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New Guidelines For Treating High Cholesterol Take A Personal Approach (#GotBitcoin?)


Physicians should consider a patient’s family history of cardiovascular disease and in some cases a heart scan before prescribing drugs. A patient’s family history of cardiovascular disease and in some cases a heart scan are among the factors that physicians should consider before prescribing drugs to lower cholesterol, according to…

US Witnesses The De-dollarization of The Global Economy (#GotBitcoin?)


Russia Demotes Dollar’s Role at Home, Taking a Swipe at U.S. To ease sanctions pressure, Moscow promotes use of ruble and other currencies in trade deals. Russia is trying to wean itself off the greenback as its economy buckles under U.S. sanctions and the country prepares for stricter penalties expected…

Federal Reserve To Begin Publishing Financial Instability Report (#GotBitcoin?)


New report will come out semiannually beginning Nov. 28. The Federal Reserve said Friday it plans to start publishing a periodic report on the instability of the U.S. financial system, a bid to shed light on a potential source of risk as the economy’s expansion collapses. The Financial Instability Report…

WSJCoin: The Cryptocurrency That Never Was (#GotBitcoin?)


The Wall Street Journal embarked on a mission to create its own virtual token, but encountered hurdles along the way. Earlier this year they had a brilliant idea—OK, maybe just an idea. They cornered a pack of Wall Street Journal editors in a room and pitched an editorial project that…

Dow Falls 600 Points As Tech Rout Hits Stocks (#GotBitcoin?)


Decline erases a rally in energy shares, which had bounced higher with oil prices; Dow industrials fall 600 points. The Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled about 600 points Monday as anxiety over the health of technology behemoths sparked a broad retreat from the stock market. Monday’s selling began in the…

China Approves Use of Rhino, Tiger Parts For Medical Treatment And Research (#GotBitcoin?)


Change eases 25-year ban and draws criticism from activists concerned to protect endangered species. China has relaxed a 25-year ban on the sale and use of rhinoceros and tiger parts amid efforts to bolster the traditional Chinese medicine industry, angering activists who say it undercuts efforts to protect endangered animals.…

Banks In Support of Iran’s National Sanctions-Busting Cryptocurrency (#GotBitcoin?)


The Islamic Republic of Iran is making great strides towards adopting a national Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) to strengthen its internal and external trade. In fact, as announced by the Iranian news portal Ibena, Seyyed Aboutaleb Najafi, the CEO of Informatics Services Corporation (ISC), has declared that the project…

U.S. On A Course To Spend More On Debt Than Defense (#GotBitcoin?)


Rising interest costs could crowd out other government spending priorities and rattle markets. In the past decade, U.S. debt held by the public has risen to $15.9 trillion from $5.1 trillion, but financing all of that debt hasn’t been a problem. Low inflation and strong global demand for safe U.S.…

Travel Mistakes That Can Land You In The Hospital (#GotBitcoin?)


A spin in an unfamiliar vehicle? A selfie with a monkey? On vacations and business trips, travelers often take chances they would never consider at home. Smart travelers do dumb things. We do things on the road that we would never attempt at home. We let down our guard, stop…

To Fight This Generation of Hackers, Companies Take A Cue From Spies (#GotBitcoin?)


Threat-intelligence services give companies a clearer view of the dangers they’re facing. After years of being caught flat-footed by hackers, companies are turning to cybersecurity defenses called threat intelligence to fend off a new generation of criminals and spies trying to steal their secrets and money. Threat-intelligence services can include…

Google To End Forced Arbitration For Sexual-Harassment Claims (#GotBitcoin?)


Chief Executive Sundar Pichai also promises regular reports on harassment claims, more support to those who raise concerns. Google said it will end its requirement for employee sexual-harassment claims to be handled in private arbitration, a move that comes one week after thousands of workers walked out of the company’s…

BlackRock Offices Raided in German Tax Probe (#GotBitcoin?)


Investigation into historical trades has already embroiled several other firms and banks. German prosecutors searched the Munich offices of BlackRock Inc. drawing the world’s largest asset manager into a long running criminal tax-fraud investigation that has already embroiled several other financial firms. The probe centers on historical so-called cum/ex transactions…