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Next Target For Hackers In 2018 Is Your Brain


(1). Hacking Our Brains Via Our Sense of Smell: Ilana Hairston is a psychologist at The Academic College of Tel-Aviv Yaffo in Israel. She studies how the brain works when a person is sleeping. An experiment that Ilana conducted showed that a person's view of one another can be changed by…

Opiate-Addicted Babies Are The New Crack Babies of 2018


Hospitals around the country are confronting an unsettling consequence of the prescription-pain-pill epidemic: a surge in the number of babies born dependent on drugs such as oxycodone. Hospitals in Florida and elsewhere are grappling with the latest fallout from the epidemic of prescription-drug abuse: babies born addicted to painkillers. The…

10 Innovations Of 2018 That Allow Patients To Take Back Control


Over the past decade, smartphones have radically changed many aspects of our everyday lives, from banking to shopping to entertainment. Medicine is next. With innovative digital technologies, cloud computing and machine learning, the medicalized smartphone is going to upend every aspect of health care. And the end result will be…

Next Target for Hackers in 2018 Medical Data and Wireless Medical Devices


The Next Great Target For Hackers And Digital Troublemakers In 2016 Is Health Care Records And Wireless Medical Devices.   Hospitals Have Weak Security For Mobile Devices Many health-care organizations fail to protect patient information residing on personal and work-issued mobile devices used in patient care, according to a Forrester…

Prevention and Detection of Electronic Harassment and Surveillance (PDEHS)


Targeted Individual Kathleen Watterson Wins Electronic Harassment Court Case After a landmark court case, when a California Targeted Individual victim of a secret cell tower RF (radio frequency) based directed energy weapon, won her case in Joshua Tree Superior Court against her perpetrator (Watterson vs Aro), has been inundated with other targets…

How Do I Defeat Hidden Microphones And Voice Recorders?


https://youtu.be/w45XCsu1Xy8 When Defeating Hidden Microphones And Voice Recorders, Which Is better To Use White Noise Or Pink Noise?  Audio Nullifier Pro There are systems that advertise White Noise and some that advertise Pink Noise; this section will address the difference. White Noise has equal energy per frequency – the energy frequency spectrum is…

How Do I Know If I’ve Been Bugged?


Surveillance Demonstration Video: Counter Surveillance If any of the following warning signs apply and you are concerned about covert eavesdropping or wiretapping then it would be wise to contact DPL-Surveillance-Equipment.com to rent or purchase one of our state-of-the-art bug detection products. Are You A Potential Target?  1. If Eavesdropping On Anything You Say,…

The Benefits of Grounding or Earthing For Improved Health


"Earthing," or "grounding" is the process of connecting with the earth's primordial, healing energy to reduce inflammation and ultimately improve health by promoting electron balance in the body. In this article, we provide a more in-depth explanation of the cardiovascular benefits of grounding, looking specifically at the profound effects on…

Electrical Hypersensitivity (EHS): The Truth!


"Electromagnetic (EMF) pollution may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced in this century, all the more dangerous because it is invisible and insensible." Andrew Weil, M.D., The reported symptoms of EHS include headache, fatigue, stress, sleep disturbances, skin symptoms like prickling, burning sensations and rashes, pain and…

Protect Your Home or Business From Lock Bumping


The videos on lock bumping are all over the Internet and on local news stations throughout the country. It is becoming common knowledge how to bypass a lock using the method called lock bumping. The spread of this information is causing great concern for individual safety and security for home and business.…

Online Privacy Tools and Tips


https://youtu.be/VfQoscdlnhM?list=PLU1KxUVqGmaOv6NgZds4uLgl2tgXaG7Mz Moxie Marlinspike : The Coder Who Created Encrypted Tools That The NSA/FBI Can't Crack  https://youtu.be/tOMiAeRwpPA?list=PLU1KxUVqGmaOdU83GF23I3uwim_NFkzLW In the past decade, Moxie Marlinspike has squatted on an abandoned island, toured the U.S. by hopping trains, he says, and earned the enmity of government officials for writing software. Mr. Marlinspike created an encryption program that scrambles…

The Securely-Connected Home II


Securely-connected homes create peace-of-mind for homeowners and renters. The securely-connected home ties together appliances, heating, air conditioning, computers, security systems, smoke detectors, lighting, home entertainment devices and more. It allows users to control them all via remote control from the Internet or even portable hand-held devices. A securely-connected home allows…