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This bug detector is an absolute must for all professional counter surveillance operatives. Featuring sophisticated RF scanning electronics, the Pro-DTech Executive Frequency Detector unit also has a new high gain directional antenna. No other detection unit can leave you feeling so assured after using it.




Many bug hunter devices claim to be able to to locate transmitting bugs over a wide frequency scan range, but in reality the majority of these devices are not engineered to be sensitive enough to locate transmitters operating over the the 4GHz spectrum without literally being in direct contact with the transmitting device itself. This Wideband receiver is sensitive across its entire frequency range of 0 to 10GHz, which ensures that it has the ability to detect the latest high frequency bugs that have really only recently arrived on the market. This ensures that the Pro-DTech Executive is able to detect all the latest covert listening, tracking, GSM (cellular) and video transmitting technology, that use both digital and analogue transmissions.


Enclosed in a beautifully designed precision made aluminium enclosure, the design of the unit has being fashioned to sit comfortably in the hand, but still be completely robust. Featuring a 2.5 colour TFT display a frequency counter that reads up to 6GHz, a bar graph frequency strength indicator and a ‘livescan’ patterned graph, it is easy to see how the user can be kept fully informed in relation to detected transmissions in the vicinity. All of this information is especially useful when searching out pulsing GPS transmitting devices. To assist in detection the unit features audible ‘bleep’ or silent vibrate mode dependant upon preference. In addition the device has an in-built speaker providing audio demodulation, a feature that is especially useful in searching out analogue bugging devices with microphones.


What makes this product particularly accurate in relation to detecting and locating transmitters is the fact that it features two types of antenna. The omni-directional sensitive whip antenna is able to seek out transmissions in the immediate area, but clip on the all new high gain directional antenna and the bug sweeper can make light work of locating the source of a transmission like no other bug detection device on the market.


Most bug detection units are only able to display detected frequencies as they are detected. The Pro-DTech Executive has a built in memory capable of storing up to 1000 detection events including short ‘burst bug’ transmissions, the duration of the burst, the strength and the frequency. These logged events are displayed in a simple list format or alternatively the device can be switched to live graph mode, where events of up to an hour can be plotted.


Designed and produced to exceptionally high standards of engineering, materials and finish, this unit is powered by an internal rechargeable lithium battery pack and is supplied with international chargers in a heavy duty military specification case providing perfect protection when on-the-move.





Professional Grade Handheld Bug Sweeper With An Incredibly High Functional Specification


Made With Exceptionally High Standards Using High Grade Materials


Extra Wide Frequency Response 0 -10 Ghz With Optimized Top End Frequency Capability


Powerful Enough To Detect The Very Latest Secret Listening, Tracking, GSM (cellular), And Video Recording Equipment

Featuring A Digital Frequency Counter – Range: 0-6 Ghz For Both Analogue And Digital Transmissions

Live Scanning Aspect Shows Live Detected Signal Trace In Real Time On The Color 2.5 Inch TFT Display


Featuring A 1000 Event Memory Log To Compile All Detected Burst Signals And Transmissions


The All New Graph Mode Can Plot Detected Transmissions For Up To An Hour
Incredible Sensitive – Even At Very High Frequencies


Two Types Of Antenna Provided – High Gain Directional Antenna And Standard Omni-Directional Whip Antenna


Identifies Both Analogue And Digital Frequencies – Audio Demodulation Broadcasted Through In-Built Speaker


2 Mode Settings: Signal Strength ‘Beep’ And Silent Vibrate Mode


Internal Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery Pack – Uk And International Charger Included


Supplied In An Extremely Robust Military Standard Carry Case Providing Superb Protection.




Question: Will This Device Detect All Bugging Devices?


Answer: The Pro-DTech Executive Unit Has A Very Wide Frequency Scan Range, Up To 10ghz, It Has Two Antennas And Superb Transmission Directional Detection Capability. No Single Bug Detector Can Pick Up All Bugs, But This Has To Be One Of Our Best Handheld Units.


Question: Can The Pro-DTech Executive Unit Find Covert Audio Recorders?


Answer: No, Audio Recorders Do Not Transmit A Signal And Therefore Cannot Be Detected By Rf Scanning Equipment. A Non-Linear Junction Detector Is An Option As Well As A Thermal Imager. This Is Why Physical Search Is Paramount.


Question: Can The Pro-DTech Executive Detect Wireless Cameras?


Answer: This Has The Ability To Lock In On All Types Of Transmitting Cameras Using Both Analogue And Digital Frequencies Including 3g And Wifi Units.


Question: Can I Hear Through The Device When An Audio Bug Is Detected?


Answer: The Pro-DTech Executive Features Audio Demodulation, So This Is Possible If An Analogue Bug Transmission Is Detected. Digital Demodulated Signals Also Have A Specific Sound Signature. Audio Is Broadcast Through The In-Built Speaker.


Question: Is The Pro-DTech Executive Capable Of Detecting Tracking Devices?


Answer: Yes, This Device Is Very Sensitive And With The Event Logging Feature It Will Easily Identify Burst Transmissions From A Tracker.




Technical Details:


Input Frequency Range: 1 Mhz – 10.0Ghz
Frequency Counter Build-In: 1 Mhz – 6 Ghz Range
Signal Strength Indicator: 20 Point Scale
Audio Demodulation Of Analogue Signals: Yes
Detection Of Impulse Transmission: GPS Tracker, SMS
Detection Range Up To: 10M




* 100 Mhz – 49 dBm
* 200 Mhz – 48 dBm
* 500 Mhz – 47 dBm
* 1 Ghz – 44 dBm
* 2 Ghz – 50 dBm
* 5 Ghz – 42 dBm
* 10 Ghz – 30 dBm


Demodulation Sens. For 50mw Audio: -30 Dbm (2)
Audio Frequency Response: 400 Hz – 5 Khz +/- 2 Db
Antenna Connector MCX Socket: (50 Ohm)
Signal Processing: Risc Based Microcontroller
Built-In Memory: 1000 Entries, 1 Hour Live Graph Of Signal Data And Frequency
Display: TFT Colour 2.5’ High Contrast Graphic Display
Signal Detection Alarm: Sound And Vibrational
Battery: Build-In, Li-Poly 3.7 V 1500 Mah
Charging Time: 4 H
Operation Time Of The Radio Frequency Detector: Up To 8H


Dimensions: 128 * 74 * 26MM
Weight: 240Gram


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