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Our all new Wireless Camera Finder quickly and easily finds single or multiple hidden wireless cameras and lets you see what they see. The 2.5″ color TFT high resolution monitor displays the video image while the LCD window shows the exact frequency of transmission. Automatically scans all the commonly used video frequencies in less than 5 seconds and “locks-in” on any video camera transmitter and sounds an audible alert tone. Selectable antenna sensitivity allows “lock-in” on sources up to 200 of feet away (depending on power of source transmitter). Durable all metal case.



Video Demonstration File


* Full Range Frequency Scanning from 900MHz ~ 6GHz
* 2.5″ High Resolution Monitor
* LCD Display Shows Frequency and User Setting Details
* Full Range Video Protocol auto-switching for PAL / NTSC,  CCIR / EIA
* Dual Power “AA” batteries or External AC adaptor (AC adaptor optional)
* Auto and Manual Scanning Modes
* “Fine Tuning” Rocker Switch for use after alert
* Battery life indicator on LCD
* Antenna Sensitivity Indicator on LCD
* Audible Alarm on/off Indicator on LCD
* Preset Channels Provide Simple 1 – 2 – 3 Detection, Spanning 3 Commonly Used Camera Frequencies(1.2, 2.4, 5.8 Ghz Channel Presets).
* Detect Wireless Hidden Cameras up to 200 Ft. Away (Distance May Depend on Transmitting Strength of Camera).
* Antenna 1 – Detects 900MHZ – 3.0GHz
* Antenna 2 – Detects 5.0GHz – 6.0GHz
* 3 Detection Modes: Manual, Auto, LockIcons on the Wireless Camera Finder: * Dwell Time (The first icon) : How many seconds it’s taking to receive the video.
* House Icon: Receiving Sensitivity
* Bell Icon: Alarm Audio Switcher (turn on or off)
* Battery Indicator: Battery Level
* Antenna Icon: Antenna IndicatorCharge The Batteries While They Are Installed. For up to (4hrs.)Customer Feedback:Hi Monty,I deeply appreciate your help in this matter. The articles on your website have been very enlightening & have brought me a certain peace of mind, understanding what’s been happening to me as a TI & realizing I’m not alone. Your research has led me to discover a lot more about frequencies &  electronic harassment. Plus you’ve given me some great safety tips. After reading about the Schumann resonance, I began meditating daily to binaural beats & this has calmed me tremendously.

Thank you so much! Keep up the great work! You’re really helping people who might otherwise feel alone & powerless.

Blessings, Allyson

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Note: We Reserve The Right To Ship To Rental Customers Either The 2.4Ghz or The 6Ghz Unit Depending On Availability.

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