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Bottles Of Water Are One Of The Few Items That You Can Bring Just About Anywhere. You’re Really Not Going To Find A Place Where You Can’t Bring A Water Bottle, Unless You’re Going On An Airplane.


The First High Resolution Bottled Water Hidden Camera Featuring 64GB Memory. Video & Audio Recording At 1280 x 960 Resolution @ 30fps. USB Interface For Quick File Downloading.




This bottled water is just the item you need if you’re looking for a covert camera on the go. It looks exactly like any other bottle of water but it also contains a built in camera. Bottled water is so common these days that nobody pays any attention to them. They also have the added benefit of being permitted pretty much everywhere. Place it on a desk to record a meeting and nobody will know it’s anything but a normal bottle of water. Separate areas contain water on the top and bottom to give the impression of a full bottle. This one has the support for up to 64GB* Micro SD Cards and sports full color high quality audio AND video and full motion detection.


Bottles of waters are one of the few items that you can bring just about anywhere. You’re really not going to find a place that you can’t bring a water bottle, unless you’re going on an airplane. That’s what makes this unique hidden camera the perfect little spy tool! It looks just like an ordinary water bottle that you’d buy at a supermarket or find in a vending machine.Nobody will suspect this “water bottle” is actually a high-tech hidden spy camera, capable of recording anything from anywhere!


Nobody Will Think A Thing When You Set Your Water Bottle Down And Let The Motion Detection Kick In!


The pin hole on this camera is cleverly hidden behind the label along with the DVR. Nobody will think anything of it or ask to examine it closer, it will appear just as a regular water bottle! With this Water Bottle Hidden Camera you’ll always be ready to capture any shocking or unexpected moments – covertly! Allowing you to store up to 32 hours of high resolution 1280 x 960 video at once. Now you can record anything no matter where you are, and not have to worry about anyone getting suspicious.


This High Resolution 1280 X 960 Color Camera Is Our Most Covert Portable Camera Yet!


This compact little camera is so cleverly disguised that you can be sure nobody will be the least bit worried when they spot you carrying it around with you or when you place it on a table or counter. And the long, 30 hour battery life gives you all the time you need to record longer events, like meetings or lectures. There’s no place this covert camera will look out of place! Best of all, it’s simple to use and comes with a remote control, allowing you to operate it from a distance! The footage can be viewed by plugging the SD card into your computer. It’s that easy!


* Start Your Own Private Investigation

* Covertly Record Quality Surveillance Video Of Everyone Around You

* Have A Portable Video Recorder For Any Unexpected Moments

* Prove Harassment Of Any Kind In The Workplace




* Records: 1280 x 960 Color Video

* Motion Detection


Technical Specs:


Resolution:1280 x 960 @ up to 30fps

Viewing Angle: 72°

Storage: Supports up to 64GB* Micro SD Cards

Storage Consumption: ~1GB Consumed Every 30 Minutes

Battery Life: Up to 30 Hours




* 1 Bottled Water

* 1 Remote Control

* 1 Charging Cable

* 1 AC Adapter

* 1 User Manual


*Please Note The Following:


64GB micro SD cards must be formatted as FAT32. An external sd card reader must be used to retrieve the video files as these units will not connect to a computer with a 64GB card installed. If purchased through us the cards will be pre-formatted and a card reader will be included as well. If you have any questions please contact technical support.


For Best Performance We Recommend Class 6 or Better MicroSD Cards


Simple To Set Up And Operate


Discover The Truth No Matter Where You Go!




Note: We Are Currently Shipping Aquafina Brand Bottled Water Bottles.
Styles, Descriptions and Specs. Subject To Change Without Notice.


Note: You Can Drink From The Upper Portion.


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