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The Black Blockchain Summit (#GotBitcoin?)



The Black Blockchain Summit (#GotBitcoin?)

The summit, will bring together Blockchain Enthusiasts, Entrepreneurs and Thinkers to discuss a myriad of key challenges facing Black communities around the World. The objective of the summit is to find innovative and lasting solutions that disrupts the unsustainable status-quo, bringing lasting prosperity and independence as envisaged by freedom fighters and liberators in the “Arusha Declaration”. The Black Blockchain Summit


We Believe That Through Diligent Use Of Technology And Harnessing Black Cultural Competency; Problems Facing Black Societies Globally Can Be Mitigated In A Timely And Effective Manner.

Past Event:

2018 Summit:

Black Blockchain Summit: Cryptocurrency Event In Washington, DC

What Is Black Blockchain Summit?

The Black Blockchain Summit 2018, expected to be one of the world’s largest black blockchain event, is a two-day summit that seeks to connect Blockchain enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and thinkers from around the world to discuss the issues and challenges that black communities face globally. The Howard University in Washington DC will host the event in September 2018.

The summit aims at discovering innovative and long-lasting solutions to some of the challenges the black communities face such as an unsustainable status quo. In doing so, it will provide the black community with prosperity and independence that freedom fighters and liberators in the Arusha Declaration were anticipating for.

The Summit organizers believe that through the efficient utilization of technology and the competency of black culture, they can effectively eliminate or reduce some of the challenges that black communities face in a timely manner.

Black Blockchain Summit Agendas And Speakers

The Main Agendas Of The Summit During The Two Days Included:

How To Empower Black Communities Around The World

Utilization Of The Blockchain Technology In Order To Eliminate Social Inequities In The African Diaspora, As Well As Self-Hate, Racism, And Tribalism

How To Build A Blockchain Ecosystem That Observes A High Level Of Integrity And Doesn’t Have Any Scams

Capacity Building In The Blockchain Ecosystem

How Blockchain Technology Can Enable Environmental Justice, Food Security, And Sustainable Energy Among The Black Communities Globally

How To Hold Government Accountable Using The Blockchain Technology

The Reason Why The Participants Should Invest In Bitcoin

The Black blockchain summit will bring together over 20 speakers and panelists from around the world. The speakers will be mainly blockchain technologists, enthusiasts, and pioneers who will facilitate the sharing of information, opinions, recommendations, and ideas among the participants.

Black Blockchain Summit Key Speakers

Some Of The Keynote Speakers That Attended The Summit Included:

H.E. Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao, the African Union Ambassador to the United States

Alakanani Itireleng, The Founder Of Satoshi Centre, Which Is A Blockchain Hub In Botswana

Lamar Wilson, The Head Of Vision And Decision At Hijro Network

Max Keiser Who Is Currently A Producer At Keiser Report And Investor

Reggie Middleton, The CEO Of The Finance Blog Boom Bust And Veritaseum

Additionally, the Summit included an exhibition platform where some exhibitors or entrepreneurs demonstrated their exciting projects and their technologically advanced products or services that are founded by members of the global black community.

Companies or individuals that would like to participate in the next summit as sponsors can do so through the sponsorship package. The funds collected from the sponsor will be used to send invitations to entrepreneurs, exhibitors, and participants. The funds will also be used to ensure that the discussions, talks, and debates on the major challenges and issues facing the black community are top-notch.

How To Participate In The Next Black Blockchain Summit

Tickets will available on the EventBrite platform**. Payments can be made using fiat or cryptocurrencies. In cases where the participant would like to pay for the tickets using cryptocurrencies, they could send their contact information to the Summit team who will get back to the participants and direct them on how to initiate the payment.

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