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Do Not Hire Weiss, Bowens, & Magson, LLP (CPA CMA) Totally Incompetent!!!!!

This guy (Scott Weiss, owner Weiss, Bowens, & Magson, LLP  1255 Callens Rd, Ste A, Ventura, CA 93003) actually thought is was reasonable to charge me $335.00 for +- (7) transactions (sales)! I normally pay my regular accountant no more than $175.00 for at least 100-200 sales-related transactions!

When I asked him to justify this outrageous fee he had the poorest excuse I ever heard and I’ve been working with a real accountand for yrs. and we actually had hundreds of transactions as I mentioned above.

Also, Scott sent me a letter indicating “Past Due” (0) zero!

Do Not Hire Weiss, Bowens, & Magson, LLP (CPA CMA)

Wrong Company Mentioned On This Letter In Addition To “Past Due” Amount Being (0) Zero!

He’s obviously mixing-up client’s correspondence!

This is my current accountant’s response when I asked him about doing my “sales and use taxes”. Notice how honest they are about letting me know how easy it is (which it was. I actually did my “sales and use taxes” for 2019. Very quick and easy). As compared to Scott Weiss and company telling me that it took 6.4 hrs. just to enter information into the CDTFA’s website for only (7) transactions.


On Tue, Jan 28, 2020 at 1:14 PM frontdesk frontdesk <> wrote:
Yes, but we’ve never done your sales tax before; CDTFA is sales tax. We can do it, but it should be easy for you to log in and file it. If you want us to do it, we’ll need the account number, and express log in pass word, along with you total sales; and let us know if that number is wit h or without sales tax collected.
As far as your FTB LLC taxes, more then happy to help once you give us your Federal schedule C. Thanks.
Stephen Barberena
Bruce Miller & Associates
15315 Magnolia Blvd. Ste 113
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
Fax (818) 380-0114

Now he’s taking me to small claims court and now I have to demonstrate to the court how through his incompetence that a bill that should have been for no more than $200-300 (tops) has somehow grown to $914.00!

In this document Scott demonstrates once again his incompetence by identifying me as both the “defendant AND the plaintiff”!

Do Not Hire Weiss, Bowens, & Magson, LLP (CPA CMA) Totally Incompetent!!!!!

Owner, Weiss, Bowens, & Magson, LLP (CPA CMA)

Apr 9, 2019, 11:02 PM

To Scott

Hi Scott,

This is actually the least of amount of sales I’ve ever had to deal with. It should have only been 5-10 minutes worth of work.

(7) Customers only. See below:

Anya :   $120.00    (La, Ca)

Robyn : $87.00   (Stevenson Ranch, CA)

National City : $250.00 San Diego, Ca

Granada Hills : $450.00  (Granada Hills, Ca)

Granada Hills : $1400.00 (Granada Hills, Ca)

Uriel Naranjo:   $287.00    Turlock, CA

Granada Hills : $250.00  (Granada Hills, Ca)

Total Rentals: $2,844.00


Carole :    $350.00     San Diego, CA

Total Purchases: $350.00

Grand Total: $3,194.00

From: Scott Weiss []

Sent: Tuesday, January 15, 2019 3:49 PM

To: ‘Monty Henry’

Subject: RE: ping

Hello Monty,

Please find attached our “engagement letter”. It is designed primarily for our income tax clients, however, you will see it will cover bookkeeping, payroll tax, sales tax, consulting etc. Please read it, sign it, and return to us. Our fee is based on the time spent. My rate is $160 an hour and my staff is $150 for this type of work. This should take about an hour, and our min fee for this engagement is $125.00


In his claim he filed with the court, he listed the name of my company incorrectly.

Do Not Hire Weiss, Bowens, & Magson, LLP (CPA CMA) Totally Incompetent!!!!!

Wrong Company Mentioned In This Claim!

Not sure if these guys are paying attention to any of the details of what their doing.

I will never deal with this incompetent crook ever again. Nor would I suggest that anyone spend a dime on these people.

I honestly think they are crooks.


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