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The central feature of the GSM-SAMS, is that it’s a sophisticated, totally concealed bugging device. Reporting mechanism through secret phone connection allows an intended receiver to answer & hear what is going on simultaneously in the vicinity of the GSM-SAMS without alerting anyone.


In the United States the coverage is available through AT&T (now Cingular) or
T-Mobil. T-Mobil is preferable.


New Feature: Vibration Alert! The unit will call you when it detects vibration.








  • Ability to change the pre-selected number if required
  • Ability to turn off microphone
  • Ability to operate up to three consecutive days on batteries. (Standby)
  • Compact size, easy to hide, and without range limitation (Utilizing GSM technology)
  • Suitable for placement in the house, car or office, etc. convenient monitoring
  • Three-digit identification for each unit allowing multiple-units installation1~6: Done through text messaging.* Land-Line Monitoring Capability! Connect to a land-line (wired, single, residential) telephone and call in and monitor discreetly. Also, when someone makes an outgoing or receives and incoming call the unit will call you.Vibration Alert: The unit will call you upon it being moved or shaken!




* Phone Jack Connector
* Lithium Ion Battery (The Unit Must Be Plugged Into AC To Work)
* PIR Sensor (Optional: $100.00)
* External Microphone
* AC Adapter









Frequency: Tri-Band: 900/1800/1900
Power Supply: DC-6V
Microphone Sensitivity: Approx. 10m
Sound Sensitivity Adjustment: 3 Levels
Call or Dial-out Number(s): 3
Remote Monitoring Distance: Unlimited
Method of Configuration: SMS Text Messages
Power Comsumption: 10mA
Working Current: 200mA
Battery: Lithium-Ion Rechargeable: 1 – 1 1/2Hrs. Working Time
PIR Frequency: 870nm
PIR Detection Distance: 3m


Dimensions: 2.36L x 1.5W x 0.7H inches or 60(L) X 40(W) X 20 (H)mm
Weight: 60g


GSM Sound and Motion Activated (Covert Listening) Monitoring System or GSM-SAMS (the size of a pack of cigarettes), is a revolutionary device incorporating the latest in GSM technology, it can serve both as a sophisticated bugging (Covert Listening) device while at the same time it can serve as an anti-intrusion or warning device. Upon receiving sound or motion in the vicinity of the GSM-SAMS, utilizing its built-in, sound-activated* microphone in conjunction with its cell phone module with a SIM card loaded, an automatic / instantaneous reporting mechanism in either form of text messaging or phone connection** to the pre-selected number*** can be triggered allowing one person to become promptly notified of any incidents / irregularities going on in the house, car or office, etc. Alternatively one can make a direct phone call to the GSM-SAMS for covert listening if required.

Microphone sensitivity is adjustable for filtering out background noises under most circumstances. (When tuned to the highest sensitivity level, any sound within 10 meters from the device can be picked up.)


Up to 3 pre-selected numbers can be set up in a SIM card being loaded into GSM-SAMS. Done by sending specially arranged text messages to GSM-SAMS from the pre-selected number.


GSM-SAMS: Questions and Answers


Q : What are the power requirements of the unit?

A : 4.2v (So if you use a “power bank-type battery (lithium-ion) rechargeable, you may have to use 5v or less.)

Q : Can the AC adapter charge the battery as well?

A : Yes

Q : Can you set the unit to activate/notify you on IR and sound detection at the same time?

A : Yes

Q : Does the unit keep the IR and Microphone settings when the unit is switched off and on again?

A : Yes..

Q : What does the “Green” flashing indicator represent?

A : When the unit is searching for a GSM signal it will flash often. However, when it finally finds a GSM signal and locks on it will flash slower, once every 3-4 seconds.

Q : What does the “Red” light on the far left-side represent?

A : When the units battery is fully charged the “Red” light on the far left-side will turn off.
Q : What is the purpose of the second and third numbers that you program into the memory?

A : Normally if you preset all three numbers inside, it will send a text message to the third one, and then to the second one, and then to the first number. If the first one doesn’t get through it will go into voice mail on the first number, but it will never call the second and third one. (that’s to say, the second and third number can only receive text messages, never get a telephone call)

Q : Can you set the unit so that it only sends a text message on activation/alert and switch off the telephone call option?

A : Please just set one phone number as the third number (no first and second numbers). The unit will only send text message to the third number, it will no longer have the telephone call option.

Q : Do the numbers remain in the unit if it is switched off and on again?

A : Yes.

Q : Do the numbers remain in the unit if the sim card is changed?

A : No.

Q : Once I program my cell phone number(s) into the unit will it call me or can I call in directly to the GSM-SAMS to listen?

A : Both, you always have the option of calling in directly in addition once you attach the motion-activated module to the unit it will call you and allow you to monitor the GSM-SAMS once it has detected motion and/or sound.

Q : How long can I monitor the GSM-SAMS?

A : Since you can plug the GSM-SAMS into an AC outlet there is no limit to how long you may listen.

Q : Are there any remote-control functions?

A : Yes, 1~6: (see above) are done through text messaging.




Make sure you’ve tested your sim card in an actual cell phone and it works. However, when you place that sim card in the sim card holder in this unit, Power Strip, Alarm Clock Radio,etc. and it doesn’t seem to work. Please place the unit near an open window or door to make sure it tests out there ok first prior to placing it in the target location. Sometimes the signal doesn’t quite reach the unit the same way cell phones signals work. So, you may need to try one or more different locations first. If possible, also try elevating the item off the floor to improve reception.


Note: Please send SMS ‘ 912 ‘ to the sim card to retrieve lost 3 digit pin code.


Note: Has not been tested on PBX, Cable, VOIP, Digital or DSL lines.


Note: It maybe necessary to place a small piece of paper in the sim-card holder along with the sim card in order to cause the sim’s contacts to actually touch the copper contacts of the sim holder. Use this method after you’ve verified that the sim card is actually working by placing it in a cell phone and making or receiving a call on that same phone. Sometimes the sim cards contact aren’t actually touching the sim holder contacts.




* The unit will call YOU when it hears sound or voices (approx. 15ft. or 4.57 meters).


* For Improved Audio Quality When Calling into The Device, Please Use an Earpiece with Your Cell Phone That Has Two Ear Buds. For Stereo Effect.


Note: Using this item in close proximity to some wireless routers have been known to effect audio quality.


This is a Customer Submission: Used it to Get Call Activity From a Land-Line (or if  The Unit Is Not Plugged Into a Land-Line And You’re Using It To Do Room Monitoring) Onto The Internet Where it Can Later Be Stored (Recorded) and Accessed From Anywhere: Customers Can Forward The Calls From This GSM-Based Device Directly To a Web-Based Call-Logging Software Like Skype, Vonnage, Majic Jack, etc.


Customers Can Provide Their Own “Power Bank” Battery For Long-term Use. Set For 5 volts.



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