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Cities With Republican Mayors Also Had Protests Which Resulted In Property Damage

Most cities have councils or commissions in addition to mayors, though. Cities With Republican Mayors Also Had Protests Which Resulted In Property Damage

Very few large cities have Republican mayors. Because being exposed to a lot of different people and viewpoints, such as you might find in cities, strongly correlates with liberalism. Thus, population density is a decent predictor of election outcomes, which is interesting.

Protests and riots depend on the number of people who show up, and so they mostly occur in large cities.

This explains why few Republican mayors are dealing with these issues, and it has nothing to do with their governance; only that riots take people, and places with a lot of people don’t elect republicans.

Going strictly by the party of the mayor seems a bit misleading. That would be kind of like saying Massachusetts is Republican-run because the Governor is currently a Republican, even though Massachusetts is one of the bluest states in the country

Republicans Hoping Fears Of Antifa And Riots Will Carry Them In November

“Law and order is on the ballot,” Vice President Mike Pence declared from the podium Monday afternoon at the Republican National Convention. President Trump decried Democratic mayors’ deference to rioters in cities such as Minneapolis, New York, Portland, and Seattle. “They’re pathetic,” Trump said. “They let them riot every night.”

The lawlessness and disorder in American cities this summer, as protests against police violence gave way to naked looting and anarchist violence and property destruction, provides a point of political light for a Republican Party on the decline.

Republican delegates in town for the shrunken convention expressed hope that voters, especially the heavily educated suburban voters who have been trending Democratic for 20 years, would recoil from the Democratic Party because of left-wing violence in Democrat-run cities. They made the case that this is a central issue in the election.

“Our law-and-order situation in this nation is totally out of hand,” Alabama Republican Chairwoman Terry Lathan told me Sunday morning when I asked her the biggest issue facing the country right now. “It’s being allowed to run amok.”

Lathan specified she was talking about “the violent protests. Not the protesters, but the violent protesters, especially antifa.”

Many other delegates shared these sentiments. “What we’re seeing in the streets of some of our major Democratic-controlled cities is indicative of what’s at stake,” Bruce Hough, a Utah delegate, told me.

“We have to move forward in a way that honors the communities that need help and acknowledge that we have to do it in a way that is securing our rights of peaceful demonstration and security for businesses and for citizens.”

Support for the police is part of this pitch. Eddie Edwards is a former policeman, a former congressional candidate, a Trump delegate, and a black man. “One party certainly supports the police. One does not,” Edwards said. “I think the Democrats have abandoned the police in this country.”

The destruction of inner cities, while Democratic mayors capitulate, ought to move not only suburban voters, but urban black voters, some Republicans argued.

“Look at the riots” in Minneapolis, said Republican National Committeeman Rick Rice. “Republicans have had no say in that city for decades, look at the results. Democrats continually put out platitudes about nice things they’re going to do for the minority community. And what ends up happening? It’s the same old same old year in, year out.”

Baltimore congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik earned a speaking slot at the Republican National Convention after her campaign put forth a damning ad about the state of Democratic-run cities.

There’s some evidence that the issue is making the impact Republicans hoped. For one thing, violent crime is climbing in importance among voters, with nearly as many people in the United States (53%) saying it is very important for their vote as say the same about the coronavirus (63%).

But Democrats refuse to talk about it. Joe Biden has continuously refused to condemn looting, violence, and property destruction. He ignored the issue at his convention, and in his comments following a police killing of a black father in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Biden never even mentioned the subsequent senseless rioting.

But here’s the question: What does reelecting Trump have to do with any of this? The violence is happening while Trump is president. These are local law enforcement issues. It would make more sense for a Republican mayoral candidate in Portland or Minneapolis to bring it up, or even a presidential challenger, but the incumbent?

I asked Lathan this question. She replied, “The president has repeatedly said, ‘If you will, give me the opportunity, I’ll send federal troops in to help your city.’ If they choose not to do that, then they’re being complicit and aiding and abetting those that are destroying their cities.”

So maybe the mayors would be more likely to go along with Trump in a second term if it weren’t seen as aiding his reelection?

Hough, from Utah, speculated, “If the president is successful in his reelection effort, [it] is going to help lots of local elections as well.”

Trump, in his ad-libbed remarks Monday, put it this way: Look at Portland, Seattle, and now the conflagrations in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Were Biden elected, “This is the way our whole country would be.”

Outside of the convention center on Sunday, I ran into a protester, self-described “hip-hop Republican” Darius Mitchell. He was put off by this line of argument:

“You’re the party of Abraham f—ing Lincoln,” Mitchell said. “You’re the party of Frederick Douglass. And you’re dependent on people’s negative opinions of the riots to prop up why people should vote for you. That’s ridiculous.”

Maybe Trump this week, or Tom Cotton, can draw the rhetorical line that explains why rioting in Trump’s America would go away in Trump’s Second-Term America.

