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The Intention Experiment The Largest Mind-Over Matter Experiment In History

The Intention Experiment – The Largest Mind-Over Matter Experiment in History 

Lynne McTaggart is one of the leaders of the New Thought movement, and her unique work provides a bridge between the worlds of science and spirituality.

Anyone who has read her two best-selling books “The Field” and “The Intention Experiment” will know that the hallmark of her work is thorough and in-depth research. The Intention Experiment The Largest Mind-Over Matter Experiment In History

The Intention Experiment The Largest Mind-Over Matter Experiment In History

How To Participate

The Intention Experiment The Largest Mind-Over Matter Experiment In History

  • Join Our Community Only members of the community can participate in our large-scale experiments. To join and learn about the community benefits, Click Here.
  • Note the date and time of the next Intention Experiment when we release it, and clear your calendar to be ready to participate that day. We usually run a count-down clock on the front of the website as an aid. We will also provide information about the time of the experiment in your own time zone. Readers around the world will be participating, so it is vital that all the readers send intentions at the exact same moment.
  • Open and read our weekly newsletter and any emails from us, which will offer updated instructions about the experiments.
  • Read the book The Intention Experiment . Although it’s not mandatory to read Lynne’s book in order to participate in the experiments, it will offer you a complete understanding of the power of intention. It also contains the Powering Up program, a simple but effective method of using intention, gleaned from the practices of scientists and many intention masters.

  • Practice Powering Up before the date of the experiment.
  • Register for the experiment, when you are asked to do so.
  • On the day of the experiment, come onto the website 10-15 minutes before the start of the experiment.
  • Follow the instructions. You will be given a target plus instructions about which intention to send.
  • Join the discussion groups on the Social Network and tell us about your own personal experience of the Intention Experiment.
  • Fill out the survey. We’ll send you a link to a survey afterward, so you can record your experiences, which will form part of ongoing research.
Intention Community Benefits

The Intention Experiment The Largest Mind-Over Matter Experiment In History

Experience a unique sense of unity! 

Join our worldwide community now 

Here at The Intention Experiment, we have many options for you to join us

1. You can join our membership and get a dynamic 48 month Living The Field lesson series, that is labeled as “the definitive guide to the New Science and spirituality”.

As an INTERMEDIARY member, you will be able to download a new lesson each month. Each lesson is 16 pages, As an ADVANCED member, you can access the lesson and you have an instant pass to each one of Lynne’s regular teleseminars on spirituality and the New Science.
Learn More By Visiting Us Here 

2 . You can also join our FREE Community . The Intention Experiment Community is an open and free community where people may express their views about the New Age, science and quantum physics, spirituality, religion, healing and philosophy. Join Us Here 

3. Additionally, you can sign up for access to Lynne’s newsletter, which guarantees you multiple benefits.
Simply sign up by clicking on the link below.

Whichever path you take, however you wish to be part of The Intention Experiment, we are glad you are here! Joining our worldwide community using the form above provides you with a number of important benefits: 

  • You get to participate in our global on-line experiments. Only members receive the special codes and web pages where the global experiments take place. Since this is a scientific experiment carried out under stringent conditions, we need to keep track of exactly how many people are participating and where they come from.
  • These experiments enable you experience a unique global sense of unity with thousands of others from 90 countries around the world. Our participants constantly write about the extraordinary experience of sending intention at the exact same moment as thousands from over all the globe.
  • You gain access to one of the largest and most powerful intention groups in the world. Our members have created hundreds of groups meeting regularly to send intention to each other or discuss spiritual or scientific topics of interest. When Dan was in a gas explosion and burned his hands, his group’s intentions may have been responsible for his ‘miracle’ recovery.
  • You stay current about the science of intention through Lynne McTaggart’s weekly newsletter. Lynne writes her own weekly updates about the experiment and the latest science on intention and spirituality in her highly praised weekly blog.
  • You gain access to enormous learning aids, for intention and other areas of spirituality. Lynne has a vast amount of learning aids available: downloads, master classes, DVDS, CDs, teleseminars and workshops. Members receive many discounts and privileges.
  • You or a loved one has the opportunity receive intention from the community as a whole. Many of our readers who have been chosen as an Intention of the Week report complete healing or improvement from our community’s loving intention.
  • You receive access to podcasts and video content with frontier scientists and major spiritual leaders. Lynne is a professional journalist, and records and films her many conversations and meetings with remarkable men and women on the frontier of discoveries.
  • You have access to your own Intention Experiment Social Network, where you can form groups, post videos and blogs, and join in the forum.

To gain access to the Intention Experiment Social Network site, you must sign in again separately. To Do So Click Here .

To gain access to The Field lessons, you must join here. To Do So Click Here .

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