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The Securely-Connected Home II

Securely-connected homes create peace-of-mind for homeowners and renters. The Securely-Connected Home II

The securely-connected home ties together appliances, heating, air conditioning, computers, security systems, smoke detectors, lighting, home entertainment devices and more. It allows users to control them all via remote control from the Internet or even portable hand-held devices. A securely-connected home allows all the electronics and systems in a home to work together and gives homeowners access to their house from anywhere on the planet.
The Securely-Connected Home IIA securely-connected home also can be an intelligent home — one that is wired to take care of itself and alert you to any problems, rather than the other way around. Improving safety and security is a prime concern in a securely-connected home.

Imagine a situation where there is a fire. An intelligent house can shut off the HVAC unit to avoid feeding the flames with oxygen. It also might shut off certain large appliances in the house or even main valves such as the natural gas.

Another more subtle application would be to monitor the presence of devices within the home. Homeowners would certainly like to know if their expensive plasma TV were in the process of being stolen. A securely-connected home could easily generate an alarm the instant a television is moved.

Control and Monitor Your Lamps, Appliances and programmable Wall Switches Remotely Via Computer
The Securely-Connected Home II

The benefits of a securely-connected home to homeowners are practically limitless. With the right surveillance system homes can offer everything from remote security and appliance control, to energy cost savings.

Control Your Home By Voice Command!
The Securely-Connected Home II
The return on investment also can be substantial. Intelligent lighting, heating and coolin
g systems can pay for themselves in just a few years. Experts predict that such smart homes wi
ll soon be in high demand and will sell faster than homes without connected technology. What’s more, insurance rates may even be reduced with a smart home. Safety and security products can be simply and economically installed in existing homes to protect families from fire and theft.

There’s really no limit to where securely-connected hometechnology may take us.

All we have to do is be willing to embrace this new technology.

Motion-Sensing, Solar Powered, WirelessCamera
The Securely-Connected Home II,The Securely-Connected Home II
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