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Project To Clean Worlds Ocean Of Plastic Officially Launches


OVER 5 TRILLION PIECES OF PLASTIC CURRENTLY LITTER THE OCEAN Trash accumulates in 5 ocean garbage patches, the largest one being the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, located between Hawaii and California. If left to circulate, the plastic will impact our ecosystems, health and economies. Solving it requires a combination of…

Banks’ Sharing Of Financial Crime Data Raises Questions On Ethics (#GotBitcoin?)


Banks, regulators and law-enforcement agencies are sharing more intelligence through voluntary networks to deter money laundering and terrorism financing. As the practice spreads, so do the risks of data mishandling, observers said. Information-sharing partnerships are sprouting across the global financial landscape. The U.K. pioneered the practice in 2015, and new…

Despite Cleanup Vows, Smartphones And Electric Cars Still Keep Miners Digging By Hand In Congo (#GotBitcoin?)


Supply chains at Apple, VW and others still include the owner of a mine where workers produce cobalt without safety equipment. KOLWEZI, Congo— Apple Inc., Volkswagen and about 20 other global manufacturers found themselves on the defense when Amnesty International reported two years ago that the cobalt in some of…

‘Crypto Tourists’ Flee as Bitcoin Slump Drags On (#GotBitcoin?)


Value of cryptocurrencies has slid 76% after exceeding $800 billion earlier this year. The cryptocurrency rout that began early this year with the popping of the bitcoin bubble has only gotten worse, and there is little sign things will get better soon. The total value of all cryptocurrencies fell below…

The Government May Want To Buy Your Dying Mall (#GotBitcoin?)


Local governments worry that dying malls will blight the landscape, so they are buying them up. Local governments across the U.S. are taking over dying shopping malls. These municipalities, concerned that vacated retail centers will blight the landscape and drag down surrounding property values, have been buying up malls they…

China To Join Russian Drills In Sign Of Growing Military Ties (#GotBitcoin?)


The maneuvers in Russia’s far east will take place as both countries’ relations with the U.S. show strains. Chinese and Russian troops begin joint maneuvers Tuesday, marking the first time Moscow has invited a country outside a tight circle of former Soviet allies to its largest annual exercises and offering…

Marshall Islands To Adapt Crypo-currencies Despite IMF Warning


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has advised against the Republic of the Marshall Islands' plan to introduce a digital currency as a second legal tender alongside the U.S. dollar. The Marshall Islands – a remote chain of islands in the central Pacific – passed a law on the issue in…

U. S. Belileves Russia Behind ‘Sonic Attacks


U.S. now believes Russia is behind ‘sonic attack’ on 26 embassy personnel in Cuba. Diplomatic worker in China similarly afflicted in what are now believed to have been microwave, rather than sonic, attacks. Russia is believed to be behind the strange “sonic attacks” that have left U.S. diplomats with concussion-like…

The 5G Race: China And U.S. Battle To Control World’s Fastest Wireless Internet (#GotBitcoin?)


At stake are billions of dollars in royalties, a head start in developing new technologies and national security. The early waves of mobile communications were largely driven by American and European companies. As the next era of 5G approaches, promising to again transform the way people use the internet, a…

Cryptocurrency Startups Combine As Wall Street Blockchain Effort Falters (#GotBitcoin?)


Chain and Lightyear, built around the technology underpinning bitcoin, are combining into a new company called Interstellar. Chain Inc., a startup working with Nasdaq Inc. and others to build a blockchain-based trading platform, is merging with another cryptocurrency startup, a sign that efforts to plug the technology behind bitcoin into…

Marijuana-Research Applications Go Nowhere at Justice Department (#GotBitcoin?)


Sessions is longtime critic of pot use, though he has voiced support for research on drug. Two years after the Drug Enforcement Administration began accepting requests to grow marijuana for federally approved research, none have been answered, leaving more than two dozen applicants in limbo, people familiar with the process…

How Sauna Use May Boost Longevity & Prevent Alzheimer’s


In my video on the topic of sauna use, I suggested that hyperthermic conditioning might: * Improve Athletic Endurance * Prevent Muscle Atrophy * Improve Insulin Sensitivity * Increase Neurogenesis (The Growth Of New Brain Cells) * Improve Learning/Memory * Possibly Increase Longevity In this article, I'm going to pick…