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Price: $650.00

Our new Midland (hidden nanny (4K) camera) is a VERY SMALL low profile AM/FM clock radio with weather band alert is completely self contained, totally secure, and easy to use. It’s a working weather band alert clock radio, but hidden inside is a high resolution camera and motion activated DVR!





Only 6 inches wide, 2.4 inches high and 4.2 inches deep This tiny radio appears “at home” in a multitude of locations. It can be used as a desk clock, shelf clock, clock radio, office clock, weather alert radio, or even travel radio. So small, nobody would ever suspect that there is a full function motion-activated DVR inside recording 160 hours of full 30fps hi-res black & white or color video.


This is a “Totally Covert” rentable solution including “invisible trap door” with special magnetic key to open. All radio functions work normally.


Take a look at all the hi tech features and we are sure you will agree that this is the only unit of its type for the serious user. You can buy it for long-term applications or just rent it for short-term situations or rent-to-own to make your purchase more affordable! This is a new model Midland AM/FM clock radio, with a built in weather band alert.


Exclusive “New Technology” not found on any other unit of its kind:


Magnetic “Trap Door” – Totally covert! Obsolete, old style units have SD cards located in battery compartment, resulting in no backup battery and anyone can open and easily see “tell tale” SD card slot. Our “Trap Door” technology is virtually impossible to locate or open unless you know the secret and have the special magnetic key.


Weather Alert Feature: This radio is at home in any room, office or warehouse, due to the exclusive weather alert.


Self-contained totally covert motion activated real time video or high-resolution “still shots” are recorded on a tiny SD card, housed in a hidden compartment.


* Channel : 7
* Alarm Type : Wake up to Local Weather, AM/FM or Buzz
* Frequency Band/Bandwidth : AM, FM
* Alert System : Turns On
* Weather Tuner : Digital
* Range : Up to 50 Miles
* Battery Volt : 4 X “AA”:
* Wall Power Module : Yes


Dimensions & Weight:


* Width: 6 Inches
* Height: 2.4 Inches
* Depth: 4.2 Inches
* Weight: .1 lbs


Alarm Clock Features:


* Radio: Midland 7 Channel Desktop Alarm Clock, Weather Alert Radio With AM FM Radio.
* 7 Channel All Hazard Alert Weather Radio
* AM/FM Radio Tuner
* Receives 24 Hour A Day National Weather Bureau Broadcasts
* Alert System Turns On And Overrides The FM Or AM Radio When Dangerous Weather Or Civil Emergencies Arise
* Digital Weather Tuner For Maximum Range Up To 50 Miles
* Choice Of Siren, Voice Or Visual Only Warnings
* Manual Override Gives Weather Data
* External Jacks For Power And Optional Range
* Extending Antenna
* Requires (4) AA Batteries
* Includes Wall Power Module



Motion activation significantly extends the monitoring time. The motion sensor allows for efficient and effective use of the micro SD memory card. Motion activation is particularly effective when there is infrequent motion in the desired recording area. Not only is the use of space maximized it increases the efficiency of reviewing the footage.


PC Viewable Video

View the recordings on any compatible PC. Retrieve the memory card and view the video.

Now Our Built In Night Vision Hidden Cameras Do It All!

Get After-Dark Surveillance In Your Security Plan.  Record In Complete Darkness!

With the integrated IR System and our intelligent camera the unit will adjust to be a perfect surveillance picture in any given lighting environment. This revolutionary hidden camera can see up to 20-30 feet in complete darkness. The units feature SD recording capability. Never deal with IP set-up hassles again.



Our hidden cameras are built into a variety of common working household and business fixtures and capture HD crystal clear video up to 60 frames per second. Supported by continuous power, they combine customizable recording features such as night vision, adjustable resolution, time/date stamp, and adjustable frame rate to make 24 hour surveillance a snap. Store up to 128GB of footage on a removable memory card.


* HD Resolution UP To 4K
* Selectable Resolution 4K-720
* Adjustable Frame Rates As High As 120FPS
* Indoor/Outdoor Hidden Video Surveillance Systems (Select Models)
* Night Vision – Hidden IR Lights Capture Video At Night (Select Models)
* Time/Date Stamped Files
* Digital CMOS Camera With 2160 Image Censor Provides Crystal Clear Captured Video
* Memory Card Recording For Portable, Transferable Storage – Up To 128GB
* Easy HD Video Playback Now Capable of Playback on Windows, Apple, Android And Other Platforms
* Life-Time Warranty






* 2280 x 2160 Effective Pixels

* Sensor Sony IMX326

* CMOS Sensor High-speed

* Video Imaging Function

* 1/2.7″ Lens

* IR Filter 940nm

* Aperture F2.2

* 120° Field of View



* Record Resolution: 4K: 24fps | 2K: 30fps | 1296P: 30fps | 1080P: 60fps & 30fps | 720P: 120fps, 60fps & 30fps

* H.264 Video Compression

* Time/Date Stamp

* Up To 128GB Memory Card Capacity (Class XC1) – Confirmed With Toshiba And Samsung EVO

* Adjustable Frame Rate

* 2 Recording modes – Motion And Continuous

* File Type – .MP4

* Operating Temp 32°F – 122°F

* TV or PC Playback


Requirements For System:

* No Software Required Our Files Are In .MP4

* Playback On PC or MAC

* VLC Media Player (Recommended)

* Quick Set Up Guide

* RCA Video Cable (Some Models)

* 32GB Memory Card

* IR Remote

Dimensions: 10.8” L x 3.8” W x 2.2” H
Weight: 0Lb. 8oz.


* * Uses VLC Media Player (Mac or PC) or DivX Media Player On SD Card Playback (PC, Mac). Download Free From The Internet.


* We Reserve the Right to Change Pictures, Videos, Specs., Prices and Descriptions Without Notice.


Two Playback Options – Recorded images/video can be played back directly from the unit by simply connecting the included RCA cable to your TV/Monitor and touching the play button on IR remote control. SD card can also be removed from unit and played on your PC via included SD card. No additional PC software needed.

We Offer The Most Product Selections Available

Our system is expertly built into more than a dozen different everyday items commonly used in a household or business environment. Our wide selection insures that a product is available for most any security application without raising suspension from anyone.This is the ultimate spy gadget of spy-gadgets.

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Optional: 3.5″ TFT LCD “Set Up” Monitor



3.5 ” Portable LCD “Set Up” Monitor Specially designed for surveillance systems, this portable high resolution TFT LCD monitor is ideal for setting up our DVR Based Hidden Cameras.


A single connector cable plugs into DVR Based Hidden Camera and into monitor, allowing quick set up of system parameters and camera viewing angle.


Videos can even be played back directly from the DVR Based Hidden Cameraand viewed on the LCD monitor.


Also great for CCTV installers, camera view can be adjusted and focused at installation. Included wrist strap allows for hands free viewing while setting up any CCTV camera. Powered for hours on rechargeable nickle-hydro batteries, unit can also accept “AA” batteries.




* 3.5″ TFT LCD Monitor
* (4) Rechargeable Batteries
* Wall Charger
* Wall Bracket
* AV (RCA) Input Cable
* AV (RCA) Output Cable
* Wrist Strap
* BNC to RCA Converter
* User Manual 

Item Description
Screen size 3.5-inch
Pixel 480 x 360
Power in DC 9V
power out DC 5V
Power supply 4pcs batteries
Power consumption 1.5W
Ambient temperature 0-50
Storage temperature -30-80
Weight Approximately 120g

Note: The Buttons Read as Follows: Menu, Up, Down & Escape


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