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Now you can use one device to accomplish what normally requires a mulitude of products. Recover text messages on iPhones, Android and Blackberry, see deleted emails, videos or pictures and more.




Until now, deleted data recovery has been too complex for most computer users.


Imagine the convenience and portability of using one device to accomplish what normally requires a multitude of products. Connect, recover and get forensic quality data.


* Recover Text Messages On Iphones, Android And Blackberry
* Search Your Smart Phone Or PC For Over 25 Types Of Files
* See Deleted Emails, Videos Or Pictures
* Save, View,Or Delete Chat Logs
* Find Hidden Porn By Searching Internet Cache Files And Deleted Pictures
* Shred Selected File/Extension Types Permanently
* Clean Your Cached Data With The Privacy Erase Feature For Better System Performance And To Maintain Your Privacy


*Please Note: The storage device you are recovering data from must be a physical drive. Some cameras, such as iPhone cameras, only give logical drive access and images cannot be recovered from such devices. You must also have the proper media reader for some types of storage.


* Actual Recoverable Information Will Vary For Each Customer.




What Can the Data Retrieval Application Recover?


* Photos
* JPG (JPEG) Data Recovery
* .BMP (BITMAP) Data Recovery
* .PNG Data Recovery
* .TIFF Data Recovery
* .EMF Data Recovery
* MS Office Documents
* .DOC – Word Data Recovery
* .DOCX – Word 2007 Data Recovery
* .XLS – Excel Data Recovery
* .XLSX – Excell 2007 Data Recovery
* .PPT – Power Point Data Recovery
* .PUB – Publisher Data Recovery .VSD – Visio Data Recovery
* .MDB – Access Data Recovery
* Open Office Documents
* OpenDocument Spreadsheet Data Recovery
* OpenDocument Text Data Recovery
* Open Office OpenDocument Presentation Data Recovery
* OpenDocument Graphics Data Recovery
* OpenDocument Database Data Recovery
* Other Documents
* .PDF – Adobe PDF Data Recovery
* .RTF – Rich Text Format Data Recovery
* AutoCad Data Recovery
* MindManager Brainstorm and Process Control Data Recovery
* .CHM – Help File Data Recovery
* .HTML – Web Page Data Recovery
* Multi-Media
* .MP3 – MPEG Data Recovery
* Operating System Campatiblity
* Windows 98/SE
* Windows ME
* Windows XP/2000 Professional/ Home Editon
* Windows Vista 32/64/Home/Professional
* Windows 7 32/64/Home/Professional
* Up To The Latest Windows


Smartphone Data Reader Pro utilizes forensic quality data recovery of over 25 different types of files and works on most devices with flash memory including cameras, SD cards, and Smart Phones -including iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Plug the external device into a computer to have the Smartphone Data Reader Pro scan it. Retrieve deleted data at any time even if the recycle bin has been emptied.


Search for illicit use of a PC including online chatting and visits to pornographic sites.  Search your entire computer for chat logs from the most used messaging sites. Uncover the source of porn site visits and locate suspected pornographic images. This solution even scans deleted images and Internet cache files. Create a report in an easy to read format so you can see what your kids or employees are saying to people online.


Designed for personal computer management, the Smartphone Data Reader Pro  helps you locate and shred documents. Take this portable device wherever you go and use it on any computer you own.




*Smartphone Data Reader Pro


Please specify whether you have an android or iPhone. This will be mentioned in the “special comments” section of the “shopping cart”.


Note: Opened Software (CD’s Included) Can Not Be Returned. 



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