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SPY EAR III (Two-Way Communications System)

Price: $899.00

The Spy Ear Bud is a complete two-way (GSM-based) tri-band communications system enabling one to communicate to and from any location. Our new crystal-controlled Spy Earpiece III is the result of the latest chip technology (circuitry is integrated in a single silicon chip) which allows for its miniature size which makes it ideal for covert communications for law enforcement, government (currently in use by the DEA and the Secret Service), security, executive protection, private investigators, and investigative journalists.




SPY EAR III (Two-Way Communications System)




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The person wearing the ear piece wears the neck-loop coil which acts as a covert mic and also converts sounds at the same time. The other party simply calls into our GSAMs (can also be used as a stand-alone bugging device), (tri-band) unit and the coil converts the call(s) into audible sounds the earpeice wearer can understand.


* Instant Two-Way Communication!


* Simple And Yet Very Sophisticated!


* World-wide Usability!


* 1-2 Hours of Continuous Use. GSM Unit (Blackbox)


* Ear Piece Battery: 4-5Hrs.


It Takes Approx. 2hrs. To Fully Charge The SPY Ear Neckloop Coil’s Battery.


* Uses T-Moble preferably (GSM-based) Sim Cards


* Rechargeable Battery In Neckloop Coil Device Has Up To 6hrs. Total Use. * Lower Volume Provides More Battery-Time. 




  • Neck-Loop Coil
  • Ear Piece (Can Be Used With 2 Ear Peices: Optional $75.00)
  • GSAM’s Unit

    Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery




Make sure you’ve tested your sim card in an actual cell phone and it works. However, when you place that sim card in the sim card holder in this unit, Power Strip, Alarm Clock Radio,etc. and it doesn’t seem to work. Please place the unit near an open window or door to make sure it tests out there ok first prior to placing it in the target location. Sometimes the signal doesn’t quite reach the unit the same way cell phones signals work. So, you may need to try one or more different locations first. If possible, also try elevating the item off the floor to improve reception.


Note : Please send SMS ‘ 912 ‘ to the sim card to retrieve lost 3 digit pin code.


Note : It maybe necessary to place a small piece of paper in the sim-card holder along with the sim card in order to cause the sim’s contacts to actually touch the copper contacts of the sim holder. Use this method after you’ve verified that the sim card is actually working by placing it in a cell phone and making or receiving a call on that same phone. Sometimes the sim cards contact aren’t actually touching the sim holder contacts.


Note: SpyEar can be used with your own cellphone instead of GSM Box.


* For Improved Audio Quality When Calling into The Device, Please Use an Earpiece with Your Cell Phone That Has Two Ear Buds. For Stereo Effect.



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