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This product is the right fit for both the professional and novice user looking to remove or disable unwanted surveillance threats. The PRO-DTECH III uses a built in antenna, increased bar graph indicator, and vibration alerts to indicate the existence of any nearby surveillance threats. Equipped with a short range antenna, the device performs better than most detectors in populated environments with high sensitivity to real signals without being affected by weak background radio waves.


Use the PRO-DTECH III to secretly check people for body-worn transmitters. You may perform covert sweeping using the vibrating indicator. In such cases you can carry the PRO-DTECH III and stand in close proximity to a potential threat. If the vibration starts near certain people, this indicates that there is a hidden bug.




The  PRO-DTECH III will detect different types of radio transmitting equipment and inform you by way of a bar graph indicator or silently by a vibrating indicator.


Currently there are a lot of commercially available surveillance devices that allow you to pick up different information from your office, apartment or car.


These bugging devices work within different frequency ranges and have different modulation and scheme types. They may transmit using standard modulation, as well as non-standard.


The PRO-DTECH III can detect most of these bugging devices when in active mode. You can test premises, cars or any type of item; including office equipment. You will also be able to check people for body-worn transmitters. You may perform covert sweeping using the vibrating indicator. In such cases you can carry the PRO-DTECH III and stand in close proximity to a potential threat. If the vibration starts near a certain person, this indicates that there is a hidden bug.


You will also detect if someone is using a GSM phone. There are known cases, when people have left their mobile phone off the hook and all the conversation was transmitted to another phone or even recorded onto an answering machine. In addition, there are plenty of GSM devices available on the market which can be used for surveillance and monitoring – GSM baby-watches, GSM-based alarm systems and different ‘bugs’ transmitting conversations via the mobile network.


Checking Telephone Lines:


Telephone bugs may be installed anywhere a phone line lays. It may be within the phone set, the phone outlet, connecting box or cable. Most telephone bugs activate only when the receiver is off-hook. Therefore sweeping of phone lines is carried out only when the receiver is in this state. Start checking from the phone set. Place the “PRO-DTECH III FREQUENCY DETECTOR‘s” antenna near the set and lift the lift the receiver. Watch for an increase in RF level.


If you are testing a wireless phone, you will see a strong radio field on the display, as the phone uses radio communication between the receiver and it’s base. There is no sense in testing radiotelephones (wireless phone) for bugs (unless it is unplugged from the wall and no battery) since the radiotelephone is a good bug itself!


Move the antenna along the telephone line while keeping it off-hook. Check all the outlets and communication boxes. If you have an assistant, ask him or her to lift the receiver and then hang it up repeatedly. If you see that the RF level changes when the  line is activated and deactivated, this is a sign of a bug’s presence. Try to locate the place where the RF level is highest and then perform a physical.




* Increased 16-Segment Indicator Of RF Level
* Physical Attenuator -20 Db
* Highly Sensitive To Real Signals Without Being Affected By Background Radio Waves
* No Sensitivity Loss At Battery Discharge
* Increased Sensitivity To High-Frequency Signals
* One Joystick-Style Control For All Functions (attenuator On/Off; Vibration On/Off; Power On/Off)
* Low Power Indication
* Detects Both Analogue And Digital Transmissions
* Detects Modern Communications, Including GSM, 3g, 4g (LTE), Bluetooth, And Wi-Fi
* Allows The Operator To Locate The Source
* Vibrating Signal For Concealed Indication Of A High RF Level
* High-Quality Detection Scheme With Professional RF Isolation
* Reliable And Tested Device For Different Sweeping Tasks
* Adjustable Sensitivity
* Frequency Range 50MHz-6GHz
* Durable Duralumin Case
* Powered By 2 AAA Batteries
* Battery Resource Up To 10 Hours




* Searching For Active Radio Transmitting Surveillance Devices (or RF Bugging Devices) In Premises, Vehicles And Items.

* Room, Body-Worn, Telephone And Car Bugging Devices Can Also Be Found By The Device.

* Discovering The Improper Use of Mobile Phones And Other Communication Equipment For Picking Up Conversations. The Information In This Case Can Be Transmitted To Another Phone or Recorded Onto An Answering Machine.

* Detection of GSM devices, ‘Spy’ Mobile Phones And Mobile Phones In An Active State (For Illegal Transmission Of Conversations)

* Detection of Harmful Emissions From GSM-Jammers or Mini Recorder Suppressors

Detection of Harmful Emissions From Microwave Ovens, Communication Antennas And Other Electronic Appliances





* 1 Antenna
* 2 Batteries Size AAA 
* Detector 
* Manual 
* Screw Driver 




Technical Details:


Attenuator: -20dB
Controls: Joystick Style Attenuator on/off; Vibration on/off; Power on/off
Dimensions: 125 x 62 x 17 mm
Indicator: 16-Segment Bar Graph
Indicator: Vibration
Indicator: Battery State (3 colors)
Battery Resource: Up To 10 Hours
Power: 2 x AAA Batteries
Frequency: 50MHz to 6GHz


Dimensions: 4.625” L x 2.375” W x 0.625” H
Weight: 1lb 0.oz


Recommended Reading: 

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* Prevention and Detection of Electronic Harassment and Surveillance (PDEHS)

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