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United Airlines: A Case Study In Terrible Customer Service (#GotBitcoin?)

Gate Rep. Jeff Bennett is one of the worst examples of a customer service person I’ve ever seen. The Airport Police Had To Intervene. United Airlines: A Case Study In Terrible Customer Service (#GotBitcoin?)

United Airlines: A Case Study In Terrible Customer Service (#GotBitcoin?)

My flight which I cancelled) was delayed due to mechanical issues. Which normally would have been ok had Jeff handled the situation better.

He actually got upset at ME and told me to sit down saying that he would not talk to me. He initially told us that he would keep all of us posted as to whether or not our plane would ever take off.

The issue involved a heated window that was not working properly. Supposedly, the mechanics were going to try and replace a sensor and maybe that would fix the issue.

Well fortunately, a flight attendant who just happened to be walking through our gate was kind enough to stop and talk to us about the status of our flight. She asked, “why are y’all still here”?

Obviously, the majority of the people would not be able to make their connecting flights and should be making other arrangements. Jeff, failed to notify us (as he said he would) of the fact that an issue that he initially thought would be resolved in 30 minutes would take much longer. United Airlines: A Case Study In

Again, when I reminded Jeff that I needed to know the current status of our flight so we (me and my wife) could make other arrangements, he got upset at me and “ordered” me to sit down.

So, the airport police was called and another customer got angry at me for trying so hard to get straight answers as to OUR dilemma.

I called your main# (800) 864-8331 and talked to Amy about our options and she mentioned that United’s flights would involve waiting and “maybe” actually getting on a flight that actually connected to Los Angeles via Denver International Airport. She mentioned that we quite possibly could end up staying overnight in Denver.

I asked Amy about getting a “direct” flight to LAX from Tulsa, OK which she arranged for us.

I’m still in Tulsa, OK (as of 3:43pm, 5-1-2019) .

On my way to get some tea, as I have 3-4 hrs. to wait for my direct flight to LAX through American Airlines.

I met another customer “Emily” who just happened to be a part of our group when the yelling and cursing fiasco occurred at our gate (between myself and Gate Rep. Jeff Bennett and another customer). She informed me that she witnessed the whole situation and confessed that she had just talked to “Andy” Jeff Bennett’s (Gate Rep.) supervisor and informed the supervisor of Jeff’s total lack of customer service skills.

Anyway, I’m very disappointed in how this minor situation (which quickly escalated into a yelling and cursing issue) was handled.

I definitely will avoid using United Airlines at all cost in the future as me and my wife travel both nationally and internationally.

More To Follow….


Amy From United Arranged it.

Gate Rep. Jeff Bennett
American Airlines Boarding Pass (Confirmed)
Andy was Jeff’s Supervisor


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