Democratic-Run States Are Contributing A Majority Of Federal Tax Dollars

If there was one clear theme to emerge from the Republican National Convention, it was President Donald Trump’s firmly-held belief that whatever ails American cities is the fault of Democratic control. In some ways, his attack last year on Baltimore as a “disgusting, rat and rodent infested” were just a warm-up.

Now, he’s calling himself the “law and order” candidate and in his acceptance speech vowed to crack down on “rioting, looting, arson and violence we have seen in Democrat-run cities.”

In other words, he is pursuing just another variation on his long-running, pre-COVID-19 narrative that none of the problems facing cities stems from systemic racism or police misconduct or concentrated poverty or the war on drugs or the neglect of cities by the federal government, it’s all because the various mayors and council members have a “D” after their names.

To put it even more simply, one-party rule is the cause of bad outcomes, not extenuating circumstances or even gun-toting counter-protesting teens itching for a fight.

That’s a convenient point of view for a Republican president seeking reelection at a time of national calamity and personal failure. If President Trump has a skill, it’s distracting his followers and shifting blame away from himself.

The convenience of this viewpoint is clear: It allows him not to talk against racism but to spout it and even encourages his core supporters, the white working class, to see themselves as victims. But there’s also one serious flaw in his strategy. Somebody is bound to notice at some point that if party affiliation is the sole or even primary cause of bad outcomes, the Grand Old Party has some serious explaining to do of its own.

What states have produced the least educated populace? That would be Mississippi and West Virginia. They are governed by Republicans. Which has the greatest percentage of people living below the poverty line? There is Mississippi again.

Mississippi hasn’t had a Democratic governor in two decades. Alabama, Arkansas, South Dakota, Oklahoma, that’s not just a list of states where the GOP has a lock on statewide elected office, it also happens to be a partial list of states with the highest infant mortality rates.

You name the measure of prosperity, education, health and well-being and chances are a state with a Republican governor and usually a Republican-controlled legislature have the worst outcomes.

And here’s what really ought to get those conservative wags fuming. It’s not just that these “red” states are failing, it’s that they are taking in federal tax dollars much faster than their “blue” counterparts.

Earlier this summer, the website WalletHub did a study of states based on how much they collectively pay in federal taxes versus how much they receive in return in the form of federal aid. What states are running the biggest deficits (getting far more out of Uncle Sam then they give)?

The top 10 include Mississippi (of course), West Virginia, Alaska, South Carolina, Indiana, Arizona and Wyoming. All have Republican governors and Republican-controlled state legislatures. Just three on that list, New Mexico, Montana and Kentucky, have a Democratic governor (with Montana and Kentucky having GOP-controlled legislative branches).

Cities With Republican Mayors Also Had Protests Which Resulted In Property Damage. An Incomplete List Of Examples:

Most cities have councils or commissions in addition to mayors, though. Going strictly by the party of the mayor seems a bit misleading. That would be kind of like saying Massachusetts is Republican-run because the Governor is currently a Republican, even though Massachusetts is one of the bluest states in the country and their State Senate is 34-4-2 D-R-I and their House is 126-31-1. Miami, for example, is an extremely blue city, despite the fact that their (officially non-partisan) Mayor’s office is currently held by a Republican. – reirab Jun 3 at 15:45
@reirab Calling Massachusetts democrat-run would be a stretch though. Same with cities with republican mayors, so this doesn’t seem relevant regarding Trumps claim about ” Liberal Democrat run (only) cities”. But eg Jacksonville City council currently has a republican majority. – tim Jun 3 at 16:01
Tulsa also has a Republican mayor. Nodding to @reirab, the City Council is non-partisan, but the city itself has voted for the Republican candidate in at least the last 3 presidential elections, so its electorate is majority Republican. – T.E.D. Jun 3 at 19:33
You might also consider that Republican controlled cities are less likely to have large populations (or rather that cities with large populations tend not to have Republican governments). – DJClayworth Jun 5 at 18:08
I was making no claim about why this is the case, just getting data. Another possible reason is that democrat cities are more likely to protest police brutality, and there is a certain chance that any given protest turns into a riot. – rtpax Jun 5 at 18:34
How is the politics of the cities on this list decided? I think you should mention that “calling out the National Guard” is apparently how they decided who made the list. Not a bad metric for “lawlessness”, I suppose, but it is a very specific thing. Among the top 50 cities not listed, is it correct to assume those cities have not had the National Guard deployed within their boundaries? – fredsbend Jun 5 at 19:23
@fredsbend political affiliation was determined by the political party of the current mayor. The article doesn’t explicitly say that these cities had the national guard sent in, so I’m unsure if that’s true. It says 24 states had the national guard sent in, over 30 cities had riots, no connecting statement between them that I saw – rtpax Jun 6 at 2:08
You need a baseline / control: most large cities are predominantly democratic. The data is therefore misleading. – 6005 Jun 6 at 13:05

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