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Vendit Now Allows You To Credit Your Uber App With Cryptocurrency (#GotBitcoin?)

Online cryptocurrency payment system Vendit has now added Uber to its list of supported apps, making it easy for users to add credit to their Uber App with cryptocurrency. Vendit Now Allows You To Credit Your Uber App With Cryptocurrency

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Adding to the list of apps already supported, including GameStop, Domino’s Pizza and IHOP, the addition of Uber is going to be helpful for riders looking to use their cryptocurrency tokens for booking a ride.

However, this is not a new innovation – multiple companies have been trying to link Uber and digital currencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) for some time now. However, Vendit is the first to have successfully achieved it.

Vendit has been perfecting a merchant processor software that can be adopted into Point of Sale Merchant system. The platform has laid down future milestones with the potential to hasten the adoption of digital currency.

Additionally, the Founder, President and CEO of Vendit, Mike Hu has promised to keep adding more apps to its list.

In a public announcement, the platform said,

“It is with great pleasure for Vendit to announce that Uber has been added to Vendit’s payment system allowing people to be able to add credits to their Uber App by purchasing with cryptocurrencies…We believe this will set the benchmark in the use case scenario for cryptocurrencies and hope others believe it as well. We look forward to continuing the goal of mass adoption and adding more merchants in the near future. Stay tuned.”

In late 2018, Libereum, a European digital currency firm that was acquiring football clubs across the world, had acquired a substantial amount of equity in Vendit’s Payment Systems.

In case you were wondering… Uber has been added to Vendit’s payment system allowing people to add credits to their Uber App by purchasing with cryptocurrencies. We look forward to continuing the goal of mass adoption! Watch the Full Video

— Vendit Exchange (@VenditExchange) January 25, 2019

Users of crypto had been seeking for a method to add their cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin to their Uber app for a long time now. Some users on Twitter recently reignited the rumour that Uber had started to accept Bitcoin in Argentina due to the government’s restriction on the use of credit cards purchase rides from the firm. The rumour elaborated that the plan was to dilute the effects of the ban.

The incident, which happened around June 2016, made Argentine government restrict Uber in the country especially in Buenos Aires.

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