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Audio Nullifier Pro

Price: $2,250.00

Protect your conversations against all kinds of eavesdropping!

A top-of-the-line protection system. Create powerful audio interference against multiple listening devices. Compared to our Audio Nullifier the Audio Nullifier Pro provides an even higher level of protection against eavesdropping.


The generated audio interference cannot be cleared by any noise clearance methods; therefore, neither a listening device nor recorder is able to pick up conversations. The included headset allows users to hear each other with crystal clear quality. The multi-voltage unit is supplied in a sturdy carrying case and features an internal rechargeable battery that will last 2-4 hours.

Not all listening devices can be detected by existing methods. The Audio Nullifier Pro is a unique system for providing protection of human’s speech.

Most of these devices cannot be detected by conventional methods; Remote controlled radio microphones, wired microphones, passive resonators, miniature voice recorders. Even a modern cellular phone may contain a digital voice recorder; this means that any phone lying on the desktop could be used by an adversary to record a conversation. Therefore it is extremely important to have a reliable device protecting private conversations. The concept of this device is based on generating audio interference produced simultaneously with a human’s speech. The volume of this interference is higher than a person’s voice; neither listening device nor recorders  are able to pick it up.

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Protects against all known methods of listening, including all types of radio microphones, stethoscopes, voice recorders, passive resonators, wired microphones, etc.Features:

Professional system for protecting speech up to 6 people.

The system uses a standard multimedia headset. 4 headsets PLANTRONICS AUDIO 355 included in the standard set.

Absolutely harmless to your health: no microwave reflections or ultra-high sound noise.

Compared to our Audio Nullifier the Audio Nullifier Pro provides an even higher level of protection against eavesdropping.

The system is portable: supplied in a plastic carrying-case. It can be easily prepared for use.

Powered from an internal rechargeable battery. The Audio Nullifier Pro can work for up to 4 hours without mains supply.

The system can be used in any situation, it is especially valuable when conducting highly important negotiations in an unknown environment.


* Dimensions: 23 x 6.5 x17 cm
* Power Source: AC 220V Rechargeable Battery
* Type of Noise: Distortion Plus Reverberation


* Generator
* 4 Headsets
* Sponges For Headsets
* Power Charger 220V
* Manual

How Do I Defeat Hidden Microphones And Voice Recorders?

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