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Chinese Tech Shares Tumble on Spying Concerns (#GotBitcoin?)


Shares of China’s Lenovo and ZTE fall more than 10% each. The escalating trade fight between Washington and Beijing is sending a chill through investors in Chinese technology companies that sell to the U.S. Hong Kong-listed shares of Lenovo Group Ltd. , the Chinese maker of PCs and servers, fell…

Food Banks Reap Unexpected Bounty From Trade Disputes (#GotBitcoin?)


Government set to deliver $1.2 billion in products bought from farmers as tariff relief. Volunteer Francine Housier sorts donations at the Maryland Food Bank in Baltimore. Food banks across the U.S. are gearing up for an influx of pork, apples and cheese when trucks begin delivering $1.2 billion of agricultural…

Wells Fargo, Ford, JPMorgan Chase, Verizon, Etc. To Lay-off 100,000+ Employees (#GotBitcoin?)


More than a quarter of carrier’s workforce affected in effort to cut $10 billion in costs. Verizon Communications Inc.’s offer of voluntary severance packages last month was made to roughly 44,000 employees, or more than a quarter of the carrier’s workforce. A spokesman for the company confirmed the scope of…

Pocket-Sized Spectrometers Reveal What’s In Our Foods, Medicines, Beverages, etc..


You want to know what’s in your food before you buy it, before you order it, and before you eat it - because your health depends on what you eat. Foodscanners detect the molecular "signature" of your food and then sends the details to your smartphone through its Bluetooth connection.…

Lab-Grown Meat Raises Regulatory Questions (#GotBitcoin?)


Specifically, who should oversee it: the USDA or the FDA? The uncertainty creates a challenge for startups. Who decides whether meat developed in a laboratory is safe to eat and, if it is, how it can be marketed? That’s the question regulators face as scientists develop new meats grown from…

Brain Scans Can Detect Who Has Better Skills (#GotBitcoin?)


Experts say newly published research represents a step toward systems that can assess levels of expertise and competence using neurological data. To gain new insight into how highly specialized workers learn skills or react to stressful situations, researchers are leveraging advanced scanning technologies to look at what’s happening inside the…

Six Technologies That Could Shake the Food World (#GotBitcoin?)


Printed meals, edible bar codes and facial-recognition technology for cows are among the innovations transforming the food industry. A machine that prints chicken nuggets. Fake shrimp made out of algae. Edible coverings that keep fruit fresh. These inventions—and many more—are part of a technological revolution that is poised to shake…

Cameras For Cows (#GotBitcoin?)


Facial-recognition technology is helping farmers track cows on dairy farms—and give them insight into the animals’ behavior. The same software used to catch jaywalkers in China and verify travelers boarding airplanes can identify cows using their faces and the patterns of their hides. From there, it can monitor how much…

Cyber-Espionage Experts Want to Know Who’s Exposing China’s Hacking Army (#GotBitcoin?)


Group called Intrusion Truth (@intrusion_truth) has published information online about hacking campaigns. The world’s cyber-sleuths are investigating a new mystery: Who is behind an anonymous effort to expose China’s hacker army? An anonymous group calling itself Intrusion Truth in August published a blog post about one of the most prolific…

Trump Administration Sues Over California Net-Neutrality Law (#GotBitcoin?)


Justice Department contends state overstepped authority after Gov. Jerry Brown signed law Sunday. California Gov. Jerry Brown on Sunday signed a bill reinstating Obama-era open-internet rules in the state, and the Justice Department responded almost immediately with a lawsuit seeking to overturn the law. In a statement, Attorney General Jeff…

A Solution to Unreadable Online User Agreements (#GotBitcoin?)


We click on them without thinking and without fully understanding what we’re agreeing to. It’s time to fix that. Accept. Agree. Submit. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve clicked on buttons like these, agreeing to online terms of service that I haven’t actually reviewed. I’m hardly unusual: According…

Becoming A Exercise-aholic Can Be A Disease (#GotBitcoin?)


Exercise is very essential for the human body.  However, a exercise-aholic loses the benefit of exercise and strays into exercise becoming a bad habit. People who exercise everyday – morning, afternoon and evening – are in big trouble, because resting is also an important part of exercise. Our bodies are…