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Virgin Voyages Cruise Line (Inaugural Voyage 2020) (#GotBitcoin?)

Ahoy Sailor! Welcome to how we do cruises voyages. A 24/7 festival at sea where tranquility meets curiosity with no kids, no buffets, and no limits. Come stray with us. Virgin Voyages Cruise Line (Inaugural Voyage 2020) (#GotBitcoin?)

Virgin Voyages Cruise Line (Inaugural Voyage 2020) (#GotBitcoin?)


To Live Well Is To Dine Well

Soho By The Sea

Like any perfectly diverse city block, dining is never the same. One minute you crave a lavish dinner with bottles of Chianti, the next you jones for food truck-style tacos—our all-included, responsibly sourced food makes it easy to strike a balance.

Wellness is personal. Whether you’re into high-intensity workouts, deep breaths in search of nirvana, or if you’re that person who pays for a gym membership but never uses it — we provide spaces to care for yourself whichever way works best for you.

Unexpect The Expected

A watered-down cut of a Broadway musical? We’re????not????having????it. Real talk: we brought spice to ur life, rhythm to a nation, and woke u up before u go-go’d. Expect nothing less when we take it to sea—it’s a 24/7 festival aimed at never being normal.

Virgin Voyages Cruise Line (Inaugural Voyage 2020) (#GotBitcoin?)

Gimme, Gimme More

(We Did, And It’s All Included)

Virgin Voyages Cruise Line (Inaugural Voyage 2020) (#GotBitcoin?)

Elevated, Even At Sea Level

We get it. You might be anxious about cabin living. Let us nip that in the bud right now. The power team who brought flat beds to Virgin Atlantic has, well, you’ll have to check out what they did with these beds — they’re all sorts of…magical.


Unleash Your Wanderlust

Here’s an idea… instead of endlessly scrolling Insta for #getaways, actually go on one. We’ve picked seaside destinations to satisfy all your cravings, and by curating itineraries with late stays and overnights — we show you the real people and experiences that make each port so special.

Virgin Voyages Cruise Line (Inaugural Voyage 2020) (#GotBitcoin?)

Don’t Just Build A Ship, Create A Yearning For The Sea.
— Richard Branson

What do creative innovators do when they’ve conquered land and space? Well, they take their skills to the sea. Richard Branson brought together the most inspiring partners to build a ship worthy of breaking barriers (and waves).

Updated: 5-11-2020

Richard Branson To Cash In Part Of Virgin Galactic Stake

Virgin Group wants to sell up to 12% of space-tourism venture to support other businesses.

Richard Branson’s Virgin Group said it plans to sell as much as 12% of Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc. —the space-tourism venture that made its initial public offering in New York—to shore up its other travel and tourism businesses.

In a regulatory filing Monday, Virgin said it would sell as many as 25 million shares in the company, to raise funds to support its portfolio of global leisure, holiday and travel businesses. Those businesses, including a cruise line and two airlines, have been hit hard by a drop in demand amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Virgin owns 80% of a subsidiary called Vieco 10 Ltd., which owns roughly 69% of Virgin Galactic. After the planned sale, Vieco’s stake would drop to about 42%. Based on Friday’s closing price, the shares Virgin said it plans to shed would be valued at roughly $500 million. Shares in Virgin Galactic were down 3.9% Monday in New York.

Last Month, Virgin Australia, 10%-owned by Virgin, filed for bankruptcy. Another, U.K.-based Virgin Atlantic, a trans-Atlantic shuttle, is asking for financial assistance from the U.K. government. Other businesses, such as a new cruise-line venture and a U.S. hotel group, have also been hit hard.

Virgin Galactic, which plans to take passengers to the edge of space to experience several minutes of weightlessness, has been a relative bright spot. Despite a big drop with the rest of the stock market, shares in the company are up 68% this year to date.

Mr. Branson is in talks with about 14 private investors, including private-equity funds Cerberus Capital Management LP and Greybull Capital, about raising a further $500 million to put into Virgin Atlantic, according to a person familiar with the matter. The two funds didn’t immediately reply to requests for comment.

Updated: 5-14-2020

Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic In Talks To Raise More Than $900 Million

Airline is talking to Deutsche Bank and private-equity firms for cash to weather the coronavirus pandemic.

Virgin Atlantic, the U.K.-based trans-Atlantic airline, is talking to Deutsche Bank AG , among other institutions, about raising some £750 million ($916 million) to help it weather the drop in demand brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The German bank is among a group of around a dozen institutions, mainly private-equity firms, that Virgin Atlantic is talking to this week and next, this person said. Deutsche Bank declined to comment.

Virgin Atlantic, which is majority owned by Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, is looking for around £750 million, though this figure could include any loans that the British government offers, according to people familiar with the matter.

Virgin Atlantic has been negotiating with the British government over rescue funding. The U.K. Treasury declined to comment on Virgin Atlantic.

Mr. Branson’s Virgin Group said this week it plans to sell as much as 12% of Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc. —the space-tourism venture that made its initial public offering in New York—to shore up its other travel and tourism businesses.

Virgin Australia, partly owned by Virgin, filed for bankruptcy protection last month, after failing to secure a government bailout there.

It has become harder for Virgin Atlantic to gauge exactly how much money it will need after the U.K. government said over the weekend it is looking at imposing a 14-day quarantine on anybody seeking to enter Britain, one of the people familiar with the matter said. Airlines say this will stop many people from traveling to the U.K., making their ability to recover from the pandemic even more difficult.

Since the virus began to spread out of China, the airline industry has suffered a collapse in bookings amid travel bans instituted by many countries to slow the pandemic.

Virgin Atlantic has told those it is speaking to that it wants one, or a few, key lenders or investors that can provide all the funds, rather than several institutions, according to the people familiar with the matter.

The airline is talking to these groups about a variety of different types of financing, including equity investments, convertible bonds and other types of debt, one of these people said.

Other institutions it is talking to include private-equity firms, Cerberus Capital Management LP, Apollo Global Management Inc. and Greybull Capital, according to people familiar with the matter.

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