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Bitcoin Graveyard or Bitcoin Obituaries 2.0 (#GotBitcoin?)

Bitcoin Graveyard Or Bitcoin Obituaries 2.0 (#GotBitcoin?)

What Is The Bitcoin Graveyard?

The Bitcoin Graveyard Was Created For Two Reasons:

1. Dispel FUD On The Notion That Bitcoin Is Dead. 
2. Show The World The Power Of The Lightning Network ⚡️ By Allowing People To Buy Flowers To Lay Next To Any Tombstone And Also Leave A Note Of Condolence.

Price Per Flower Is Only 1000 satoshi or 0.01 mBTC or $0.035

How Do I Leave Flowers Or My Condolences With The Lightning Network ⚡️

The Bitcoin Graveyard uses the Lightning Network (LN) which is an amazing technology built on top of Bitcoin. By using the LN you can seamlessly send & receive various sizes of Bitcoin in seconds and virtually for free! Learn more about the Lightning Network here

How Do I Get And Setup A Wallet?

In order to leave flowers or a message of condolence via the Lightning Network, you need a Lightning Network enabled Bitcoin wallet.

For Android devices, we highly recommend the Eclair Wallet, which you can get here

For iOS devices, we highly recommend Blue Wallet, which you can get here

Don’t have time to setup LN enabled Bitcoin wallet, but still want to leave flowers or your condolences?

Not to worry, you can send your contribution to the following Bitcoin Address: 3CLPp9wFCn9CD59nvi2xWpBR4b6q8VK3gD and don’t forget to shoot us a message at with the TX id and we will help get you all set up from there.

Where Does All The Money Go?

Any and all contributions are first and foremost greatly appreciated. All proceeds are reinvested back into the platform and community that’s designed to promote adoption by way of helping people learn more about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and in particular cryptocurrency trading! You can check it out here


Primary source for obituaries: 99 Bitcoins

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