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Internet-Interception Equipment: Targets Emails, Online Chats and Facebook Messages Using Massive Interception


French technology company is offloading its business that sells Internet-interception equipment, a move that comes six months after it became public that Moammar Gadhafi's regime had been using the technology to spy on Libyans. The company said it had "signed an exclusivity agreement with a view to negotiating the sale…

How To Stop Flame and Stuxnet (Super-Malware) Dead in Their Tracks


A new plug-and-play device for factories and power plants could stop malicious code from triggering a major malfunction, or worse. Let me introduce you to Norm. "Norm!" No, not George Wendt. Norman is an IT security company based in Norway that's selling a box that just might save the world from the…

Facebooks Apps. Are Selling You Out!


Not so long ago, there was a familiar product called software. It was sold in stores, in shrink-wrapped boxes. When you bought it, all that you gave away was your credit card number or a stack of bills. Now there are "apps"—stylish, discrete chunks of software that live online or…



Receive Automated Product/Service Announcements HIDDEN CAMERAS BUILT-IN DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDER VS WIRED AND WIRELESS HIDDEN CAMERAS Why bother with hiding or wiring coax cables, programming time-lapse recorders or dealing with poor wireless signals (transmitting your images all over the neighborhood!) preventing you from getting the critical video evidence you need?…

How to Track a Cell Phone Even When It’s Not Being Used


The U.S. Department of Justice now says its use of a cellphone-tracking device in a controversial Arizona case could be considered a "search" under the Fourth Amendment, a tactical move legal experts say is designed to protect the secrecy of the new cell phone locators. For more than a year,…

How to Survive a Kidnapping


Anyone may be kidnapped or have a member of their family kidnapped. Unfortunately, most people don't know how to deal with kidnappers or how to survive the ordeal if they themselves are kidnapped or taken hostage. Here are some easy steps so you can be prepared. There's a simple procedure…

Radon Gas Detection


Epidemiological studies have shown a clear link between breathing high concentrations of radon and incidence of lung cancer. Thus, radon is considered a significant contaminant that affects indoor air quality worldwide. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency , radon is the second most frequent cause of lung cancer,…

Loss Prevention


Courtesy of the DPL-Surveillance-Equipment.com Loss Prevention Team Loss Prevention has become as important to retail profits as products, pricing and promotion. Retailers can preserve -- and often increase -- profits simply by investing in systems that reduce shoplifting and internal theft . U.S. retailers lose $38 billion every year to shrinkage. Many retailers…

Phishing/Scamming: Why You Shouldn�t Take The Bait!


Phishing/Scamming (Audio File) One of the primary reasons for the severe increase in phishing/scamming among and individuals and smaller organizations is that online criminals believe these institutions and people do not possess the resources, knowledge or employees to protect themselves or respond to a phishing/scamming attack. Many of the larger…

Fraud Prevention Tips


In Our Ongoing Efforts To Distribute Current Fraud Trends; Here Are Several New Trends That The DPL-Surveillance-Equipment.Com Loss Prevention Team Would Like To Bring To Your Attention: The Romance Scam: You become emotionally involved with someone you've been communicating with on an Internet dating site. Your love interest tells you he/she…

How to Evade a Wiretap


The technology used for decades by law enforcement agents to wiretap telephones has a security flaw that allows the person being wiretapped to stop the recorder remotely, according to research by computer security experts who studied the system. It is also possible to falsify the numbers dialed, they said. Someone…

One Big Mesh


The high-profile attention to public safety and homeland security is driving the video surveillance industry to adopt newer digital technologies to replace the analog CCTV systems that currently represent most of the camera systems in use today.  Not surprisingly, the Internet also is transforming the surveillance industry, thanks to DPL-Surveillance-Equipment.com 's new…