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Price: $800.00

This revolutionary surveillance product has a wireless (gsm bug) audio monitoring device hidden inside a fully-functional Digital Picture Frame. The central feature of this GSM--based solution is that it’s a sophisticated, totally concealed bugging device.


In the United States the coverage is available through AT&T (now Cingular) or
T-Mobil. T-Mobil is preferable.





When used in the spy mode, you call (from anywhere) and conduct covert room monitoring without anyone knowing. You can hear all conversations around the Digital Picture Frame and when you’re finished simply hang-up.


About the Digital Picture Frame:


More than just a digital photo frame , this Digital Picture Frame raises the bar for all Digital Picture Frames. View hi resolution print quality pictures easily by inserting your camera or camcorders digital media card or USB thumb drive directly onto our Digital Picture Frame. With the built-in 256MB flash media you can also transfer your favorite digital files directly from your computer fast and easy without any software. Play slideshows, zoom, rotate, and listen to hi quality background music all at the touch of a button with the included remote control . Switch to movie mode and enjoy amazing video and audio near HD quality. Browse and listen to all of your favorite MP3 music files after your movies over. With our new Digital Picture Frame it is now time to have fun with your digital pictures, movies, and MP3 music files that are just sitting on your computer or in your digital camera . Whether it is at work or at home let the fun begin!


Optional: Sound or Voice-Activation! 

Add: $100.00


* The unit will call YOU when it hears sound or voices (approx. 15ft. or 4.57 meters).


Use Our Digital Voice Recorders for permanent evidence storage!



Easy operation as most file formats are automatically recognized.


* High quality wooden frame


* High quality built-in speakers


* 256MB Built-in memory


* 10.5″ TFT true color LCD with video resolution of 1024 x 768


* Supports most memory card formats such as CF / MS / SD / MMC / XD


* Supports various picture / video / audio formats such as JPEG, MJPG, AVI, and MP3


* Transfer pictures directly from your digital camera/memory card/USB drive to the on-board memory without using a personal computer


* Easily connect your personal computer thru USB 2.0 for file transfer at speeds up to 480mbps


* Can be displayed either on a table top with the included stand or mounted on a wall


* Ease of operation / control with the included Remote control





* Windows 2000, XP and Vista (Latest Version)


Package Contents:


* 10.5″ Digital Photo Frame
* Remote
* USB 2.0 Cable (Type A to mini-B)
* Power Adapter
* Instructional Manual
* Warranty / Registration Card




Make sure you’ve tested your sim card in an actual cell phone and it works. However, when you place that sim card in the sim card holder in this unit, Power Strip, Alarm Clock Radio,etc. and it doesn’t seem to work. Please place the unit near an open window or door to make sure it tests out there ok first prior to placing it in the target location. Sometimes the signal doesn’t quite reach the unit the same way cell phones signals work. So, you may need to try one or more different locations first. If possible, also try elevating the item off the floor to improve reception.


Note: Please send SMS ‘ 912 ‘ to the sim card to retrieve lost 3 digit pin code.


Note: It maybe necessary to place a small piece of paper in the sim-card holder along with the sim card in order to cause the sim’s contacts to actually touch the copper contacts of the sim holder. Use this method after you’ve verified that the sim card is actually working by placing it in a cell phone and making or receiving a call on that same phone. Sometimes the sim cards contact aren’t actually touching the sim holder contacts.




* The unit will call YOU when it hears sound or voices (approx. 15ft. or 4.57 meters).


* For Improved Audio Quality When Calling into The Device, Please Use an Earpiece with Your Cell Phone That Has Two Ear Buds. For Stereo Effect.


Note: Using this item in close proximity to some wireless routers have been known to effect audio quality.


This is a Customer Submission: Use it to Get Call Activity From a Cellphone Onto The Internet Where it Can Later Be Stored and Accessed From Anywhere: Customers can forward the calls from this GSM-Based device to a cellphone and then have the cellphone forward to a Web-Based Call-Logging Software. Might use Majic Jack as part of the solution.


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