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The Big Brother Real-Time GPRS Tracker is a powerful GPS locator which is designed for live tracking of vehicles, asset and people. Inside this simple looking device is a network of complex technology. It is all wrapped up in a durable and rugged exterior that can take unbelievable pounding and still transmit its location. Failure rate on this unit is next to zero. That is why it is a favorite of law enforcement and private investigators. Whether you are using this in a police BAIT car, to track a cheating spouse, for a local or international trip, for your child’s safety or as a private investigator, this unit will be your reliable partner.


Optional 6 cell Lithium Ion battery pack allows for constant tracking on a single charge for up to 4 weeks. 





It is the preferred tracker because there is no software to install. Simply log on to any computer from anywhere in the world with your user name and password and track, LIVE!


Main Function:


* AGPS Position
* Fixed Time Reporting
* Emergency Alarm
* Geo-Fencing Alarm
* Remote Control Alarm
* Lower Power Alarm


New Features:


* Motion Sensor For Extra Battery Life
* Increased Accuracy
* Identify Tracker On Map By Name Or Number
* Enhanced Geo Fencing
* Longer Battery Life
* Small Enough To Be Concealed In A Child’s Pocket
* Up To 30 Days On A Single Charge
* Longest Battery Life For Comparably-Sized Trackers
* 1300mah, 3.7v Li-Polymer Back-Up Battery
* Hot Start- Less Than 1-Second
* Cold Start-Less Than 29-Seconds
* 3d Motion Sensor
* Quad-Band 850/900/1800/1900mhz
* GSM Phase 2/2+ Compliant
* Equipped With Highly-Reliable UBLOX 6 GPS Chipset
* 50-Channel All-In-View Tracking
* Extreme Weather Reliability: -40° To +85°C (-40° To 185°F)
* IPX-5 Water Resistance
* Sleek Appearance: 67.5mm X 40mm X 21mm
* Light Weight: 60 Grams
* Geo-Fencing Alert
* Emergency Alert
* Speed Alert
* SOS Alert
* Mini-USB For Convenient PC Connect/Charging
* MMCX RF Connector For External GPS Antenna
* 3 Monitoring Options
* Remote Adjustments Of Tracking Intervals
* Extended Battery Pack (Optional)


We have added convenience and efficiency to the rugged all-weather Big Brother Real-Time GPRS tracking device with an all-new weatherproof magnetic battery pack enclosure.


The exceptionally efficient Big Brother Real-Time GPRS battery pack allows for 3-4 weeks of unattended use with a dual-layered Lithium Ion batteries and an on-board motion sensor which automatically sends the tracker into hibernation mode after 5 minutes of no motion detection.


At just 5.43 inches long, the battery pack, housed in a waterproof, crush-proof Pelican case, is tough enough for virtually any application, and is conveniently compact.


Big Brother Real-Time GPRS is a compact, durable and highly sensitive GPS tracking system which provides fast and reliable GPS tracking in the most extreme weather conditions. Only 66 millimeters long, the lightweight and waterproof AGPS locator features real-time tracking capabilities through the Internet. Our Big Brother Real-Time GPRS is GPRS/GSM compatible and comes equipped with alarms for emergency status, geo-fencing and remote control.


The Big Brother Real-Time GPRS is smaller than a credit card, measuring 2.59 inches by 1.41 inches, it is .78 inches thick, and weighs in at only 2.68 ounces and can track as quickly as every 10 seconds. 
Optional 6 cell Lithium Ion magnetic battery pack allows for constant tracking on a single charge for up to 4 weeks.


The Bottom Line…Exceptional accuracy and battery life. Small enough to be carried by a child, powerful enough to be used by law enforcement. Works in extreme weather conditions (-40° to 185°F), IPX-5 Water Resistant, GeoFencing, Speed, Panic alerts.


Rental Customers Pay $125.00 (Weekly Rental Fee). Includes Tracker and Long-Term,Weather-Resistent Case. A Total of $454.00 Will Be Held Against Your CC As Collateral. 







Q. What’s the maximum battery life for the internal battery?
A. Up to 30 days.

If you need a per-charge tracking period that is longer than the above then we recommend you get the extended battery pack or get a hardwire unit and hardwire the tracker to your car battery. Usually the hardwire job takes less than 30 minutes.

Q. Can I get notifications by e-mail or text message?
A. YES and YES. You can set many kinds of alert notifications with this device. Here are a few of the alerts you can set for yourself.

1. Set destination alerts. Get notified when your child, spouse (loved, hated or suspected ) arrives at (or leaves) a place.

2. Set up speed limits. Get notified if someone drives over a given speed limit (got kids?!)

3. You will get automatic notification when your battery is low

4. SOS button. Get instant notification via e-mail or text if the SOS button is depressed, giving you the exact location of the person

Q. Do I need to install any software once I get the unit.
A. Negative! Once you get the tracker from us we will e-mail you a user name and password.

Q. Can I suspend then re-start my tracking service at anytime.
A. YES. You can decide to suspend your service at anytime. You will be charged a $5.95 monthly fee during the suspension period. This way you can do a HOT restart of your service. That means call us and you will be back tracking within 5 minutes! If you cancel your service all together then you will not be able to restart your service quickly. It will cost you $70 to restart.

Q. How much does it cost to change the tracking intervals
A. Zilch! Nada! Zero! The monthly fee you pay includes EVERYTHING. You can change the intervals yourself on the tracking page anytime of the day. It is easy!

Q. How will I know the unit is running out of battery?
A. All this information is displayed on the tracking website. You will also get an e-mail and text notification that your battery is running low.

Q. What is the difference between MONTHLY STANDARD and MONTHLY ADVANCED?
A. Some customers are based in or near cities where the phone signals is generally pretty good. In that case selecting the standard option is all you need. But for the rest of ‘us’ who live in, or the car travels a lot to, the boondocks, we advice to go with the ADVANCED. This option is ideal if you think the GPS unit will go into areas where signal may be spotty because it may be mountainous or will be out in deep country. That will ensure the GPS unit will store location data within its internal memory and offload them to our servers once the unit returns to area of service.


Optional 6 cell Lithium Ion battery pack allows for constant tracking on a single charge for up to 4 weeks. 


$155.00 The magnetic case has an approx. 50lb. pull rating.



Unlimited Tracking Subscription only $49.95 Per Month. (3, 6, 9 or 12 Month Contract and One Time Activation Fee of $59.95 Required)


Note : Do not place the tracker in an area completetly surrounding it with metal such as in a trunk.

Note : We are not responsible for rates, estimates and/or charges when customers use their own sim cards.


International Customers: This unit works anywhere in the world. For international customers the annual cost is $150 per year (charged annually). You will need to supply your own SIM card from your local phone carrier.


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