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Resilience: How Women Use Obstacles To Fuel Their Success (#GotBitcoin?)

Resilience: How Women Use Obstacles To Fuel Their Success (#GotBitcoin?)

Today’s article chronicles how 20 ambitious women overcame adversity and reached new heights. Resilience: How Women Use Obstacles To Fuel Their Success

Resilience is a key trait of all the successful women who have been guests on our “Secrets of Wealthy Women” podcast.

The women whom I interview typically are household names in industries including beauty, fashion and entertainment. Many have faced hardships. They’ve coped with bitter divorces, failed businesses and sexual assault. They’ve had to fight for equal pay, leadership positions and funding for their businesses.

They’ve been stretched between work and family commitments, leaving little time for themselves. An important difference between these women and those who aren’t as successful is that they don’t quit. Yes, there were instances when they wanted to, but they kept going. Perhaps their initial goal changed or adapted with the circumstances, but they didn’t give up on themselves or their dreams.

They pressed on despite all of the rejections, other people’s negativity and their own personal traumas. They keep going.

Our “Secrets of Wealthy Women” podcast listeners tell us that they’re inspired by these women’s stories of bouncing back and overcoming what, at times, can feel like insurmountable obstacles.

The e-book being released today aims to share some of those stories of resilience. The goal is to inspire you and demonstrate that even if a woman appears to have a life full of wealth, fame and success, she’s encountered some sort of struggle along the way.

Great success is possible for you too—however you choose to define success. Yes, there will be sacrifices. There will be bumps and pivots along the way, but if you commit to your passion, believe in yourself and work hard at creating the life you truly desire, you can do it, these women say.

Resilience takes many forms. It may mean overcoming your own self doubts or the doubts of others. It can mean thriving despite sexual assault, prejudice or other trauma. It can mean having the courage to take a difficult first step, advocate for yourself or take a risk that everyone thinks is ill-advised. It also may mean learning to accept yourself as a woman, and if you’re a working mother, coming up with your own definition of work-life balance.

The e-book includes stories of 20 incredible women, including Katia Beauchamp, the co-founder of Birchbox. She says the key for many is forgoing the “mythical idea” of work-life balance. Instead, accept and be proud of what you do, however you decide to prioritize your life.

Significant success can come at any age. The subjects of the E-book understand that anything is possible (good or bad) and that you have the strength within you to cope with the challenges life will surely present. They also show that taking an active role in your finances can help you be prepared when those uncertain times occur.

Know you’re not alone. It is OK to ask for help. And during this Women’s History Month, know also there have been many women who have gone before you and who have thrived during and after difficulty. There are allies—women and men—who are ready and willing to help mentor and sponsor you.

You too can achieve greatness. You also can bounce back from failure. Don’t give up. We need you. The world needs you.

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