, users often report that openness to experience and certain states of mind correlate with lamp behavior. By exploring these states of mind and their effect, many users feel that they learn more about themselves.


Typical Lamp Behavior:


Absent the mind’s influence, The Psy-Lamp is calibrated to shift colors in a slow, random fashion. It may naturally wander from color to color, or remain for a period of time on one color, and then slowly shift to a new color and remain there. Then it might shift through several colors fairly quickly. This is because the REG device controls the output of the lamp in a random, irregular fashion. Your job is to influence the action of the lamp by deciding what you want it to do.


Although the Psy-Lamp works using an REG device located in the base of the unit, we encourage you not to think about the REG itself. Our interpretation of the research suggests that the mind is constantly interacting with random or uncertain systems, and can influence their observable outcomes based on its intention. This approach is very different from mechanistic ways of thinking, which might require you to direct your intention towards a physical sensor. Don’t worry about that for now-just be confident in your intention.


The Color Wheel:



The first thing you will probably want to do is see if you can make the lamp change to a particular color. Remember that the Psy-Lamp typically moves from color to color by progressing around the color wheel, rather than by jumping directly to a new color. If the lamp is blue and you want it to turn red, then it can go either way around the color wheel to get there (i.e., blue > cyan > green > yellow > orange > red; or blue > purple > magenta > red). White is a “jackpot” color, which appears when the REG is producing strongly imbalanced data, or when you are having a very strong effect on the lamp. After white, the lamp typically jumps to the color opposite to the previous one in the color wheel scheme.


Background Mode:


An alternative to the intentional mode is the background mode, where the Psy-Lamp runs continuously in the background during other activities. Leaving the lamp to run in your living room or dining room, for example, you may enjoy simply noticing what the lamp is doing when you walk by.


In these situations, the first thing to look for is whether the Psy-Lamp is cycling through its colors, or is just sitting on one. Sometimes it will seem to change colors rapidly and repeatedly. This is unusual behavior for the lamp, in the sense that rapid color change is unlikely and not pre-programmed.


Several Color Phases of the Lamp:


Research and experience have shown that it is possible to influence the lamp subconsciously, by exercising a kind of intention that occurs beneath the level of direct awareness. Instead of establishing a conscious intention for the lamp’s behavior, you may find it interesting to reflect upon the ways in which the deeper parts of your mind might influence the lamp.


Our customers have reported that paying attention to their effect on REG devices helps to provide an increased awareness of the subtle and subjective elements of daily experiences. Some Psy-Lamp customers run the lamp in the background during office meetings or brainstorming sessions, reflecting upon its color changes as a means of better understanding aspects of the discussion.


Multiple Lamps:


One of the most remarkable ways to use the Psy-Lamp is with other Psy-Lamps! Putting three lamps together, for example, adds a compelling new twist to the standard Background Mode: instead of watching for a single lamp to cycle colors, watch for all three lamps to “harmonize” and all turn a single color. Watching them change and align can be quite an experience, especially with focused groups of people.


Party Games:


The Psy-Lamp can be remarkably engaging, so be sure to have some fun with it! The lamp is a perfect centerpiece for parties, so here are a few games you can play at your next one.


Direct Color Change:


This game is simple-first the group decides which color they want the lamp to be, and then attempts to make the lamp change to that color (a useful team building demonstration).


Tug of War:


Another basic game is a form of tug of war, in which two teams compete to turn the lamp one color or another. For example, if the lamp is sitting on green, one team can try to make it turn blue, and one team yellow. You should choose colors on opposing sides of the color wheel, about the same distance (one or two colors) away. You may even find that the lamp changes to white and avoids either! (Let us know what you find.)


Other Games:


You can also compete for the fastest time to cycle colors around the color wheel, attempt to break your own records, or invent other related games. One of the best games we’ve tried is to set up three lamps at once, and try to make them all turn a single color. Let us know what you come up with!


User Experiences:


Science Writer, United States:


The lamp is so much fun. The colors are amazing to stare into. What I’ve noticed about how it works (for me, anyway) is that it will hover around one color, slowly changing into another, until I spin around in my chair and engage it consciously. When I do, often its rate of change speeds up, and cycles through a number of colors. Then the color changing goes back to normal after a short while. I love it.”


Web Developer, United States:


We have one of these in our office. Last Wednesday a few of us went up to the lamp and said, “Ok, let’s all make it turn red.” When we did, it changed pretty quickly from blue to green to red (with a flash of bright white in between) in about 30 seconds, and then stayed a deep red color for some time. We hadn’t seen it work quite like that before.”


Jael, Seattle


“I’ve been playing with the Psy-Lamp for about two months now. It is a very useful device, especially for measuring ambient awareness. I’ve noticed that during specific activities (especially mental activities) the lamp remains blue/aqua for upwards of an hour. While socializing with friends, the lamp tends to stay in the warm hues of red, orange and yellow.


This is by far the coolest light toy and intention measuring device I have ever encountered. Thank you so much for making REG tools available to independent researchers – it makes a world of difference when cataloguing results.”


The Psy-Lamp Package:



What’s Included:


  • The Psy-Lamp
  • Power Supply with 6ft (180cm) Cord
  • Psy-Lamp Booklet (outlines relevant research, theory, and example uses)




  • Sandblasted Glass
  • Energy Efficient: 5 Watts
  • Power Adapter (120V AC with US plug)
  • Approximate Dimensions:
  • 4.5″ x 4.5″ x 12.5″
  • 11.4 cm x 11.4 cm x 31.8 cm
  • Weight: 18 oz (500 g)

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